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  1. Yep have made that pizza plenty. I like hydration more in the 62-65%, but it’s been awhile since I’ve done a 58%.
  2. Thanks so much! Lot to digest here and I’ll be sure to re read it all. Wanted to quickly reply re: Neapolitan. I’ve been making nothing but Neapolitan pizzas for over a year and love them. Have also experimented and made Canotto style. Love it. All I was saying was I enjoyed the artisan dough so much I’m going to make more artisan pizzas now. I love Neapolitan pizzas, have gotten very good at making them, and will be making dough today actually for pizza tomorrow. I also really like the Mod Pizza recipe and their high hydration recipe for Neapolitan. I use the Caputo Blue, Caputo Super Nuvola, and Caputo Nuvola. Using Caputo Nuvola today. I’ll check out that non-Caputo flour you recommended!
  3. Thanks for this. Do you have any brands or mills you like and recommend?
  4. Cairnspring has wonderful high protein flour available online @Chris Hennesif you want to check it out. Host's note: for more discussion about sources and types of flour preferred for homemade pizza, see this topic: Preferred flours for homemade pizza dough
  5. Yeah this dough is good for 3-5 days after their recommended time. Especially Artisan dough, it’s so good. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. I really love their Artisan dough. Once these flours I ordered come in tomorrow and Thanksgiving is over I’m going to have a lot of fun with this dough. Pizza looks good! I may nees to try these toppings.
  7. Good question and one I’m working on. I think the cornicione is where the difference is greatest. NY - Artisan - Artisan is going to puff up more with an airier cornicione. NY is going to be denser with not as large of a rise around the rim. I’m still learning and baking so that may be a very surface level of the differences, but it’s a start. edit: one more thing I just thought of. Artisan pizzas take their inspiration from bread making so Artisan pizzas will use a mix of single grain flours and whole wheat much more. Pizza like Dan Richer’s at Razza specifically comes to mind. So for the Artisan recipe I will definitely be messing around with flours much more than I would with the NY, as that isn’t in the style of NY.
  8. Robenco15

    Dinner 2021

    Hosted a Friendsgiving tonight. Was good. Smoked the crown, SV the legs. Made sourdough dinner rolls. A jus gras instead of a traditional gravy and then some staples I do every year.
  9. The most noticeable difference would be the height of the sides being taller in an al taglio pan then a sheet pan. The al taglio pan being made of steel vs. an aluminum sheet pan also affects the results when making an al taglio pizza. Would a sheet pan produce a serviceable pizza? Of course, but would a steel al taglio pan made for al taglio pizzas produce a better result? I’d say so. I’m going to be making al taglio pizza in two quarter al taglio pans and a sheet pan at some point. I’ll definitely post results. @Chris HennesI’m sure a detroit pan works well enough for when you want a longer pizza.
  10. @weinoothey’d work, but an al taglio pan made specifically for that style is better.
  11. I’m going to get two quarter al taglio pans (13x6) and just cut the recipe in half. I’m also going to buy an 18x13 sheet pan dedicated for focaccia and NY square pizza. Was considering a Lloyd Grandma Pan at 16x12 but I think the size isn’t where I want it to be.
  12. @Chris Hennesdo you have an Al Taglio pan? Thought I had it figured out but I don’t believe my oven is wide enough to fit a half size or full size pan (they’re the same length). I believe 23.6” is too tight.
