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  1. thanks for the reply and inputs! we would like to include the old school people for the history but we will include ofcourse a lot of live ones and especially those that everyone can look up to. thanks too for the suggestion of arranging a visitation =) any other inpus or text i could read re: this guys?
  2. hi guys! been awhile though i just shared a couple of things and demos before. ive been busy lately working in a culinary school as a chef instructor. thing is hot kitchen work is someting im not really used to haha! good part though is that im waiting for the pastry school to finish its build then off i go! im currently making the curriculum for it and was wondering if anyone has any inputs to help me out with a few things. i.e. web based infos, books, ebooks, etc... few of the things id like to get some help with are : History of pastry arts (a more complete version) List of famous people (old school) Equipment list Terminologies (french terms) and other things that could give me some more ideas or add up to the curriculum! i would really appreciate the help on this as i really want this to work! its my passion really. and now im in it =)
  3. i hate this, ive been drooling for awhile now fro mthe pictures in this thread and ive tried my own for the past couple of days. thing is i cant get colored cocoa butter here! i did have some success coloring it on my own using food dye that has titanium dioxide as base but its never really that strong. it would still have some sort of transparency in it. i folded the coliring into the butter and let it dry a bit then started using it. any other suggestions? im almost ashamed to post my pics. oh and poly molds here are crap and hard to find plus not very many designs and cost sooo much!
  4. hac

