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  1. The Rogue Gentleman's newest craft cocktail, the John Mayer by John Maher. You see where this went wrong, don't you?Apologies for this horrific oversight.Craft Blowjob (revised) Ingredients: one juniper seedling, one heritage calf (prefer Dutch Belted), heirloom potato seeds Prepare as usual. Top juniper-infused vodka with dollop of whipped cream. Serve up. Now you're talkin'. Selling cocktailians vodka as "wheat white dog" or "rye eau de vie" is the new selling ginophiles gin as "juniper-infused vodka." My god. Pure genius.
  2. Incidentally, I tend to name my cocktails after music/songs/lyrics/bands or whatever happens to be playing at the moment. Most of the time, this happens after midnight with a record on.
  3. We're doing a barrel aging program at TRG using used bourbon, rye, & wheat barrels from Reservoir Distillery here in Richmond. Our first ones are a negroni and Widows Kiss.
  4. The guys at 15 Romolo in SF have done this. They called it "Last Rights" with a garnish of a cherry cross. Not too bad. But my all time favorite Last Word variation has to be another 15 Romolo creation called the "Fernetaboutit," subbing Fernet Branca for gin. Its a crappy color, but the fernet adds an amazing herbal complexity that is simply amazing. But Im a huge fernet fan, so maybe Im biased.
  5. So I was approached by a local restaurant to fix their food program. They are very newly opened, 8 weeks-ish or so. Ive gotten to know the owners over the past few weeks, as I started to go there for the bar + music. I also DJ there once a week. Anyway, Ive never done any consultancy gig before and am trying to find out what to charge for my services. If my background would make some kind of difference, my bio is in my profile. After some googling, it seems that its either A) priced per hour depending on area or B) priced as a flat rate, either weekly or monthly. Just looking for some more numbers to compare. This job would entail: - rewriting the menu - evaluating, fix, and maintain a more proper food and labor cost - train staff on new menu and procedures - fire/hire new staff if necessary - institute proper inventory procedures Thanks in advance for any info. - Chef Johnny
  6. An Australian billionaire is going to build another Titanic. Cancer, poverty, starvation, AIDS, and war still exist, right? #confused :/

  7. this is easily the greatest tumblr that EVER existed. #truth #rva http://t.co/MKjx5FV

  8. there's your Negroni “@kieranwagner: @ChefJohnny @aaronhoskins With @hagglundmn at the helm, even water tastes better. http://t.co/SDpRrOp”

  9. Photo: Upgraded my headphones today. The Solo headphones couldn’t handle one night behind the decks. Enter... http://t.co/3QD4cXc

  10. Im over booked on every seating so far for #spoonOnePointOh.

  11. the new EP from The M Machine is pretttttty dope. #newmusic

  12. first time as a legit DJ tonight. Cute guy asked for my number. I guess its true, DJs get all the action.

  13. Such an awesome time tonight. My first set @2113rva was a huge success. Going to be playing Saturdays soon. Love you guys!!

  14. Johnny's on the decks tonight! Come on down! #rva #rvamusic (@ 2113 w/ 2 others) http://t.co/oHXmmkT

  15. Photo: New shirt. A nod to Biggie Smalls. (Taken with instagram) http://t.co/Ohpzz1d

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