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I just wanted to inform the Egullet world that I opened a restaurant/bar/gourmet and cheese shop in Clinton Hill Brooklyn. We have 16 rotating craft beers and a beautiful wine list. We have been opened since June 14th.

Our website is Mekelburgs.com

We just started our fall menu and will be posting some of the dishes shortly.

Hope to see some of you out here

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Thank you!  


So here are a few menu items that we currently have on the menu


Meat plate:




 It's a pork belly potato. stuffed with raclette 











soft shell crab blast:  So we are transitioning this menu item out but, right now the crabs are perfect.. We will be replacing this with a bbq shrimp po 




caviar potato the other day:  stuffed with black cod collar.




pork belly with melon "hash" ( i know, i was disappointed when i was told it had to be virgin)





Bone marrow:




we carry some really awesome breads.. For example, we have Mazolla's lard and spinach bread everyday.





It's been 130 hour work weeks and despite the time i spend in there, i have forgotten to take photos of the entire place..  




Porchetta sandwich with broccoli rabe and parm:




Here is a lard bread panzanella salad using the bread from Mazolla. 





Roasted oysters with sambal butter:


roasted oysters:





a harbison cheese/.. iT's a stinky cow milk cheese from Jasper Hill Vermont.. when it hits the right temp, it becomes spoonable. 






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is is a cheese and meat plate that we make.. It has crown finish caves, essex st cheese, prosciutto di parma and then cured meats from crested duck in Pittsburgh.  Love their stuff, especially the lomo right now.. But, they are always sending new things. 




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Salmon tartine on an everything baguette 




the potato was raclette.. I love this freaking thing. The bacon is double smoked and then we cook it in a broth and press it for a couple of days before crisping it up. 



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Whitefish salad on everything baguette. 


Pickled onions and different recipe for the pickled celery. 





Babka Pain Perdu: Topped with cream and strawberries. 





A large assortment of make your own egg sandwiches.. 


On this awesome brioche: Bien Cuit croissants and breads.






Crispy Porchetta on an English Muffin topped with sous vide egg and bernaise











The egg monster had a great morning of tasting for quality control:


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Warm burrata with broiled maple glazed acorn squash, toasted pumpkin seeds and garlicky bagna cauda, with hints of sage.





other fall items on there way.   fall soup and foie gras cookie on it's way. 


This is the Italian we are making.. It has mortadella, speck and sopressata. 




s cheese we opened two Monday's ago and it was from 7-04-14







Here is one we cracked this Saturday..   






I love scraping the knife in the middle of that beautiful cheese after it's first seeing daylight .. 




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Fall menu is up and rocking:






We also have a Bratt and Weiss for Octoberfest.  They are from Jabi @ Union Pork Store..  Love this man, love his Sausages.. We are adding mustard, pickled cauliflower, pickled onions and saurkraut.  The bread is soooo gooood.. 



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That bearded fellow is our cheese monger. He worked at Neal's Yard in England for 15 years and is a super passionate and knowledgeable guy. Seriously, a one of a kind and we are so lucky to have him

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BKEats, lovely to hear from you again. I remember how you took the time to send me a PM to fill out some details on a question I once asked. You mentioned you were opening a restaurant and I kept wondering if that had happened yet. And now I see it has, and what a fabulous looking spot it is! Is that 'egg monster' your little one? You certainly have been living a busy life! So many things happening. 


Your food looks and sounds delicious. I wish you every success! 

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Oh, My Heavens, D-for Darlin'!


This is simply unimaginagle---I can smell all the fabulous aromas from here, and hear nothing but sighs, crunches and smacks.   What a splendid menu---so imaginative and put together with an expert eye and hand.


Oh.  My.   Just signing in to say Congratulations and WELL DONE. 


I hope you're all well, and can see that you are supremely happy and prospering.   That BRIGHTS me so much. 


love from the Heartland,





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