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  1. That Potato Filling recipe sounds just like my friend's dish. Alllllllll the carbs. Coma here I come!
  2. The High Holy Day will be pot luck at my place again this year. I handle: turkey (with extra legs and wings, dry-brined and then spatchcocked) - here's last year's alien baby: gravy (made stock from necks/backs last weekend, reduced so it will fit in the freezer for a few weeks) dressing (bread, onion, celery, wild boar sausage, pecans, granny smith apple, herbs, butter and stock) sour cherry pie chocolate/caramel tart a green veggie (since everyone else seems to always bring root veg) pear cider My friends are signed up t
  3. Raspberry mousse cake: 3 thin almond sponge layers separated by yuzu curd and passion fruit curds, surrounded by raspberry mousse. dehydrated raspberries on top.
  4. As with every tool I've ever hunted, JB Prince has them: https://www.jbprince.com/garde-manger/fish-bone-tweezers-angled.asp
  5. Weinoo -- Where did you order the stainless pegboard from? My Brooklyn apartment still has un-utilized wallspace!
  6. Thank you so much - will save this in 8 different places so it can never disappear on me again
  7. I'm thinking about adding a thin, slightly-softer-than-normal pate-de-fruit layer in an entremet...want that super power hit of flavor. Cross your fingers for me!
  8. Thanks so much, Kerry -- you're a lifesaver!
  9. Hi All, The link on the Boiron site no longer works to pull up the various formulae to make pate-de-fruit from their purees. Did anyone happen to save it somewhere that they can share? Thanks!
  10. BeeZee -- can't help you with the rice dressing, but King Arthur makes gluten free flour - I wouldn't trust it for baking bread, but it works just fine as the thickener in gravy (I had "that one guest" at my place last year). Worked exactly the same as normal all-purpose. Whoops -- just saw your later post. Oh well, someone else might need the suggestion!
  11. Thanks all. Keychris, at 246 is it about the texture of fudge? I’m worried I’ll tip it into chewy-taffy territory.
  12. Tiny pork pies! Kept it simple -- shoulder, bacon, shallots, granny smith apple, cognac & cream.
  13. Hi All, After binge watching Great British Bake Off, I decided to make Millionaire Shortbread (cookie bars with shortbread base, caramel layer, chocolate layer on top). All the recipes I found online had slight variations on the following for the caramel layer: sweetened condensed milk + sugar + butter, boil x amount of time. Experiments came out bland, over-sweet, underwhelmingly caramelly, and grainy - blech. Yesterday I decided to tweak my regular caramel sauce recipe to make my own -- I believe I ended up going with 800 g sugar, 440 g heavy cream, 360 g butter, dash of salt - I co
  14. 3-5 habaneros, if sliced, are likely going to produce rather more heat than you're looking for in a 1.75 bottle. I'd suggest tasting it after about 15 minutes and then at 10 minutes intervals after that, so you can stop when it gets painful.
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