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"The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook" and "Manresa: An Edible Reflection"


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Just wondering if anyone has either of these two and how useful they are finding them. I read all of the amazon.com reviews and found them helpful and wanted to see if anyone here had their own opinions.

From a home cooking perspective I'm not sure Manresa would be extremely useful in terms of recipes, especially as I am on the East Coast, but I've heard the essays in there are fantastic and would be worth the price of the book alone.

I can't find much information on The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook. I have never eaten their and all I know is that it is a Danny Meyer restaurant. The book looks very interesting and more home cooking friendly. I can't say that I am a fan of the restaurant as I never heard of it until this book, but it looks interesting.

Anyway, thanks for any opinions and further details!

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The Gramercy Tavern Cookbook

Manresa: An Edible Reflectiom

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I just got the GT Cookbook. While I don't generally cook from cookbooks, the recipes in this look quite doable at home.

Great pictures, too.

Let me know how it goes!

Also, a reviewer mentioned techniques. Are there a lot of great/new techniques? A lot to learn?

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Working on-- meatball, braised onion and Yukon potatoes.

The meatballs are filled with a lot of good stuff

Pimenton, Aleppo pepper,,oregano,rosemary,cayenne pepper, garlic purée, Parmesan cheese,, bread crumbs..sand p

Braised onions in red wiine



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Its good to have Morels

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That looks great! How are you liking the book? I obviously don't know your skill level, but are there a lot of techniques that can be taken away from this book? Does it feel like it is more than just a book of recipes? I have no formal training, but have learned a lot as I cooked through a lot of the French Laundry and other Thomas Keller books. None of them are technique books but there are so many techniques in there that I have learned a lot through doing the recipes. Is this book anything like that?

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How are the fish recipes? A lot of technique in there? I like fish, but don't cook it a ton which is sad because I have the best fish market in the state of CT 5 minutes from me. Thinking this book may get me cooking fish more without the crazy complexities that go along with TFL fish recipes.

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Love the Gramercy Tavern and was fortunate enough to have met Michael Anthony while grocery shopping at the Union Square Greenmarket.


Just curious. Did you follow the measurements for the spices? I tried this the other day. While it smelled amazing it just felt a bit overspiced. I did upp the recipe by 2/3 and changed the ground meat. Instead I used 12 oz beef sirloin, 12 oz. chuck, 8 oz. pork butt, and 8 oz. veal shoulder and weighed it before and after grinding. (The meatballs at the restaurant uses a beef, pork, veal combo as well. not sure why they changed it in the book. So I used the meatball template I've had success with from Thomas Keller) I used some garlic confit I had in the fridge and made the garlic puree the way I normally do (garlic confit was a cup of garlic and 2 cups oil cooked gently over medium low heat for 40 minutes. And I just pureed some of that garlic for the puree). I dont think my other adjustments would really affect it but just wanted some additional insight before I try this one again.  


btw...anything else you've cooked and loved from the book? Going to make the lamb shoulder tomorrow.

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I have made several dishes from the GT cookbook -- and I live in NY and have not only eaten there at least 30 or 40 times (headed there for lunch this afternoon, as a matter of fact!), but I also did my culinary school internship there in the pastry kitchen under Chef Nancy (who is much missed).  Everything I've made from the book tastes damn close to what I'd expect having tried the exact dishes in the restaurant.  The chicken liver mousse is absolutely insanely good.  And the mushroom lasagna is killer.  Can't recommend this highly enough.

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