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  1. xxchef it's normal for them to turn grainy after some time. You can slow down the process by making sure they are stored airtight at cool room temperature in a dry location. It's the sugar re-crystallizing. They should still taste good melted.
  2. Melissa, I was recently reading this article and he talks about the addition of egg whites. http://www.eatthelove.com/2012/03/carrot-cake-marshmallows/
  3. Cranberry marshmallows have me stumped and I'm wondering if someone can please help? As someone mentioned above, if you replace the puree/water amounts with straight cranberry puree in NS's recipe they turn out a bit like taffy. They do turn out if you use say 2/3's puree and 1/3 water but I was hoping to pump up the flavour. Apparently cranberries have a lot of natural pectin like apples so I guess that's affecting the gelatin. Do I use way less gelatin, more gelatin or deal with a milder flavour by using more water/less puree? Thoughts?
  4. I like to use a tape measure and then keep my eye on the spot as my blade heads towards it and my assistant likes to use a quilting ruler. A few months ago I bought a multi-wheel cutter that works a treat although I chose not to use it for the video. http://www.jbprince.com/pastry-tools-and-equipment/multiple-disc-cutter-rod.asp BTW the price listed is for the rod only. The wheels are purchased individually. [Moderator note: This topic continues here, Homemade Marshmallows: Recipes & Tips (Part 3)]
  5. I've had them made by someone else and I found that the cookie went soft from the moisture in the marshmallow. I would definitely put a layer of chocolate between the two.
  6. Thanks! Glad I could help. I use golden corn syrup. I like the flavour better.
  7. Thanks Ladies! I love my Bosch mixer(s). I actually have 3 now. Yikes! We work them to the bone and the only problems I've had are breaking the cookie paddles, which are quickly replaced under warranty, and minor problems with a couple of the metal hubs. I think it may be due to slight warping because they get so hot when we're using them as well as in the sanitizer. We buy them at http://healthykitchens.com/ and they have fantastic customer service. My assistant loves them enough that she bought her own for home.
  8. If you add a little ground espresso to the shortbread it's even better when dipped in chocolate. Maybe Kerry will pipe in here. She dips lots of things including candy-type licorice.
  9. Gourmet Foods Vancouver is a new customer of mine and they made a short video of me making our Cocoa Mallow marshmallows. I thought you might like to watch it. I've got to say it's amazing the wonders they do when editing.
  10. Thanks for the mention Kerry! It was a real honour to be included. I haven't made it to the big time but I do have nice photos and we know magazines are all about the glossy pics. Twitter was my contact with the magazine so those of you not using social media...get on it! I owe a lot to all the folks here at Egullet. As a busy mom without the option of attending a full-time pastry course, the pastry and baking forum has been my instructor and my kitchen, my classroom. I learned to make marshmallows from the marshmallow thread and Patris has been my "marshmallow mentor" helping me with some of the nitty gritty details. We've been selling them for about three years now and last season they were in 18 stores in BC. I've been able to employ two part time ladies to make and package them so that I can do what I love best, baking! I have lots to learn yet but am enjoying the journey. With many thanks, Tina
  11. I buy it from my local baking products wholesaler in 5 kg boxes. I just keep the top of the bag clipped and leave it in the box. That said, I go through that box in a month or two. For longer storage I'd keep it airtight at room temperature.
  12. Yes, right at the end. Mix just enough to evenly distribute.
  13. Hi Patty! Have you had success making rice krispie treats with homemade marshmallows? I found the moisture content was too high and they tasted stale very quickly.
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