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  1. I'm going to do a 30" Miele KM6365 induction top and put a 24" Miele Combi Steam Oven underneath. Eventually close up the window and put in a hood. We have a 10 foot blank wall where eventually some built-ins will go and a 30" oven.
  2. I want a 36", I think 30" fits the space better. Goes directly over the pull out fridge. Replacing the fridge with a 27" oven. I like Miele over the Bosch 30". I do like the half increment adjustments Bosch can do, but prefer Miele layout. Will put in a hood too. Cooking for myself, my wife, and eventual kid(s). Thank you! Appreciate any opinions!
  3. While I agree with that philosophy, don't think I'll have the counter top space. That is the cafe model. I may get the Profile model. However I'm also looking at Miele and Bosch so we'll see.
  4. The ability to link two burners together so that you can put a griddle down and evenly heat all of it. I'm also trying ro learn if in some it activates the entire area and therefore instead of a griddle I could fit say 3 small saucepans in the area to simmer together or something.
  5. Alright. It's been a wild 2 days. Lots of stress and whatnot. Think (at least for now) I have my kitchen figured out. Doing a 30" induction cook top. Thinking a GE Profile is the one. I like that it has a bridge in it. I'm open to other opinions. Reliability and a bridge are important to me.
  6. I did not go in depth into that site. That Viking looks great. Still looking for the Dakor. I did look at the Miele earlier. Thanks for your reply!
  7. Thank you so much Andie. I've been thinking of some conversations we had years ago about the BellaCopper diffusers that I wanted to eventually put over a gas range and use it as a warming area (somewhat like a French Top). Was looking forward to that until some issues with a house popped up and we are now looking at this other one. However, there is a propane tank in the house, so I may just go ahead with the Blue Star and use the propane tank. I just can't see getting rid of my copper pans for induction. Makes me sad.
  8. Hey Everyone, Wife and I are looking at homes to purchase and most we like have gas already in them and that's exactly what I want for the range. Already have a 36" Blue Star RNB 6 burner range picked out for when the time comes, but today we are actually looking at a house we really like that probably doesn't even have natural gas in the street. Electric stovetop there now that I would replace with an induction cooktop. As I was looking at having a 6 burner range I was hoping to find a 6 burner induction cooktop. No luck so far. I know you can buy induction units as single burners like the Mirage Pro, but I was hoping there would be something out there that would be more of a cooktop. Worst case I guess I buy something I like, like the Thermador Freedom induction top, and then buy 1 or 2 of the single induction tops when I need more than 4 pans. Anyway, haven't had to think about induction until these past 24 hours and wanted to reach out for some insight. Thank you so much and look forward to hearing some replies!
  9. Anybody take a look at Paul Bocuse's new book? It is massive and thorough. Lot of step by step pictures apparently for basic techniques and things along with a bunch of legitimate recipes. At over 700 pages I couldn't help but grab it for $60 pages. First I heard of it was today too. It seems to have a bunch of basic stuff I along with most of you probably already know how to do, but so far it seems to be so extensive that if I ever have a question about something, I'll be able to find the answer with detailed instructions and pictures there. Institut Paul Bocuse Gastronomique: The definitive step-by-step guide to culinary excellence
  10. SV Dry Aged Strip, Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables, Red Wine Sauce
  11. Maybe try twitter? They might pass it along. I just bought this book. Comes tomorrow. Looks like a great mix of high end dishes that are still actually able to be sourced and cooked. Any other opinions on it?
  12. No no no. I meant copper plates that will go over the griddle.
  13. Sorta. I do plan on eventually buying a long copper plate fitted to a section of my stove top. I'd either use it over two burners to act like a faux flat top or over the long griddle section that is common on a gas range stovetop (but hoping I don't end up with one of those). I've actually been in contact with someone who does this and was able to fit 5 pans on their copper plate and kept them all warm. It's a bit of an ingenious move.
  14. Souless. Yes. I'm with you there. Love that feeling of involvement with gas.
  15. Yes, flared. That is the word I was looking for. I absolutely love my 1 5/8 quart saucier. Can't wait to buy the big one.
  16. Thank you for the response. I love my gas stovetop and copper pans. Induction is appealing to me more so in the way that not every house I look into buying may have gas, so I could always install an induction since it would have electricity. But I think I'd prefer gas more.
  17. That's interesting. I have some Matfer Bourgeat copper that has rolled rims (although not that rolled like the pictures above), and that is definitely thick copper (2.5mm). I'm sure the older pans though are completely different though. Love my copper stuff and didn't even consider buying any of it until I had a gas stovetop. Completely wasted on electric coils. I also agree, it's all about "what is the best cookware for _____________" Mauviel and Matfer Bourgeat makes some of of the best pieces. Here is a great place to get Mauviel at a fantastic price - http://www.previninc.com/shop/Mauviel-Copper-Cookware.html And here is a place for Matfer Bourgeat - http://www.culinarycookware.com/matfer-bourgeat-copper-cookware.html
  18. agreed, some people tend to be knife enthusiasts who tend to cook rather than cooks who enjoy sharp knives.
