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  1. Their full names are Fredrik Berselius and Richard Kuo. Besides Corton/wd~50/Falai, their collective New York CV includes Per Se, Aquavit, Seasonal and a few others. I think what these guys are doing is great. I've gone once a week for the past month, and I still love it. Today I wrote up a post about the place, which I've copied below. And pictures of nearly all the dishes I've tried so far, should you be curious, are HERE... The last time I felt like I made an important gastronomic discovery, I was two years old. “Hambuhbuh… shoop shies… toke…” a tiny, curly-headed version of me would babble
  2. I wanted to love Elements, I really did. It was all just too much. Too many ingredients in each dish. Way too much protein. I can put away a ton of food, but I felt wretched after this meal. The gritty details of my demise are below, and the hopefully not-too-gritty photos are HERE. I’m generally about as likely to visit New Jersey as I would be to meet my life partner at Tasti D-Lite. Maybe it’s the GTL presence in the former or the regrettable absence of LDL in the latter, but something about going to either place has never felt quite right. But one day, every New Yorker wakes up feeling jad
  3. I've been a going very regularly to the Williamsburg location of Forcella for several months now, so at last night's opening of the Manhattan flagship, I was friggin' thrilled. I've been a long-time Keste devotee, but I have to say, I think my loyalties are shifting... Here's my story about why, and if you'd like to see some photos, then CLICKY. He looks like a jazz trumpeter, or maybe a saxophonist. The hair extending down from his chin is more thick stalactite than goatee. He’s lanky, with thick-rimmed, square-edged glasses, and he sports a type of hat that I can’t identify and certainly cou
  4. ... or to wild inconsistency. It can be hard to know for sure, sometimes.
  5. Looks like this topic again needs an update. After reading about the place for several years, and avoiding it for various reasons, I finally visited Le Chateaubriand on my most recent trip to Paris in March. Somewhat surprisingly, it proved to be the best meal of our trip. My story about that night is below, and my pictures, should you want to see those, too, are HERE Sometimes I argue with the man in the mirror. I’m smart enough to know that he can be stupid, and I delight in proving him wrong. So in more ways than one, Le Chateaubriand was delightful. I had to go there on this most rec
  6. I was lucky enough to be one of the very few Americans in attendance at last month's The Flemish Primitives food festival in Ostend, Belgium. Top chefs from all over the world -- Redzepi, Bras, Bottura, etc -- came together to share with one another and with us their latest ideas, concepts, techniques, successes and failures. Meanwhile Belgian chefs showcased what's happening in gastronomy in their neck of the woods right now. Overall it was an awesome event. My experience there is below. My pictures are here: http://pocketfork.com/events/the-flemish-primitives-2011/ “You owe me, bigtime.
  7. I do. To me it's something special and unique in NY right now.
  8. Food was $160pp both times I've done it.
  9. Nice. Didn't know that.
  10. There's a lot more than meets the eye at this place. Great pizza? Yes. Solid brunch? Definitely. But dry-aged beef? Wild duck? Game, truffles, and caviar? Oh yes. There's some serious sh** going down in Bushwick, people. Some pictures are HERE, and the story's here... I’m not cool enough to lead the life I do. I step into a coffee shop and in no time they pop the question: “So, do you live around here?” No, I don’t. I actually took the train for forty-five minutes (two transfers!) to get here because I love your single-origin espresso. Not cool. After I down my macchiato in shame, I
  11. Sorry, Felix, I've got nothing for you this time! I finally got around to finishing the story of my noma experience, and you could definitely say I am enthusiastic about it. The pictures (and video), for anybody not wishing to read, are all HERE, but hopefully you'll check out the story first... Love, like an American supermarket, is a fascinating and scary thing. To walk its aisles is to struggle to distinguish what you want from what you need. To fully understand its intricacies is to know too much. In a frustratingly beautiful way, its true nature can seem inscrutable. Danish supermar
  12. Anthony Bourdain sponsored an essay contest for Medium Raw not too long ago. The topic was, "What does it mean to cook well?". You can find my entry here and read the others as well. While I didn't win, I still wanted to share my essay here on eGullet, a website that over time has taught me a lot about what it means to cook well... Cooking well is what the little old woman in front of me does. She has approximately five teeth, one good eye, and two hands that orchestrate the movement of nearly sixty gargantuan shrimp on the grill in front of her. Her vocabulary and mine don’t overlap at a
