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  1. @nappleman @PaulKahan @cheftramonto @ruhlman If these have not been noted previously
  2. So here's who I think may be worth a follow foodie wise... @bittman @carolBlymire @chefjohnny @gachatz @foodporn @ruthreichl @tylerflorence @jamieoliver @ruhlman (Get Bourdain going dude!) @offalchris @dcpatterson @anthonybourdain (might not be real) @paula_deen @catcora @gdelauraentiis
  3. I wanted to create a topic to as a potential list of professional chefs with Twitter accounts. I follow Tyler Florence, Jamie Oliver, Daniel Patterson, Chris Cosentino. Two other twitter accounts of note are Foodporn, and Ruth Reichl . Its pretty fun getting updates on whats happening in the food world. Anyone know of other food tweeters? Shaun @shaunbaxter
  4. My wife and I had a near perfect 7 course tasting menu at Hatfield's restaurant last Saturday. The food was perfect the service was spot on with the wait staff extremely knowledgeable about the food and wine. It was refreshing to eat in a place where I did not feel the wait staff was navigating my inquiries clumsily in an effort to hide the fact they did not know what was in the dishes or wine pairings. The restaurant is shoe box small but I didn't get the sense of being crowded in. I would say that the food is on par with the very best L.A. has to offer. Completely unpretentious. I highly recommend eating there. Frankly am a bit curious as to why Hatfield's hasn't received more chatter. Shaun
  5. We are staying in the very north of Napa south of Yountville.
  6. And thank you for allowing me to plagiarize your old post for my new gain.
  7. My wife, I and 8 other friends are headed to Napa for an extended weekend at the end of this month. While we're there we're hoping to discover some smaller wineries, or hot spots that are gaining buzz. All the folks we are with are hoping to find a few smaller under the radar wineries and avoid the larger wineries (insert the word gouging here). Anyone know of any smaller wineries that are producing great wines that would have a real good ratio of value to quality? What's happening up there right now? It's been nearly four years since our last trip and I feel a little out of it. Is there anybody we should know about to call for an appointment while we're there? Shaun
  8. I saw that advertised last week during Bourdian's Malaysia episode. Funny thing is, when I try set it up a taping on my Tivo the show comes up as the Florida episode of No Reservations. Monday July 3rd at 10pm right? When you go to the travel channel website it states that the Florida episode will be aired in that slot. I am going to tape the episode regardless. Does anyone know what is going on with this? Shaun
  9. Dunno. Not a deal breaker when your are chowing down on tacos made with Head and Tounge. Seriously though the Pastor tacos are really great. They have this Gyro meat contraption that roasts the pork vertically. They put a massive slab of Pineapple on top of the spit to baste the pork as it cooks. Then they chop up the pork and the pineapple together. Sweet porky goodness. Wash that down with a few glasses of Horchata and you are in heaven. The Chile Verde is great too. Im salivating right now.
  10. Las Brisas by the way is a very nice place to have a drink and a meal. Its about as Mexican as The Outback steakhouse is Australian. Pretty place though.
  11. Also, About Gallo Giro... Its sometimes takes a few minutes to get a seat and the seating is al fresco, which amounts to school style cafeteria benches or the always fun old home depot white plastic chairs inside. However, if you are like meand have a sense of humor and want to dive into some really great authentic mexican food, while rubbing shoulders with the abuelas picking up their masa and watch the with a tortilla factory in the back crank out tortillas? Its worth the trip.
  12. If you are adventerous and looking for an authentic "divey" Mexican meal I would recommend El Gallo Giro in Santa Ana. Its across from Mater Dei high school. Its on Bristol. Get on the 405 north exit at Bristol. Make a right and drive Bristol from the 405 to the place. I have no problem eating there but it might be a bit to "authentic" for someone else. Its rare to see any gringos in there. You enter in a kind of strip mall type establishment. There is a steam table counter where you order burritos or tacos and all the meats are displayed before you in spanish with little english subtitles. Lengua, Sesos, Birria, Carnitas, Asada, and Pator with chunks of the piapple it was marinated in. They have an Agua Fresca and Horchata bar to the left. Its rare to see any gringos in there. Another less "authrentic" but divey and popular place I would go is in Costa Mesa. Its called El Matador. Its on Newport Blvd. So basically from the airport you take the 55 to Newport and when you hit triangle Square with the big Nike Town its about a 1/4 mile on your left. Its divey tasty and safe. The carnitas are really good. They crisp up the top of the carnitas to something akin to bacon. If you want the real deal, go to Gallo Giro. http://cityguide.aol.com/orangecounty/dini...adp?sbid=138423 Good Luck. Shaun
  13. I am curious who has eaten at Guy Savoy in Caesar's palace. I would love to get a few reviews on how it was. Shaun
  14. Oh, and please nerd out and take some photos of the food at Providence for us here please.
  15. Well then, sound like you have it wired. Vincenzo at Providence should provide some well deserved and most likely needed libations to downshift a bit. Have fun guys. S.
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