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  1. Traditionally, the bouillabaise broth is served first and then the fish with some more broth. See link: http://www.hollyeats.com/Miramar.htm Neuf told me through Facebook that this is how they would be serving it.
  2. My favorite cheese steak nowadays: The Spot food truck. . Spot uses sirloin instead of ribeye because "sirloin is made to be cooked fast. Ribeye isn't." Had mine with Cheez Whiz and sauteed onions. They use the same onions as for their burgers, another plus. Cheesesteaks junkfood? Hardly. Can't wait to get to Neuf. Along with north African fare they are serving a traditional Marseille bouillabaisse - broth and fish as separate courses.
  3. Glad to some activity hereabouts. Stargazy is brilliant. Totally authentic pub fare but bring your own ale. Too small for darts, but football is on the telly on Saturday mornings. Some pics from the HollyEats facebook page https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1141813512501528.1073741849.115871648429058&type=3
  4. Just saw this. It would be a tremendous mistake to not dine at High Street on Market. Great cooking and baking happening there.
  5. Watching Steven on The Hot Dog Show and seeing how much fun he was having as Fat Guy sparked my interest in doing a website. I then met Steven when he invited HollyEats to be part of eGullet’s start-up. Wow, how eGullet has evolved and grown. Steven’s vision. A life too short yet so accomplished and impactful. My condolences to Ellen and PJ.
  6. I use Fresh Direct for beef and other meats, usually their USDA prime steaks, Pat Lafrieda ground beef and US lamb. All very good. You can specify steak thickness, larding / tie on roasts and normal or film packaging. I also get Junior's Cheesecake and D'Aragnan country pate. Then a few groceries to get it up to the lowest delivery charge. Their baked goods are mediocre. The only prepared food I tried was their chicken pot pie, which had chopped or ground chicken rather than chunks and was pretty much inedible. Nice top crust though. I complained by email and received a credit though they never answered if that is the way it normally comes or if I was unlucky and received the end of the production run. They have first time customer offers between $25 and $50 off a fairly sizable order. Follow them on Twitter for announcements. Delivery times are spot on. Great delivery driver. Everything comes in cardboard cartons, the larger boxes have dividers. I order from them twice a month. Mainly because of their beef and other meat.
  7. Wear grease stains as the badge of honor they are.
  8. In terms of a "capable camera" that OliverB mentioned, consider the Sony RX-100. There is a new model out, the RX-200, but I'm so happy with my RX-100 that I see no reason to change. What makes the camera exceptional, compared to other pocket cameras, is its 1" sensor. Not as big as a single lens reflex, but twice or more as large as other compact cameras. From the dpreview.com review, "A large sensor is one of the most significant factors in terms of providing good image quality. The larger area simply means that, compared to a smaller sensor camera, it will be exposed to more light during any exposure with the same settings (ISO, shutter speed and F-number). And more light means a better signal-to-noise ratio." It also has a Zeiss lens, which probably helps. The dpreview.com review concludes, "The RX100 is probably the most capable compact camera on the market today, combining the image quality benefits of a mid-sized sensor with the proportions of a conventional compact. Extensive, though not flawless, manual controls make the RX100 a great second camera for DSLR shooters." I can just go by results. Since I switched, my pictures are much sharper with much truer color. I can also snap a decent picture in low available light. I have a Nikon SLR, but the quality of the RX-100 is so good for web site resolution, that I only lug my SLR out for state occasions.
  9. Over the past few years the plating of dishes has become much more artistic. Tweezer precise. Some, for sure, is simply the evolution of plating. But I wonder how much the abundance of diners toting cameras and taking to the internet has prodded chefs to such artistic presentations. To dcarch's point on chef photography skills, tis true that many chefs taking to Twitter are not snapping great pictures. If they aren't already, culinary schools should be offering a course on digital food photography.
  10. Very well done Bill. That dog sounds spectacular. The finest of two cultures. It is good work you are doing - Introducing the unaware to the West Virginia hot dog. Wonder how they will take to Country Club pepperoni rolls?
  11. I tip at full service restaurants where a bartender or server handles the order. Typically 10%. I also tip at carryout places where there is a tip jar and where I am a regular or where the counter person goes out of his/her way. Usuallly a buck, maybe two. I figure it is a long term investment on future orders. I always tip baristas for the same reason.
  12. Thought the NYT piece was a good read, plenty of insights. But Paula Deen is ancient history. America's outrage has moved on. I can't wait to see who will merit our outrage next week.
  13. Excited to learn about the Museum of Food and Drink. Wondering who will be the first to use a puffing gun in molecular cuisine?
  14. If you can remove the hot dog from a gunked up hot dog and not notice any difference in taste, you are serving a sandwich, not a hot dog.
  15. Mike, I distinguish between chili dogs, especially those that have beans and the thinner, all-the-way sauce topping Coney Island dogs or Texas Wieners. A Coney or Texas Wiener sauce does great things to a hot dog. A couple of recent Detroit Coneys from Philadelphia's American Sardine Bar.
  16. Good list John. Places add all the fancy gunk so they can charge $5 for a $2 hotdog.
  17. Cheese Curd Truck Brazilian BBQ Truck Oh, wait, we have those in Philadelphia. Still craving a breakfast biscuit truck.
  18. At such a price you might want to order in from Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors
  19. Dry aging makes for great ground beef. Prime, without aging, strikes me as a waste of money. I suspect aged choice would have more flavor than aged prime from the same cut(s) of beef.
  20. The dish you describe sounds like a sope to me, or a variation. One of my favorite foods Mexican. Thanks for the update. I was on Isla in February. Will be updating my sight manana. (Still trying to get back up to speed.)
  21. The best of five voting reminded me of Gordon Ramsay's various cooking competitions where there is always a tie and then, dramatic music in the background Ramsay casts the deciding vote. Didn't happen here, but the whole voting procedure came off as strained and uncomfortable. Only once in four votes did we learn how all the judges voted. And I hate to miss dessert. To make the new final format work, they skipped the chefs selecting their teams, the un-understanding, disappointed look on Josie's face when she wasn't picked, and the though process for putting together the final menu. I prefer the traditional all five courses being presented and a winner announced. I aso would have preferred more cooking and a lot less American Idol style bio vingnettes of the chefs and their families. Glad Kristen won.
  22. The hatch contraption adds so much excitement to the show. The Voice ain't got no hatch.
  23. You just know the production team wanted the chefs to cook on roller skates.
  24. More than anything from the Kroc era McDonald's I miss the grillman. The great ones, spatula in each hand, could handle four or five runs of 12 burgers at a time. A lbeauty to behold and a lost art. Wishing the ghost of McDonald's past would return, whip some corporate ass and bring back Kroc's emphasis on freshness.
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