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  1. ChefSteps announced a home version coming out in April. Practically exactly the same. $999 for their studio pass members.
  2. Thanks! Happy for the first go. Looking forward to making some adjustments.
  3. Made baguettes for the first time ever. Not too bad for a first go. Power went our for 3 hours before the final shaping so I had to put it in the fridge for a bit. Also crammed all three under the hotel pan and they rose into eachother. Next time I’ll split it into four equal amounts and bake 2 at a time. This was the direct dough French lean bread.
  4. Just got an email that there’s a Modernist Bread at Home coming out. Obviously won’t be of interest to anyone that has the full volume, but pretty cool!
  5. No 225F was always the plan. Monitoring surface temp and adjusting as it went was more than I wanted to to keep track of on Christmas day with everything else going on. Based on Kenji and Chris Young’s experience I was comfortable with 225F. I just should have started it earlier. Hindsight is 20/20 right? Still came out great it not quite edge to edge medium as I was hoping. No complaints from family!
  6. Well it’s good I’m not most home cooks then.
  7. Wait, the real trick is to not over cook it and use high quality ingredients?! Had no idea 😂
  8. Thermometer is how I knew it was going to take 6 hours or so. Was hoping to get an estimate so I could plan on when to start it. Now I know though. Start earlier than I assume to give myself some wiggle room. a 7 bone 17lb rib roast is definitely a different animal than most things.
  9. So this ended up, or I should say it would have ended up taking 6 hours for my 7 bone 17 pound rib roast. I didn’t start it early enough so I had to bump up the temperature considerably to have it done so we could eat at a reasonable time.
  10. Hey it’s been awhile! Since my last post I’ve been contacted about freelancing for a pizza steel company, writing articles, pizza recipes, and contributing photos of my pizza for advertising purposes. Will be nice to have a job again and work from home writing about and baking pizzas! Mod Pizza taught me a lot about pizza doughs (a ton of good and some bad) and pizza in general. I no longer use their (non pan) dough recipes as I’ve been enjoying developing my own recipes the past 3 months and have had some incredible success. I’m excited for what 2024 has in store and I’m excited to now continue making pizza in the name of a job! This thread seems to have died out but I wanted to drop in one last time. This is my Neapolitan pizza recipe baked in my home oven on a steel. 62% Hydration, 100% Caputo Pizzeria, and a 24 hour RT ferment. Baked in exactly 2 minutes 👀 Happy New Year everyone!
  11. Robenco15

    Dinner 2023

    Hosted a holiday party for my friends last night. Red wine braised short ribs, celery root puree, duck fat roasted rainbow carrots, oven roasted carrots, and pan seared king trumpet mushrooms. Plated dinner for 8.
  12. Everyone makes whatever size you want. Thought it was weird it wasn’t a standard size available is all.
  13. To each their own for sure. Brooklyn Butcher Blocks look identical to Boardsmith boards yet they don’t seem to make 18x24 boards. That’s dumb.
  14. By a Boardsmith board and never worry about a cutting board again. I have 3 and they are all extremely well made and gentle on my various Japanese knives. I’ve had my 18x24 for close to 10 years now and it’s never looked better. It’s a forever purchase and worth the splurge IMO.
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