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Lox: Is there anything it can't do? Well, yes, at least one thing.


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Sure looks as if there’s some fat in that salmon.  I’m no scientist, but I wonder if the % of fat increases in any given piece of salmon after it has been cured and cold-smoked?

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there is quite a bit of fat in both wild and esp farmed salmon


when you get a piece very close to the head.


you can see it.


tail , doing the work , has considerably less.


you can taste the difference by cooking each ' end '


from the same fish.


if you are lucky to get a whole salmon side.

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its my understanding


at least in the NYC area


that Nova is cold smoked salmon


the name coming from where the fish came from years and years ago :


Nova Scotia 


in the California where I grew up


smoked salmon was smoked salmon


and there was no nova to be had.


\and lox was very rare , as were bagels .


plenty of cream cheese.


it was spread in the celery stalks


and thought to be a bit Shee Shee


as an Hor'sSDoover 

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