    Fondant recipes

    oh and i forgot, sift the 10x 3 times before you make the fondant.
  5. hac

    Fondant recipes

    i just honestly use mm fondant for my quick fondant needs. im from philippines and yes it can get quite hot here. super easy you can finish in less than 15mins. take 16oz mini marshmallows, 8cups of 10x, 3-4tbsp h20 and 1/2c more 10x for dusting. youll need a large microwavable container, a kitchen aid with dough hook attachment and a good stable table and some wooden spoons and rubber scraper. place the mm in the container without cover, pour the 3tbsp h2o around it, you dont have to stir it at all just drizzle it over. pop it in the microwave and on high settings, heat it for 1min 3x, stirring around for every minute. it should one big gooey blob after, sometimes i like to heat it again for 30secs or so if im not confident everything is melted right. brush some shortening to the bottom and sides of the KA bwol, place half of the 10x in it (btw i use the large KA, if you have the smaller one, cut the recipe to 3/4), pour the melted marshmallow and mix at speed 1 until everything comes toghether (i normally cover my mixer with cling wrap so the 10x wont explode everywhere). when you see it all mixed up nicely, turn to speed 2 and let it have a go at it for about 3mins. then lower to speed 1 and spoon the remaining 10x, looking and touching and feeling it as you go til you finish the 10x. NOTE: you dont always have to finish the 10x, thats why you poke at it, if its getting too hard or dry stop or drizzle some h20 on it again, use drops), let it mix for awhile but not too much as your mixer will be working very hard by this time. turn it off, scrape everything on a 10x dusted surface and start kneading by hand for a minute or 2. with some practice you should be able to gauge who you want your fondant to be at all times. if im wrapping a cake with it i normally have it a bit softer than the usual to avoid cracks but if its for figures, i knead and add a bit more 10x and soem tylose (be careful with the tylose, you dont want to end up with a fondant brick). hope that helps in some way.
  6. this pie taste good too when cold, though theres a big difference in the taste, when still hot or heated, i could really taste the apples and the cream cheese was really creamy. When it was cold or chilled, it was a sweeter and it felt more like real cream cheese, sadly though the apples were just crunchy and lost its tangy flavor. a bit too sweet when cold for my taste. funny how something so simple could really affect it. sorry i havent uploaded a pic yet, i made another one and i tried to fill all of the cream on top (last one was only 3/4 of the cream) and well..it overflowed haha! still yummy though, clean ups a b*tch!
  7. the only place for raisins for me is whenever i bake my date cake recipe =P anyway i made the Torta Mele alla Panna:Apple Cream Cake and it was sooooo delicious! im an apple pie addict, and i loved the variation this offered! nice tangy crunchy apples mized with creamy but firm light cream cheesecake and the crust is also perfect! the crust could use a bit more flavor but all together its perfect! all i added was some mix dried fruits and a bit more dried peels and id recommend it to everyone! could stop picking at it after 5mins out of the oven when it was still hot, its in the fridge right now and ill go see how it taste like when cold =P served with ice cream or whipped cream this would be awesome! thanks much! ill take some pics later and post some problems and alterations too.
  8. ima have a go at it in a bit, the only thing with this recipe that i dont like is the raisins (not a big fan) will find something to replace it with first =P
  9. thanks! im going to try the Torta Mele alla Panna:Apple Cream Cake tom, hope it taste as good as it sounds!
  10. @Simonne that looks great! are you by any chance filipino? ive only seen one durian cake baker here in manila =P would love to taste it!
  11. ill type it up and post it on the recipes here =P
  12. forgot the apple crumble =P served cold topped with caramel whipped cream and a bit of apple syrup on the side
  13. cakes looks sooooo good everyone! now that my shop is open for a few months, i now have a daily routine of baking the best sellers which are the decadent chocolate cake, our custard cake, lemon torte and my take on the apple crumble. the decadent chocolate cake is at most the best seller, i bake 4 of it in day and sometimes goes as high as 8-10. Decadent ( served with a small tub of extra caramel) Custard cake Lemon torte note: i use a squeeze bottle now for my caramel decadent topping =P not that messy anymore haha!
  14. JeanneCake thats the same process that i do, mostly for sugar cookies. i found that process much easier and more presentable than icing the cookie. i lay the edible image in a piece of fondant then cut it out neatly and water the back to adhere to the cookie. marshmallow fondant would be best for this as it taste close to royal icing when eaten. you can check and email sweetlink website for the chocolate printer and process, i get my supplies from them. havent tried the chocolate transfer sheets though as its a bit expensive here in the philippines
  15. hi, just wanted to share my 2cents, ive had some experience with cakes that rises up and, sadly going back down after baking but not by me, but a friend/worker i was training to help me out. whenever i would bake my chocoalte cake recipe, it would be plump and rises beautifully, but whenever he makes them the well appears, so i made a lot of observations on how he does it. for me it was 2 things, first was the temp of the oven, and 2nd was the mixing of the eggs, are you sure you werent putting them in too fast? i dont want to sound bad but just sharing. to address my friends problem was me fixing his timing with the eggs when all was well mixed and creamed before putting in the next one. once we got through every cake came out perfect already. another tip would be the foil mentioned above. you could slow bake the cake a bit with a tin foil on top of it to reduce crisping the top right away and make the cake top heavy.
  16. hey guys! any suggestions or recipes for some good pies or cakes that can make use of the nice green apples i picked up today? im looking for something with a nice crunch to it and highlighting a bit of the diffrent taste of the green apples. hopefully a cake!
  17. hi everyone, im sorry this is supposed to be a work log i know but unfortunately im cramming everything and not able to take pics from time to time, ive finished painting the roofs and will start making the actual rooms. ill upload everything i have so far later. cheers
  18. finally started on the pagoda molds last night, only have a week left and i got packed with orders, cakes to make are japanese pagoda 8 japanese lanterns 4600 truffles 3tier chow chow cake 120 cupcakes with fondant toppers 2 tier princess castle cake (using wilton set) all for this weekend =P oh boy. so heres the molds. its rough inthe edges and ill just fine tune the borders and connections when i lay down the gumpaste. i made 5 of those already, still measuring the bigger 1st floor roof and the smaller but more pointy 7th floor roof.
  19. and im done, and i want to sleep, a looooong one =P night guys!
  20. true true but then again, to be honest we dont have a slew of options here in the philippines with our high shipping rates and taxes. oh well you right, thats why i leave after the delivery =P that viagra cake made me laugh, i know a couple of peeps that would want to give those to their husbands! couple more cakes i did yesterday : chef cake: ufc cake: ill be making 2 more cakes tonite, i just know i have to get started with the pagoda! along with their 8 japanese lantern principal giveaways and 4600pcs truffle orders. sugar high? i think i got immune to it already haha!
  21. i wasnt able to post the finished cake coz i finished 2 hours before delivery and i had to get some rest =P the client loved it thank God! here it is along with a lot of cookies =P wasnt able to take a picture of the 54 large round chewy sugar cookies with the same theme (fondant and edbile pictures). ill be starting 3 cakes today and also do the Pagoda already so lets hope for the best shall we?
  22. im certain its cheaper from australia as its not as far away! i would love to get myhands on some stuffs from malaysia! i heard they have some good things too in bangkok for cheap, i go back and forth but for car stuffs, i think ill have a look around next time im there. another cake im working on tonite, mylil pony theme. the draft: the cake (12x8in): covered in fondant: airbrushed the colors added few of the decors: added more decors: now to make the toys!
  23. congratulations! =P whenever i use dark sweet chocolate i always go heavy on the flavoring (except for mint) to have that bite into it outside the strong flavor of the chocolate
  24. i do have family in the us and ill ask them about it, sucks that when i was there and they all these sales that i saw, i wasnt into this yet so i didnt think of buying a lot of stuffs. , ill try to do that! tmriga : the lace molds here in the PI are roughly the same prices, i think a bit cheaper at 19$ locally. the plastic chocolate molds here are about 2-4$ each. i saw on one website that they have some baroque plastic molds for 2.22$ but shipping to the US is at 15$ so its roughly the same thing. are you referring to the shipping from malaysia? or the philippines to the US? i think malaysia would have it cheaper =P
  25. how i wish, ive been scurrying almost every hole here in manila for some good differnt molds that has some unique styling, like laces and baroques but unfortunately we dont have much here so i have to mold everything byhand. gives me a lot of practise though but id prefer the molds to be more precise. i found a lot online that are offering good prices but shipping is the killer. 2$ lace mold with 40$ shipping go figure =P anyone out there kind enough to ship some to me for less? =P
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