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Prima Matera vs. Proline 5-Star Fry Pan


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Hello everyone,

Switching from gas to induction (new home) and I am very excited about induction. I'm also mourning the loss of my 2 Mauviel Fry Pans and Matfer Bourgeat saucier. 

However, I've since found that the De Buyer Prima Matera line exists and that is making this change much easier. 

I will definitely be buying a new 1.8qt saucier, 5qt saute pan, and two 1.2qt sauce pans in the Prima Matera line. I think all of those pans benefit immensely from the copper. 

I'm between going with the 32cm Prima Matera fry pan (I understand it runs smaller) and the 11inch Demeyere Proline 5-Star though. 

I've used copper for a few years now and when it comes to fry pans, I'd say that would be the only type of pan that may not need the benefits of copper as much as the others (though I freaking love my Mauviel fry pans and they do amazing things). 

I wanted to see if anyone could help me out in comparing these two. I understand the thicknesses are different, but one is aluminum compared to the copper. While it is frustrating that the Prima Matera line is only 1.8mm of copper compared to the 2.5mm I'm used to, in general, would anyone say that given I'll be using them on an induction cooktop - I should worry about their performance? Is 1.8mm of copper still better off than the 3.7mm of the aluminum on an induction top? 

Don't worry about the expense of these pans. Just want performance opinions. 

If you know of pans better than these please chime in! The Prima Matera line looks pretty unbeatable though.

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My skillet selection has ebbed and flowed over the years, for about the last 10 years everything I've added is induction capable.  


I like my de Buyer Mineral B a lot.   Well seasoned they're what I use for searing and other high temp work.  Would think the Prima Matera would serve well as well.  (may have to try one - this site always costs me money:))  I've used the Mineral B at home and in commercial applications.


For stainless you might consider the Viking 7 ply - It's professional quality, great skillet and saute pans, but prob only available on Ebay or other similar markets.  I've not used their more available 5 ply but would expect similar quality.  I also have a Viking saucier that gets used quite a bit.  I've used a lot of stainless and the Viking is easily the best of them (for me).


I've heard good things about Demeyer but have no experience with them.


Should you need to re-home the Matter Bourgeat, I run a no kill shelter for abandoned pans where it will live out it's life in dignity. 



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