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Chefs who Tweet?


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Not for the delicate of nature, but the Twitterings of @foodsyoucaneat aka Scott Schroeder, chef of the South Philadelphia Tap Room and the American Sardine Bar, are well worth a follow. Occasionally he Tweets about food. More often he delves into his battles with various philosophical and social mores.

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Just showing an interest but how many of you "Foodies" have got Twitter accounts? Or any other Social media accounts? I would be interested to follow some of you....


My daughter set up a F.B. account for me, but I haven't looked at it yet, and that was over a year ago.

Most of my time is spent with my business, my family, or sleeping. I spend maybe 2 hrs/day on the 'puter, with most of my time on forums like this.

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Apologies if I scanned through the thread too fast and missed them but @ideasinfood and@akikamozawa are the couple behind (obviously) Ideas in Food, a great blog and website, and busy on Twitter also, and if you want more chefs to follow on twitter, just look at who some of your own favorite chefs are following, it can really snowball into quite the list very quickly. Becomes addictive, entertaining and informative, all at the same time.


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A non-exhaustive list of San Diego chefs who tweet:

@ChefBoBeau from BO-Beau Kitchen

@chefchrispowell from Bali Hai

@chefmccabe from Delicias

@TreyFoshee from George's

@urbansolace Matt Gordon

@chefgschmidt formerly of Blanca

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