  13. Definitely. Relae is on Jægersborggade in Nørrebro district. And there's definitely some stuff worth visiting on the very same block as Relae... Coffee Collective -- great coffee keramiker inge vincents -- really cool ceramic wares MANFREDs -- the casual/take-out sibling of Relae, directly across the street We also had dinner at Kødbyens Fiskebar on the strong recommendation of Rene Redzepi's wife. Really enjoyed that. Then two consecutive lunches at noma. We stayed very close by Sweet Treat -- another recommendation from Redzepi and company that we enjoyed on multiple visits. Among bakeri
  14. Nice to see you back, and what a great eating experience to share with us after such a long absence! I've been wondering what happened to you and your eating adventures (no longer part of A Life Worth Eating?), so it's good to know you're still eating well. Thanks, Rona! Life for me is still definitely worth eating, I'm just not part of that website anymore. That's been the case for over a year now, and I won't bother you with the long, messy blog break-up story. I'll just say I'm incredibly happy to be starting a fresh solo venture (with a beautiful girl to keep me company ). I mis
  15. I've been to Combal.Zero a good handful of times now, and though I know it's a controversial restaurant, it has become probably my favorite in Italy. The following story will walk you through a few of those meals, with a funny story unfolding along the way. All the pictures, if you'd like to check them out, are HERE. Hope you enjoy! Conventional medicine tells us appendicitis cannot be directly caused, that it just happens. I’m here to tell you that Davide Scabin gave my brother appendicitis, and that — sorry, bro — I still have to thank him for the meals that did it. (The surgeon and our insu
  16. Writing about el Bulli proved to be quite the challenge for me. Indeed, I took nearly a year to do so. But I still really wanted to share the story. If you want to check out the photos, they're all HERE. Anyway, hope you enjoy the tale... Describing every morsel of food I ate at el Bulli, like writing a book report on the Bible, would be one hell of an undertaking. Followers of any faith already know much of the plot. The protagonist is worshipped by some, misunderstood by others. The reservation system involves countless requests but only a chosen few are granted. (Those that think they have
  17. It's been open only a very short time, I feel like Relae could become something very cool. Christian Puglisi is a super young dude, a former sous at noma, and a guy that I just get the sense has enormous potential. There's something raw about his cooking, and in some way I can't quite figure out, it kind of reminds me of the early days of ubuntu in Napa when Jeremy Fox was there. Anywho, here's the story, and if you wanna check out the pics, they're HERE. Any other eG folks been yet? I'm curious to hear your impressions. I remember a few years back my mother and I celebrated my birthday a
  18. I visited noma twice last week, and plan to write about those meals very soon. But for now, I wanted to share with you all this video my girlfriend made: pocketfork presents: noma
  19. i've gotta go with del posto, too. really, really hard to beat theirs.
  20. i've been curious about those tamales
  21. Fair warning: Grimaldi's in SA is a pale imitation of Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. Don't get your hopes too high.
  22. tupac17616

    Per Se

    I was surprised to find it was quite mild in flavor, have you had cod milt before? Having had no frame of reference I was preparing myself for something incredibly strong tasting. I have -- just once, in Tokyo. Loved it. Definitely mild in flavor, but I seem to remember a slight sweetness too. But I found the texture really interesting -- creamy, like a barely set custard or, say, soft tofu. In a way, it reminded me of the sensation of eating really good uni.
  23. ha, nice. i'm pretty sure there was nothing edible (or at least digestible) remaining on the plate once i was done. you were the brussels sprouts and the pig head terrine? donbert was doing his thing behind the bar. saw sneakeater on the way out. eG'ers abound at ssam every time i go. [Moderator note: The original Momofuku Ssam Bar topic became too large for our servers to handle efficiently, so we've divided it up; the following part of this discussion is here: Momofuku Ssam Bar (2011-)]
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