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  1. I don't disagree with a bit of that. But. I see the future of meals being like the Star Trek "kitchen". Push a button and a magic tray comes out. Hopefully we"ll get there via SV, CSO, even automated PCs and still want food that's enjoyable to eat. Don't expect it in my lifetime but it would fit my daughter's (and my misguided sister's) lifestyle.
  2. Martha stole from me. And she stole from you. In a frightening example of wealth privilege, she was convicted of lying about the theft but not of the theft itself. But I'm so not going on a rant. My sister literally does not cook and buys every type meal in a box there is. I'm amazed at how little usable product the box contains and how unpalatable the food is when prepared following directions. Poorly prepped chicken comes in at about $20/lb. It seems like a ripe opportunity when someone figures how to do it right..
  3. I think the numbers are higher than that. Need some decimal points.
  4. The class has come and gone. I used 2 Anova V1 and 4 Anova V2 (bluetooth) units and 1 Polyscience unit. Timers on the V1 units were an easy day. You want to set time? Push the "Set Timer" button. You want to set temp? Push the "Set Temperature" button. You want to start it? Push the "Start" button. It's almost as if someone wanted to make it easy to use. The V2 units were (are) a PIA. I hate the effing wheel for the temp, and even having read instructions multiple times cannot get to the timer function on a repeatable basis. Controlling via bluetooth is ok but as we know you can't control multiples. Instead we used different timers and blue tape with start and stop times and it still became a circus. Fortunately sous vide provides some leeway and all foods hit minimums and none were overdone. I don't want to sound too harsh, do like and use my V2 a lot. Off topic but interesting: The owner of the culinary store had just returned from the housewares show in Chicago. Anova/Electrolux showed no interest in discussing distribution with specialty retailers instead they'll continue with Amazon, BBB, and even Wallymart. A lot of the specialty retailers in his buying group are liking Sansaire and his store will soon carry them. Polyscience is strongly suggesting they are close to a deal with Breville for distribution and customer support (this has been floated for a couple years but this time they mean it.....) No word on any price reduction and the specialty retailers are realizing that the 3x price premium is not working with their customers.
  5. OK, watched the vid with knife vs tomato. I think this would work fine for most households and their knives. Gotta admit I've not considered coring a tomato as shown - I've always quartered them and then angle cut the core out - cause that's the way I first learned. I'll probably try that later today. I'll use a straight blade as mine are sharp and I need clean cuts so that juice does not run out of them. Most households would be better served with serrated as their chef knives will be duller than an Al Gore speach.
  6. Just say no. Utube vids can be useful in showing what can be done and how. To learn the skills you just have to practice. To this day my compost vegs go out diced, julienned, half rounds, etc. When asked "what the h are you doing?" my answer is that it will compost faster if it's cut up.
  7. The bags at Vacuum Sealers Unlimited are so cheap that reuse doesn't make sense. And in my memory/experience a strip sealer will seal a chamber sealer bag, but a chamber sealer will not seal a strip sealer bag. (Long time since I've used my strip sealer) I hope for some Eco redemption by putting the used bags in the recycle can.
  8. A big part of the reason I think it should be a no brainer is my mini Bose bluetooth speaker. I search for available devices and two show up. I can choose either and control it or stream to it. I can't stream to both but I can stream to either as they are recognized as separate devices. If Anova could recognize multiple devices then it would be feasible to pair up with one, set control settings, then pair up with another...... Oh well, that's why I'm not in charge.
  9. I like the bluetooth but don't see a benefit from Wi-Fi in general. It's a solution to a problem that I don't have. Temp setting with the wheel is a PIA but doable. I seldom can get the timer setting to work manually despite reading, following and dog cussing the instructions.. For this I like the phone. I'm going to try multiple phones but I don't see that working either. I can use phone to set multiple timers and will probably do that.
  10. Damn. But thanks. I'm not a techie by any means but seems this should be a no=brainer.
  11. Definitely Dill. Most places use a condiment called M&M. About 1 part cheap yellow mustard to 4 parts mayo. My favorite cuban in town is at Cacciatore & Sons. Big +1 to El Segundo - but don't tell the tourists. The line is long enough already.
  12. I'm conducting a SV class next week and plan on running at least 5 Anovas for fish, steak, veg, poached eggs, creme brulee, yada yada. Does anyone know if I can load app 5 times, each associated with a different circulator? Seems like I tried to control 2 at once previously but gave up when it got to hard. Thanks.
  13. When I want chicken skin nice and crispy I'll leave it uncovered, on a rack, in a sheet pan overnight to dry as last step. Agree with Anna above that butter will prob burn at the temp you need for crisping and using wooden chopsticks (or handle from any wooden tool) as temp gauge.