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  1. i am going to disney next week for the food and wine festival and would like some dining options there. i am not renting a car and just need to eat somewhat well while i am down there. i am not going to be picky just want some solid food. please help
  2. going to be out in beaver creek for a bon appetit festival, any place i need to check out. good local cooking would be great e.g, some bbq or tacos or burgers coming from NYC thanks
  3. just wanted to let you know, Mr. malik, you were right. i had a really hard time finding food. first off, i was in north myrtle beach, which means i was 20 minutes north of myrtle beach proper. i do wish i knew how close i was to calabash, n.c., i would have made an excursion to see if i could at least found some food to cook. i did cook one meal, but it took 3 hours to find local ingredients. i wish for everyone's sake that they could make a chain-style restaurant that did use local ingredients and low-country ideas. oh well, i did have a great time with my family, the beach was nice and evry
  4. Yeah I totally forgot about Georgetown. Kudzu Bakery & Market (120 King Street) is very cool and old Georgetown is so very charming and Southern. Rice Paddy is quaint and you can get great raw seafood from the fish market at the North end of Georgetown harbor. Don't worry about finding it, Georgetown proper is only about a half mile wide! A visit to Huntington State Park is a must. You will see more alligators than you can shake a stick at....but I wouldn't advise doing that. Getting to Sweatmann's from MB would be maybe 4 hours one way. Foster's in Lake City is way closer.....(145 S
  5. i am going to myrtle beach with my extended family, and need some good places to eat. i know my family will want to trek to applebee's, but i want to be prepared. i don't need life-changing cuisine, am really interested in just good solid food. i am also wanting to explore some bbq places. i am willing to drive some days. please help bill telepan
  6. billt


    my goodness! i am so sorry this happened. i saw the ice cream come back and didn't understand why the customer wasn't told about the peanut butter. i wasn't told about by the staff that we had a potential health concern. for which i again apologize for. i was aware of the concerns during the savory portion. unaware your order was placed for dessert, it seemed obvious, after the fact, that the server didn't alert the you about the nuts, so our cook just put out what he was told. please accept our apologies, i will bring it up during the service meeting tonight about following through. and al
  7. billt


    Then don't call them. I bet that they will call you before they give the table away. If they DO fail to honor the reservation make a big stink about it. ← we have this policy so that if clients are in from out of town and staying at hotels, and the prospect of not be able to reach them, they will call us to confirm. but if someone does not call, we will call, and if we don't reach them, our policy is to hold the table. some times my cell runs out of power...
  8. billt

    JUdson Grill

    not yet, i still have some things to sort out, and lots of pies and crisps to make with my daughter see you soon bt
  9. billt

    JUdson Grill

    it was a squash pierogi, and it is in there i hope to be making it somewhere soon bt
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