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Naming the Shop

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hi guys! been awhile since ive been here, well just as a lurker actually =P anyway, im finally opening up a small shop here in the philippines and thought id ask for suggestions rgarding the name of it. theme is mostly in purple, yellow, white and some other accents. all in pastel. kinda playful place, someting like a old european cake shop thats been turned into a dollhouse cake shop =P with small white fence and chandelier and all. what ill be serving are a variety of cakes (dcadent, meringue, cheesecake etc) per slice and as take away. ill also be open for custom or designer cake orders for bday weddings and other occasions. lastly sme food (pasta and sandwiches) will also be served as well as coffee and juices. thats why im having a bit of a hard time finding the right name. i didnt want it to be to cakey and have people shy away from not thinking theres food involved as well and not too "just-designer-cakes" and hae people think its just for that and no normal cakes to be served. any ideas guys? heres my site. hacs website just so you can have an idea. thanks much for your time and suggestion!

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Where in the Philippines are you? Rural, city, or?

I need to have a better conception of your market in order to help you.

Good luck.

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hey! im from manila, the shop will be in new manila near greenhills. the place is a bit of a busy street with a lot of residences around it. its basically in the heart of the city or middle of it. thanks!

Desserts...just keeps getting better and fatter!

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Cake Box Cafe

add old fashoned hat boxes to the decor


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When I think of white fence - doll house here's what comes to mind:

The Picket Fence

The Cottage Garden

Alice's Doll House (reference to Alice is wonderland)

Queen Mary’s Doll House (famous doll house)

Iris & Ivy, Wisteria Lane, The Lilac Inn (Nancy Drew reference)

(or some other kind of purple/yellow/white flower reference) there are a lot of cool old garden rose names - like Ghislaine de Feligonde light yellow/blush european rambler; was propogated in 1916. here is the story behind the name, a young officer, the Count de Féligonde, who had been seriously wounded in battle and left between the lines in no man's land, where nobody could venture to fetch him. His wife, Ghislaine, hearing it, started at night, found him, dragged him to safety and nursed him back to health. Mr. Turbat, hearing the story of the heroic woman, decided right then to name his new rose "Ghislaine de Féligonde." Plant a few of the shrubs and name the place Ghislaines Cafe

When I think of pastries/old Europe - I think of Vienna:

Cafe Vienna


Cafe Mozart

Cafe Europa

Old World Cafe & Bakery


"Your Name Here" Pâtisserie

(but not Hac - makes me thank of hack - someone not skilled or to hack up something) - no offence but that what it makes me think of - of course this may be a USA thing and different in the Philippines.

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wow thanks for the great suggestions guys! i have this week before id have to legally register this and so far im still trying to figure this out though a lot of your suggestions are really helping! thanks so much!

Desserts...just keeps getting better and fatter!

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I've been accused of being "Minimalist", so how about something like "BAKE"?

Just find an artist to do a really unusual, cool -- BUT VERY RECOGNIZABLE -- logo for you.

In any event, GOOD LUCK!


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Love the cakes on your website--the Birkin bag is very cute!

How about Delicious--or Delicious Cafe--?

This wouldn't limit you to just sounding like a bakery.

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I'm a big fan of business names that do not limit you to a specific location or a specific line of business. That way, it gives a business owner more ease of expanding the "what" or the "where" should you choose to do so later. As a business grows, you want to keep building the brand identity, without radically changing the business name.

I'm also a fan of names that are short and roll off the tongue.

An example: Starbucks is a good name for a company, whatever you think of the company or their business model. They could easily expand into sandwiches or gelato or whatever and it wouldn't be inconsistent with the name. Geographically, well they've obviously gone way beyond Seattle.

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