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Danish Pastry - Smorstang (Danish Bar) help

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Hi All,


This is my first post at this forum and hopefully someone is able to help me with this.

I am looking for a Smorstang recipe (see attachment).


I have had this and Wienerstang when I was visiting Denmark when I was a kid. Since I live in the Netherlands I unfortunately can not hop to the shop and buy one so I have to make it myself. The icing\chocolate icing is no problem and I can also make the puff pastry but I do not know what is inside the bar. Maybe Remonce? or custard? If there is someone out there who knows, please help me :)


Also I would like to know how the pastry is assembled in the baking tin, I can guess it a little by looking at the picture but that's all.

In advance, thanks!





PS: maybe it is a nice idea to post my results if possible at all :)



Photo source; https://www.lantmannen-unibake.com/Schulstad-Bakery-Solutions/Products/Pastry/Speciality-Products/danish-bar/#hide

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My guess is a layer af danlsh pastry with a generous layer of remonce and a little vanilla custard. Then you place the danish pastry “snails” (direct translation of what they are called here in Denmark) on top of that. 


I can dig out the recipe for remonce that we used at the pastry school if you like?

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There's a lot more online for the smørkage than the smørstang, but in general, they're the same thing, just different shapes. This recipe looks reasonably reliable, https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=da&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fcharlotteskoekken.blogspot.com%2F2015%2F02%2Fsmrkage.html (I fed it into a translator to generate the English version). If the shape is important, then just go with an elongated rectangle, the baking time should be the same. If youøre feeling adventurous, do a search for [smørkage or smørstang + opskrift], and feed likely-looking links into the translator.

Michaela, aka "Mjx"
Manager, eG Forums

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@LePetitPrince Yeah, if that is no problem for you, i'd love to have the recipe. Thanks! It helps to know that a lot of Remonce and a little bit of custard (or Creme the patissere maybe) is necessary, i didn't see it :) Also I am trying to find out if the Snegl have cinnamon or if they are without. 


@Mjx Thanks for this! It looks good and fun to make, although the dough looks a little different i can understand the resemblance. 


Already happy that I found this forum :) 

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