  13. Ah my mistake. Your bad pizza take is slightly less bad.
  14. First, I don't disagree with what you think. Totally valid opinion. I can't speak for @Chris Hennes, but apart from using my previous knowledge of sourdough pizzas, I haven't played around with any other of their recipes (apart from messing around with flour choices which one time actually screwed me because I went against the book). The two pizzas above is their Neapolitan Dough Master Recipe to the letter and they were fantastic. The Artisan Dough and NY Dough are PERFECT. I'm not sure I'll ever need another dough recipe for those styles. They've also converted me away from Neapolitan I think. I'm looking forward to going deep into the Artisan pizza making game. The only thing I find that can be different is possibly the RT proof times. My kitchen runs cold so I need to go a few hours longer than what they recommend. With so many variables in baking it's tough to follow any recipe exactly and get proper results unless you are in a professional kitchen. Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery would suffer from the same problem. Just gotta use your intuition. Fortunately it's usually just a matter of extending a proof time here or there. In terms regards to their pizza rankings, I mean, who cares? It's just one more list of pizza rankings. I really appreciate their thoughts as a starting point, but whatever. I live in CT. I've had New Haven pizza a lot. They are completely right about the burnt crust they complained about. It's still awesome pizza. Aren't you the guy who said nothing green belongs on a pizza? ; )
  15. Went flat as the fermentation never really took off. Reballing gives it a chance to get its shit together, for lack of a better term. But in this case it was a lost cause. None of them worked. Recipe just isn’t good. No need to put them in a 39F fridge after such a short bulk. Next time I’ll just follow the Master Recipe fermentation schedule and it’ll come out perfectly. Luckily I did make the Master Recipe last night just in case this happened and it was fantastic. Nuvola flour is great. Marinara and Margarita
  16. Well after 24 hours out of the fridge and two reballings, the sourdoughs look spot on. Looking forward to comparing Super Nuvola vs. Nuvola.
  17. All that makes sense. I actually really enjoy the Mod Pizza content, but indexing I can see. Bit of a pain. I really enjoyed Mod Cuisine @ Home and have the Mod Cuisine Kitchen Manual and have cooked from that with great results so I’m a fan of their work. I’ll actually be getting Mod Bread for Christmas after how much I’ve enjoyed Mod Pizza. All that other stuff you mention is totally reasonable, just doesn’t bother me as much. Have not listened to the podcast, but probaby won’t. Have a lot of other podcasts I enjoy and need to keep up on.
  18. The Chef and Pizzeria are both great. If you’re working in a home oven at 550F tops Chef is what you want, if you don’t want bread flour. Pizzeria works better than Chef at the high heat a pizza oven like the Ooni puts out. Both are good though and using one instead of the other isn’t a huge deal. Home ovens I’d stick with bread flour and other artisanal flours like the stuff from Cairnspring or Central Milling. I’ve been really enjoying the Artisan pizza dough more than the Neapolitan and have some fun flours coming to me from Cairnspring. I don’t love Dan Richer’s new pizza book, but it did show me how finding a really good and different flour can make for an exceptional pizza experience. Meanwhile I’m currently bulk fermenting the Mod Pizza Neapolitan dough with Caputo Nuvola for the first time so definitely curious to see how it goes tomorrow night. Pretty sure my Levain dough is a dud. No reason to put it in a refrigerator. Basically kills it.
  19. Made the Levain Neapolitan dough today. Did a 4hr bulk ferment at 75F before balling. Honestly still not sure it was enough based on how it balled up. Sourdough starter doughs, at least pizza, in my experience really need long RTfermenting to get going. I honestly think following the fermentation steps for their Master Neapolitan dough would probably give great results. I guess I’ll find out Tuesday how this goes.
  20. 7qts of Turkey stock made with chicken stock combined with last year’s Turducken stock. Enough for gravy and to save some to add into next year’s turkey stock. It’s an infinity stock I guess?
  21. Ok cool. My range has a double oven so the bottom oven is already smaller than a standard one. I’ll start with that and take it from there. Thanks!
  22. Oh ok that’s Keller’s hack from Bouchon Bakery I believe. I’m curious what hacks Modernist Bread may have. The bread I’ve done is in a dutch oven so I spray it with water before putting the lid on and baking. Ice cubes seem to be another clever way of introducing steam.
  23. …could you elaborate? I’d like to not do this to my oven…
  24. Last question as I’m making this dough tomorrow. Did you follow the recipe exactly? “20 min. bench rest and then shaped into balls and into the fridge”? I have found sourdough pizza dough that gets a cold ferment benefits from a RT bulk ferment between 2 and 4 hours. It gives the levain a chance to get going. Too soon into the fridge and it never gets a chance to develop.
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