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May 2014 China Trip


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I'm really enjoying this also. Very interesting to see the variety of food items, I wouldn't necessarily enjoy eating some of them but I'm enjoying the idea of them!

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thanks guys.. I am in Chengdu for the next few days.. Tonight, i am heading to Yu's Family Kitchen or Restaurant. It's a place that has been on my list for some time now.. Chengdu is better than what I expected.. Such a pretty city.. Today I visited this gorgeous Buddhist Monastery ate a bunch of spicy food and was just able to walk and walk for the first time in a few weeks.. I have been basically immobile sitting at a desk 12 hours a day for close to 3 weeks straight.  So, getting out and about is a freedom i am enjoying.. I even slept a little! 


here is a little something spicy for ya! 




i plan to finish up the postings when i return to desk life.. 


Thanks for following so far. 



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Wow. I can almost feel the burn from that! Your dedication to posting all these photos and telling us about this food is impressive. I am very grateful.

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