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  1. Another thing I've been wondering, and am not sure if it's been discussed here - the pans you're using. Are you seeing a difference in either performance or accuracy (of the pan temp sensor) when using different pans? eg. a thinner pan/pot vs a tri-ply pan? I'm asking because I only have 1 induction-ready non-stick pan, and while it works great, I'm wondering if my next purchase should be a quality tri-ply or something less thick.
  2. Hi all, proud new Control Freak owner here. I've been following this thread for months and have finally had a chance to swing by Europe and purchase a unit (they don't sell them in the country where I live, and I needed the 220V model). I'm excited to try it out, assuming the circuits in my home can handle it 🙂 A question to the pros here - do you know what the firmware update status for European units is? Also, what features are actually enabled by the firmware updates (=how hard should I try to get updates for my unit)? Thanks!
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