  19. Wow. I can't remember reading a more condescending post. I'm shocked. You don't know me. You don't know who I am, what my kitchen looks like, or anything else about me. I simply posted about how I enjoy my knife. Years ago I got a set of Henkels 4 star knives. Great knives. Still have them, still keep them sharp. Why? Because I care about my things (and for safety). After using them a lot and my wife using them a lot I decided I wanted ONE really nice knife to use so that I could "beat up" my chef knife a little (not stress about cutting bones a little bit when deboning chickens, things like that, etc.) so I researched and ended up with the Konosuke HD2. Then I thought, you know what, if I am going to own such a wonderful knife, I better learn how to keep it sharp. So I did. Why? Because I care about my things (and safety). And that's it. It's the only japanese knife I own, it is the only "nicer" knife I own. I'm thinking about getting a 150mm petty knife as I find myself wishing I had one the more I work in my kitchen, so I guess I might be owning 2 japanese knives. Jeez, what will the world think of me... I wouldn't call myself a hobbyist because I own and take care of a nice knife. I also own an assortment of copper pans that, shocker, I take care of. Oh, and a nice end grain cutting board that, shocker again, I take care of. Oh and I buy good quality produce, meats, and fish, because I care about what I cook. I guess if anything, cooking is my, wait for it.........HOBBY! Who would have thought someone on eGullet would make cooking their hobby. And the argument that famous chefs don't use nice knives like a Konosuke so anyone who does must be a hobbyist is utterly ridiculous. You honestly don't think that Grant Achatz, Thomas Keller, David Chang, Sean Brock, and the like don't keep their knives extremely sharp? That is the first rule of being a competent cook; taking care of your equipment and keeping your knives sharp. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Morimoto probably has some pretty freaking sharp Japanese knives... Why the chefs need to be famous as a qualifier is beyond me, but if that is how you judge chefs, then ok, I don't want to assume anything as I don't know you. I apologize if I'm coming off a little brusque, but as I read your reply, for you to just completely write off what I said and make assumptions based on how I answered the question "how sharp do you need your kitchen knives to be", was just completely ridiculous and I felt the need to respond. I'm sure, as I've seen hundreds of your posts and can tell you are a very competent cook, that you take care of your cooking equipment in all of its forms. I do too. I like to cook and cooking is more fun when the things I have perform well/as they should. It helps me perform well too, and that helps my food taste better and my wife much happier. After all, she is married to someone who buys Japanese knives.
  20. I guess I thought that the induction cooktops interact with the pan and affect all of the metal (even going up the pan) so in my mind induction pans were completely evenly heated throughout (bottom and side). I guess only the bottom of the pans are heated by the cooktop and then the heat needs to spread to the sides of the pan. Copper makes sense then, especially to combat hot spots that I didn't really realize occured with induction tops.
  21. Rotuts, it's a Konosuke HD. That exact model is no longer made, but they now make a Konosuke HD2, which is what I own and love. It is crazy sharp and is a laser (crazy thin at the edge). Somewhat expensive, but I've loved every moment with it. http://www.chefknivestogo.com/kohdwa24.html
  22. I need/prefer my knives to be very sharp (scary sharp?). This past weekend I stropped my Konosuke HD2 of 1.25 years to a mirror finish and was able to perform the tomato test exactly as I did the day I got it. The knife is amazing and with proper stropping, I've never actually had to sharpen it on stones. It is unreal. I use it for produce and meat to whole watermelons and pineapples. There isn't much I don't use it for. In my mind here are the benefits of having a very sharp knife: A sharp knife makes me want to get in the kitchen more so than I already want to. It makes doing all of my prep an absolute joy. It makes everything look better as my cuts are more precise and even. It makes everything go quicker (and therefore even more enjoyable). A sharp knife is one of the best parts about cooking. It removes any thought that cooking is a chore and continues to make cooking an enjoyable after work activity. I disagree with the notion that crazy sharp knives are only for "hobbyist." If I gave my extremely sharp knife to my Mom, I doubt after using it she'd want to give it back. p.s. the tomato test (not me, but what I do as well) -
  23. So that copper induction pan really benefits from the copper? I thought induction pans benefit from the actual induction process and a bonus of using induction is that the cheap pans like the IKEA pans works just as well since you are using induction and not a flame. Pretty sure the guys at ChefSteps just use cheaper well built pans as they only cook on induction. I know a bunch of people who switched to induction and were thrilled they could just buy cheaper pans and still get wonderful results due to the induction cooktop. Maybe I am way off base though.
  24. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to alert those who would be interested in this pan. I just purchased it and still can't believe the price I paid. You can get it here for $290 after tax and shipping - http://www.previninc.com/shop/Mauviel-Copper-Fry%20Pans.html Still a lot to spend on a pan, but the best price by over $100 I've seen anywhere. Just wanted to pass it along to maybe the one or two people who would be interested. Or the one or two people who didn't know they needed it until just now. This pan has 2.5mm of copper so it is the real deal. Not the table presentation version. I ordered it Saturday and it arrived yesterday. Absolutely fantastic. If you're a fan of Matfer Bourgeat, as I am for everything but their fry pans, then I've found this place has the best prices for their stuff, with or without lids - http://www.culinarycookware.com/matfer-bourgeat-copper-cookware.html Hope this is helpful! edit: just realized how this may look. I am in no way affiliated with either of these companies. Just like saving myself money and hopefully others.
  25. I haven't read the above posts but this should be helpful - http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/sous-vide-time-and-temperature-guide
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