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  1. PassionateAmateur

    Chili Infused Tequila?

    3-5 habaneros, if sliced, are likely going to produce rather more heat than you're looking for in a 1.75 bottle. I'd suggest tasting it after about 15 minutes and then at 10 minutes intervals after that, so you can stop when it gets painful.
  2. Just finished re-reading Kitchen Confidential. Such a shame that voice is lost to us!
  3. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    In a Brooklyn apartment, it's not just the kitchen that's small.
  4. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    I tend to do multi-course dinner parties for 10 or so guests and the counter space for the water bath is just too much -- kills my prep space for all the other courses. Ends up more of an inconvenience. If it turns out I won the lottery last night and can buy a brownstone, i will definitely revisit!
  5. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    I do have a stovetop smoker -- will start there then go to a nice low 250 oven until they're melting off the bones. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  6. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    Interesting. I gave up on my sous vide setup -- took too much real estate. But thanks! I'm curious that everyone's suggestions avoid actually slow-roasting, and none of my gazillion cookbooks mention it as a possibility for short ribs either. Anyone have any thoughts on why this pretty basic technique doesn't get used for this cut? I'm thinking I need to run some experiments even at the risk of ruining a glorious piece of meat!
  7. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    Thanks -- will experiment this weekend.
  8. PassionateAmateur

    Suggestions re Japanese noodles?

    I picked up a nicely priced copy of the old version of Japanese Cooking, and leafing through it gave me the distinct feeling I need to read the whole thing closely, rather than my usual browse for a likely recipe and get cooking. MFK Fisher's fault - the lyrical intro sucked me right in.
  9. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    I know -- in fact I braised some on Sunday and am still enjoying the leftovers. But I'm interested in roasting too!
  10. PassionateAmateur

    Slow-roast short ribs?

    Hill Country BBQ in NYC serves this meltingly tender, fabulous beef short rib --I believe it's just salt, pepper and hours and hours of smoke. (I dream about it sometimes.) Though I can't recreate the smoke in my Brooklyn apartment without getting a visit from the fire department, I was thinking that a slow roast could still be very pleasing. Has anyone tried this with short ribs? I was thinking a 225 degree oven until the meat comes to 180. Sound right? Also -- would I need to sear first to get a good roasty/crusty exterior (which I don't need to do for my porchetta recipe - though that gets a wine/drippings slathering every 1/2 hour or so, so the sugars might be doing the work there)? Any thoughts/experience/technigques appreciated!
  11. PassionateAmateur

    Prep bowls

    About 12 years ago I scored about 15 small pyrex bowls that a neighbor in my apartment building had left in the communal "free to whoever wants it" zone - they hold maybe 1.5 cups, go in the microwave, stack...couldn't have been more perfect if I'd had them commissioned specially for me. It's the little things, you know?
  12. More oddities I'm rather eager to try....
  13. Fair point, Craig. I promise I used Sacramento, which the Gramercy Tavern bartender told me is a decent enough cheat if you're too lazy to juice that many tomatoes. And it was fine. Overly salty, but fine.
  14. The Solara is nice enough (and yeah, super sweet), but I really just stocked it for an incoming houseguest who's a fan. Will find a use for the remains after he heads out. The Herencia anejo is roll-around-on-the-floor-hugging-yourself-in-glee good. Uber smooth and rich, doesn't kill you with oak though it's definitely there. And the El Jolgorio is just crazy -- Astor was having a sale on agave spirits or I'd never have splurged so much, but I'm soooo glad I did. It's so herbal it makes me think someone made a light-on-the-juniper gin out of agave. Never tasted anything like it. The Pasubio is great -- I was pleased to come across a bottle after trying it at a bar -- spent significant time with the bartender trying to decide where to place it in a line-up of amari -- it's not wildly bitter, but strongly herbal/root-y/bark-y, medium sweet as amari go - I'll have to give your Manhattan idea a try!