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  1. I'm about halfway through The Artist's Palate by Frank Fedele. This is a visually stunning book featuring many previously unpublished photos of artists involved (ranging from van Gogh to Pollock) with amusing anecdotes about the foods they liked to eat and recipes for the same. Honestly, though, it's more interesting for the insight into the artist's lives than it is for the (mostly) mundane recipes. Note also that there are quite a few typos/factual errors (ie. misidentifying John Cale as John Cage, placing Kevin Shikami in Atlanta on his QV page and in Chicago on his recipe page) that I found in just the first 75 pages. Go for the art, graze the food.
  2. What I'm trying to do is harvest our garden's bounty to dry for the months ahead. The 'zipper' method works pretty well for me and, considering the advice of the Hispanics I work with in regards to cilantro ('we would use the stems also') it seems a quick run through or two with a knife should be sufficient.
  3. We just purchased a 18 qt. roaster oven to free up our regular oven for other Thanksgiving uses. We figure on doing the turkey in it. Tonight's first experiment, roasting a chicken, was a bit frustrating. While the bird was juicy and tasty, it looked really anemic and took a bit longer to cook than we expected. Does anyone have any experience or advice on using a roaster oven--can I really get it to brown things eventually or will they just dry out too much?
  4. In any business your reputation precedes you. I think it's telling that nobody seems to have wanted to work w/Chiarello. I enjoyed watching the taste test but, when the scores were given, wondered how many total items they tasted. Seven is a nice number FTW, but was it out of 10? 15? 20???
  5. 'Gardening' would be the obvious answer. 'Massive drug abuse' would be the politically incorrect choice.
  6. aliaseater

    Old Bay seasoning

    Try here: http://busycooks.about.com/od/homemademixes/r/oldbaymix.htm
  7. Thanks to all for their advice. I should now be able to come up with something acceptable for a fourth of July hotdog! Thanks again & enjoy the holiday : )
  8. Is the piccalilli of her memory red or mustard based? Kay ← I believe it is red. Info on either or each would be welcome. Thanks
  9. My wife is from the Boston area. We are now land-bound in Chicago. While she's not (yet) pregnant, she has a craving for the piccalilli she remembers from her childhood. The local relish we have is "no good". Does anyone have an authentic recipe or a source for possible mail order? Thanks!
  10. I don't think "Slip me some tongue" is going to work too well for future reservations. Is the french chef deliberately trying to embarrass himself or just destroy his career: "How much did you pay for that, Rick?", indeed! Publicity like that can't be bought.
  11. I think I could live comfortably as the Executive Chef on a large private yacht--with a crew large enough to suggest menu items and talented enough to cook anything suggested to them.
  12. After a while the water in the glass does not look too appetizing and the point of this 'solution' is llost. The owner of a place I worked at took exception to me using a water bath to hold my tongs until we pointed out to her that it was better than no water bath. Plastic spoons for tasting is the only way to go.
  13. Chili and stews, like beef or lamb are always better the next day!
  14. Has anyone had one? Share a recipe?
  15. Where in the Philippines are you? Rural, city, or? I need to have a better conception of your market in order to help you. Good luck.
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