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  1. How does a Keste pizza compare -- stylistically, leaving preferences aside -- to one from Una Pizza Napoletana? Not leaving preferences aside, which do you think is better? I have a mild obsession with pizza napoletana, and Keste is looking like a must on my upcoming trip. Wondering if I should also re-visit UPN. For comparison's sake, of course.
  2. yep I would also say that "people here who claim not to be professionals in the food world yet know more than [you] about many subjects" learn a lot from eGullet just like the rest of us. That's why many people frequent this web site in the first place, I think. There's an endless supply of interesting stuff here, just waiting to be absorbed.
  3. Recently I bought a pair of shoes. Yesterday I went to the farmer's market in them. I feel good about both choices.
  4. unless, of course, it's crisp proschitto goodness.
  5. Agreed. This one could easily stand to be cut in half. Yeah, I try to keep an open mind. But I think I'll pass on peas and proschitto.
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    To be fair, we didn't order dessert, as none of us are big sweet tooth types, and the whole table would have had to order them. But they did give us a few little bites, all of which were good, but not that memorable. I'll have to pay more attention to the sweets next time I go. Cool. Thank you. I really enjoyed the pastry chef's desserts back when he was in NY.
  7. your photos really are not bad at all. thank you for sharing your experience with all of us.
  8. tupac17616


    How were the desserts, out of curiosity?
  9. Maybe this isn't the right thread, but I am anxious to hear what you thought of Il Canto. A friend of mine also went last week for three meals in a row, exhausted the entire menu. He is a huge fan of Lopriore's. He also saw Matteo Baronetto, the young but hugely talented sous chef at Cracco in Milano, there so apparently he's not the only one. Don't know if you had the spaghetti mare e monti (the "fossil" dish), but that sounded interesting to me. Would love to hear your perspectives on the place in general, since I've only been once and I absolutely HATED my meal there. I've been enjoying some debates about Il Canto over on the Gambero Rosso forums lately as well. Good times.
  10. Is this a preparation you've seen before, SWISS_CHEF? I feel like I've had veal with a hazelnut sauce before. But the veal was raw and there were also anchovies in the sauce. It was, I should also say, delicious. But I imagine far from traditional.
  11. 1) Absolutely. 2) You don't have to, but certainly you can if you want to. 3) Don't worry. It's California. You'll be fine.
  12. Very interesting topic. Definitely agree re: Babbo, Chez Panisse (though maybe you chose Stars instead for that general camp of resturants), French Laundry, Momofuku Ssam Bar. Especially agree with Manresa, which is, to my mind, the single best restaurant I've been to in the United States, and also one of the most frequently overlooked and under-appreciated.
  13. Definitely. That's more precise.
  14. A friend of mine tells me that the actual restaurant was demolished due to the enlargement of the port of San Vincenzo and Pierangelini was supposed to move to another location. There were even plans for a famous architect to construct the new restaurant. In the meantime he's been doing consultant work for a few large hotels. It still remains unclear whether or not he'll reopen later.
  15. Interesting idea, but inaccurate I think. From Merriam-Webster: ← Who is this Merriam-Webster you speak of? Are you being paid to provide their definitions, sir? Seriously, though, if the other thread is discussing how or why or when comps should be disclosed and this one is just discussing the definition, I still like the one Holly gave above in post #3: anything provided for free.
  16. My pleasure to point folks in the direction of good pork fat. I'd love to make it to that Féhta du lar myself.
  17. I'd definitely give Romano in Viareggio some consideration. I went in late March, and started an eGullet thread about it HERE.
  18. Heheh. If I were a shareholder, I'd tell them to put the menu on their website!
  19. Lardo di Colonnata is wonderful, but one I think is just as good and whose name just doesn't have the same cache for some reason is lardo d'Arnad from the Valle d'Aosta.
  20. This page has the guy who initially announced the closure apologizing for having mistakenly done so. Meanwhile in the comments section another guy mentions that for a long time people have been having trouble contacting the restaurant through the phone number listed in most guides. Phone number in my guide here is 0565701021.
  21. For your curiosity, and for the sake of future readers of this thread, I'll list the various options from the printed menus I have... Evasione e territorio... (100€) 21... 31... forse 41... forse più tra erbe, fiori, semi e foglie Carne cruda... fragole e cagliata Bon apetit, sgombro candito... Merluzzo fresco di nostra salatura... accomodato al verde Come un "tonno" di coniglio... toni di colore Gnocchi di patate... seirass del fen Carré d'agnello sambucano arrosto... latte di capra... camomilla Minestrone di frutta e verdura... adesso Una spugna al gusto di nocciola... gelato alla nocciola Verdure, pasta, riso, pesce... dieta mediterranea (100€) Uova e zucchine in carpione Asparagi viola d'albenga... acqua e olio Cipolla in crosta di tartufo "nero piemonte", sugo di testun Fagiolini meraviglia ai 7 sapori Riso... pomodoro e scampi P... P... P... San Pietro arrosto... rosa canina e carote, radici di Bardana e germogli si soja Creme caramel al miso... sesamo e wasabi, omaggio al giappone Wafer al tartufo "nero piemonte" La Primavera 2009 (110€) Melanzana... miso e calamari Gambero di Sanremo al naturale... zucca... arachidi e spuma di gingerino Recoaro Orata reale... lime e ginepro Merluzzo... broccoli e mozzarella Foie gras... tartufo "nero piemonte" e vegetali Mailino di latte dorato... verdure argodolci Riso... erbe e lumachine di mare Piccione di Sante arrosto, spinaci novelli e mais Sorbetto al cioccolato... salsa verde Takos Our carte blanche menu (160€) Asparagi viola d'Albenga e tartufo "Nero Piemonte" Uovo di quaglia e zucchine in carpione Insalata 21, 31, 41... Gambero di Sanremo al naturale... zucca... arachidi e spuma di gingerino Recoaro Merluzzo... broccoli e mozzarella Come un "tonno" di coniglio... toni di colore Crema di patate d'Alta Langa... uovo di quaglia alla "coque"... affumicato al Lapsang Souchong Gnocchi di patate... seirass del fen Tempura di bianchetti, salsa di agrumi Piccione di Sante arrosto, spinaci novelli e mais Carne cruda... fragole e cagliata Croccante di semi di zucca... malghesino... lamponi disidratati Selezione di formaggi piemontesi Minestrone di frutta e verdura... adesso Sorbetto al cioccolato... salsa verde Una spugna al gusto di nocciola... gelato alla nocciola Il muro alla violetta A la carte antipasti 20-26€ primi 25€ piatti di mezzo 20-26€ pesci 38€ carni 35-45€ piccole dolcezze... salate 14€ dessert 16€
  22. Very much in the same spirit as the code proposed just last week by these two LA-based bloggers: Food Blog Code of Ethics In any case, it's a very admirable effort and one I fully support. Thanks for your work on this, Fat Guy. Something like this was long overdue.
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