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  1. I had them at Woodlands in Takoma Park.
  2. Is there a recipe for uttapam that doesn't use rice in the batter? I remember having them in D.C. that were thicker and denser than most of the recipes I see. It seemed as it the batter was made only of dals. The vegetables were mixed into the batter rather on top. Maybe it was the restaurants version? Thanks.
  3. I would add the guave puree off the fire. Pastry cream can slip around a bit as it thinkens. I was taught to cook it for several more minutes after it thickens and make sure it smells "sweet" as opposed to starchy. By the by, I am baking a guava cake as I am writing. Woods
  4. I agree about Solomon's book. I have cooked many recipes from it and they have all been keepers. Woods
  5. Take a look at the "French professional pastry series" by Roland Bilheux and Alain Excoffier. These volumes are classic French pastisserie. The two basic volumes are 1: Doughs, Batters and Meringues and 2:Creams, Confections and Finished Desserts. There are several other volumes that cover petit fours, chocolate, frozen desserts, sugar work, marzipan etc. They used to be availabe at Jessica's Biscuit and were inexpensive. The ciriculum I had at L'Acadamie de Cuisine was very similar to what is presented in these books. Woods
  6. Woods

    Mince Pies

    I would recommend Crosse and Blackwell mincemeat. Taste it and then add spirits, chopped apple or pear or nothing depending on what you think. I my largish family only a small percentage of us like it and we love it! Have fun. Woods
  7. In yesterday's NY Times Travel section there was an article about Peter Klann at the above bakery in Berlin. The article mentions that he has such a following that there have been documentaries and cookbooks inspired by his bread skills. Is anyone familiar with books that have come out inspired by his techniques? Thanks, Woods
  8. I need some advice on berebere. I have used it from Zamouri's and it was good but would like to make my own. I would like to be as authentic as possible. Is there an Ethiopian out there who has their mother's recipe that they would share. There are too many with too much variation on the web. Thanks. Woods
  9. Hi Amy, I am a great fan of Kugelhopfs (various spellings) and have three ceramic molds from Alsace. The books I have call it a Viennese specialty although the Germans and Alsacians claim it as well. Rick Rodgers, in Kaffeehaus, says the design goes back to Roman times. More commonly you hear that the shape represents a Turkish turban and eating sybolizes eating the enemy (they were defeated by the Austrians in the mid 17th century). I'll bet there aren't many Austrians or Alsacians that think of that as they have their cake and coffee. Make one, you'll love it with coffee and butter. Especially during a Swiss winter! Good luck, Woods in sunny Florida.
  10. They are very easy to grow in a pot. I'll bet even in Manhatten if you have a sunny window.
  11. Andrea, are you familiar with "Understanding Baking" by Joseph Amendola and Nicole Rees? Its a pretty thorough treatment of baking terms and basic explanations of why things happen the way the do. They have a companion volume called "The Baker's Manual" which is master formulas. I have found the first one to be very helpful. Woods
  12. You might have a look at Prashad. There are restaurant chef contributors from different regions of India presenting their specialties. It takes into account the different methods (handi etc). and has several very good basic "gravy' recpices that can be used as a base for veg, fish or meat recipes. Its very informative and the recipes I have tried are delilcious. The pictures are good but some have somewhat lurid tones.
  13. Yes, I've met Mr. Rosada whilst doing an internship at a bakery here is DC. He gave me invaluable professional advice.
  14. Yep, this is the way I bake bread all the time now. I just fail to record some of the better results too often!
  15. This book is by Michel Susas and will be published in February 2008. I don't know Mr. Susas. Does anyone else? Thanks, Woods
  16. You can find George Lang's book with no trouble. I have a number of scandavian baking books in english that I've found at used book stores. They were published in the 60's, riding on the "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" wave. Some are very good and authentic and a bit old fashioned, which I like.
  17. I have never been able to find anything but whole wheat pastry flour. I assume cake flour is not the same as pastry flour? Woods My error, pastry flour does not equal cake flour.
  18. You should try fresh tumeric sometime. You can freeze the tubers and the grate it. Its like most things fresh, better and more earthy. Woods
  19. Woods

    Sacher Torte

    Sacher Torte from Berl's The Classic Art of Viennese Pastry
  20. I have never found a dedicated book of German breads. There is a good representation at marions-kockbuch.de, but it is in German. Some of the recipes are available in English. Let me know if what you find in your searches. Woods
  21. I am looking for a good coconut extract. I guess they are all artificial. Any opinions? Thanks. Woods
  22. Woods

    Salt-Packed Anchovies

    I agree, they last much much longer that the expiration date implies. My funniest anchovy story is I had put them in a clear pyrex container and pushed it to the back of the fridge. One day my son found them and thought it was something rotten and threw the away. Woods
  23. You can certainly do this. I make my own quark and fromage blanc and use them. Yogurt is a bit more sour than they are so you'd have to adjust for it. I do not like cream cheese cakes so have always used the above or ricotta. When you drain 1% or skim milk you will get less solids so you may have drain more than you think. There is a site, cheesemaking.com, that has cultures and also cheesecloth that you can use over and over again. Let us know how your cake turns out. Woods
  24. try to find the 1961 edition and see what you think. Woods
  25. does any one have a good recipe for tartletts? chicken with asperigus is good. Thanks, Woods in Åhus
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