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Frozen yogurt in a... meat grinder?!

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Hi all,


I'm a huge fan of frozen yogurt and have tried making it at home in various tools - food processor, Vitamix, immersion blender etc - and none of them get quite the texture I'm familiar with from commercial frozen yogurt machines.


I've recently stumbled across a cheap, plastic as-seen-on-TV product called Swirlio, which claims to be a machine for making frozen yogurt, but is also obviously a cheap plasticky as-seen-on-TV product that will likely break sooner rather than later.

However, when I looked at a video review of it, I noticed that it seems to operate on a principle similar to a meat grinder - it has an impeller that squeezes the fruit into a small vent, and they are crushed/squeezed rather than chopped.

Link to the specific disassembly part of the video - https://youtu.be/JnnYYdBLG98?t=241


I don't have a meat grinder, but this could be a good excuse for me to get a meat grinding attachment for my stand mixer :)

Has anyone ever tried making frozen yogurt in a meat grinder? Does it really work better than a blender?

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Interesting. I'm not sure what texture you are after, but I think you will have something tasty nevertheless. I would be careful not to break it tough - make sure your base is fatty-sugary enough, or slightly defrost it.


~ Shai N.

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