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  1. The Nastro D'Oro Avvero Campania is absolutely delicious - bit of mint, bit of cola, bit of citrus. Haven't tried the Gifford Passionfruit yet.
  2. Fridge. It'll be fine in there for, say, a couple of months. Flavor will start to fade a little, but it won't get nasty.
  3. naturally I just ordered a miscellaneous case of booze from them last week.
  4. Homemade Liqueurs

    Thanks very much for the input!
  5. Homemade Liqueurs

    I'm noodling over how to make a toasted sesame liqueur. I was thinking I'd follow the rough outline of Katie Loeb's limoncello instructions -- toast sesame seeds in the oven, cool, let sit in 100 proof vodka at least a few days, strain, add simple syrup to taste to balance the sweet/umami/bitter, then top off with sufficient 80 proof vodka to bring alcohol quotient up to 30% by volume (that is, assuming it required enough simple syrup to drop it below 30% -- who knows? I could end up adding water instead to go the other way). So my questions are -- what volume of sesame seeds should I use per liter of overproof vodka? Any guesses on how long I show leave it to infuse? And are there any concerns about the alcohol drawing the oil from the seeds and into the finished product -- and if so, should/how do I then remove the oil? Or is there some totally different methodology I should pursue? Thanks in advance for any advice/experience you have!
  6. Finally put the Giffard to use and have to give it a thumbs-up relative to St Germain. The Giffard is a little less synthetic-ish. Though still with that grandma's guest soaps vibe.
  7. Nocino (Green Walnut Liqueur) & Vin de Noix

    Reminder to others planning the Nocino experiment this year-- back in Feb I'd put on my calendar that this week is Order Green Walnuts Week!
  8. Wray & Nephew - help!

    Eventually, the combination stabbing center bit of plastic with a corkscrew and then yanking free with needle-nosed pliers did the trick. Mercifully the quality and potency of the rum proved worth the effort! I've rarely felt so stupid in my own kitchen. Though perhaps if we'd attempted this while still sober it would have worked out better -- we'd already done a good deal of recipe testing with a new bottle of Cruzan black strap before trying to fight our way into the W&N. Thanks all for the advice!
  9. Wray & Nephew - help!

    I can't see how he finally succeeded -- or find a description in there. Am I meant to just stick a screwdriver into the center and pry?
  10. Wray & Nephew - help!

    never tried to open a bottle of W&N before. Under cream colored cap is an impenetrable plastic barrier that my two perfectly intelligent friends and I cannot get through. What the hell? Feeling quite stupid here. Help?
  11. Non-alcoholic cocktails for adults

    I wanted some OJ but was out of oranges. Mixed some passionfruit puree leftover from a baking project with a little cinnamon simple syrup and seltzer. A winner.
  12. Reload of the Beefeater. The rest are fresh additions. Cabinet is starting to groan!
  13. Honestly? I grabbed the wrong bottle. Got home and decided I didn't much care - it gets used in pretty minimal quantities when I mix with it so the ABV difference isn't significant.
  14. Lairds is a restock. Giving the others a test run.