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  1. Hey Chefsteps is back and the content is great. Really really happy to see it.
  2. I have just the kitchen manual on my xmas list. That’ll be enough to cook any of the dishes. I think there are pdfs online to browse through the other volumes.
  3. Yeah in my haste to reply I skipped over how useful the velveting technique is. Not complicated either.
  4. This is an interesting topic as I just bought a 160k BTU outdoor wok burner and a round bottomed wok. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now with a lot of success and some burnt rice. I purchased Grace Young's Breath of a Wok and Stir-Frying to the Sky's Edge and both are very helpful. I also joined her Facebook group called "Wok Wednesdays" and it has been nice getting feedback directly from her and the others in the group. That being said, the book was written for a standard home stove, not the outdoor high power burner. She has already given me ways to adjusting the recipes in terms of how they will react to the high heat. Things like not needing to have very dry vegetables, not needing to sear meat for a minute in a single layer, not adding the aromatics first as they will burn, etc. I find the books show me the order I need to build my stir-frys and obviously provide recipes as I'm unfamiliar with some of the building blocks of stir-frying. Like others said though, it's about doing it over and over when it comes to stir-frying and learning how to build each dish, what goes in when, etc. etc. I'd recommend both books. They both offer a lot of background insight and other useful information. Breath of the Wok is probably the one to start with if you only get one. I initially got SFTTSE figuring it was the newer and better version, and it is great, but I'm finding BoaW to be more of an education.
  5. Thanks. I’ll give it a go on that Alps table.
  6. Last q, I promise. Do you put anything underneath the burner when using it on the table? I’m assuming the table can handle some weight? Think burner, 36qt stockpot, clambake, etc. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I’ll look into exhaust paint. I do plan on setting the table up and breaking it down but good to know it can withstand the elements for a period of time.
  8. Thanks jmolinari. I was actually referring to the table btbyrd recommended, but that's good to know about the burner. I'd keep it inside when not in use too.
  9. btbyrd, do you leave it set up outside, or only bring it out when needed. I’m assuming it is fine in the elements, but curious.
  10. I knew you’d have a great answer. Thank you!
  11. With legs- $45 for shipping. Comes to $175 total. Not awful, but yeah shipping is high. Without legs - $39 for shipping, $150 total.
  12. I might just open my grill and set it on the grates. Eventually we plan on redoing our back patio and then I’ll have a table for it. I might also buy it with the legs since they are detachable. Store the legs away and then have them if I need them.
  13. Thanks so much for your reply! I found something extremely similar to the Rambo on outdoorstirfry.com and will probably be going with the legless 160k BTU burner. I’ll get that first and then if I’m finding it not easy to boil water for clambakes or whatever, I’ll buy another one for that. I’m going to go with legless to make it easier to store, but that means I need a table. Any ideas there? A Gridman SS table? Ideally it would be easily put away when not in use as I can’t leave it outside 24/7. That would eliminate the Gridman. I also figure some form of protection needs to be under the burner. Paver brick?
  14. Bringing this topic back. I want to do outdoor wok cooking, but I also want to do outdoor deep frying, clambakes, etc. Is there a consensus on whether there is a burner out there that does both well? Or do I really need to own two separate devices? That Auscrown Rambo does look good and not too big.
  15. Robenco15

    Dinner 2018

    Pillsbury Croissant dough. ChefSteps recipe. Easy to do and comes out perfect.
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