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  1. My GE Monogram measure to 20.75” I’d guess once I raise the steel above the back of the oven rack (has a lip to keep you from pushing a pot off the back when it’s pulled out.
  2. Figured out I can fit a 20” pizza in my oven so here I am making a legitimate NY style pizza to 20” and it’s incredible. The trick is a pizza screen (gasp!) on top of the steel to help set the bottom and crust for the first 3-4 minutes and then sliding it off and putting it directly onto my 16x16 steel for the final 4-5 minutes. This was the Mod Pizza NY Master Dough with Poolish with the hydration brought down to 62%. Dough ball was 982g, so still too big. Going to multiply everything by 0.8 and see where we are there. Snapped my pizza cutter 🤣 worthy pizza to lose it on!
  3. Interesting. I do above 65% somewhat frequently. 75% was the most before this one. Probably won’t go past 75%.
  4. 85% Hydration Sourdough This is the high hydration Artisan Dough from Mod Pizza, subbed poolish for sourdough and let it bulk at 85F for 3 hours before cold fermenting for 48 hours. Balled it and then let it sit at RT for 4 hours before baking. 50% Trailblazer 50% KA Bread Flour I baked these in the Ooni, but maybe would have benefited from the steel in the oven. Crispier exterior would have been nice.
  5. More L’Industrie inspired pizza. This one is 75% Cairnspring Mills Glacier Peak and 25% Caputo Nuvola at 65% hydration with a Poolish pre-ferment made from Glacier Peak. Recipe is a modified Mod Pizza NY Style Master Dough. Eventually I’ll get some Petra flour and really have a go at replicating their pizza. L’Industrie isn’t using Cairnspring Mills 😆(and neither should you now that they’ve gotten rid of free shipping). Topped with burrata, basil, olive oil, and parmesan (and looks like my wife did a sprinkle of oregano). Bianco Dinapoli Rustic Crush tomatoes (much better than their 28oz cans) blended with 1% salt for the sauce and Caputo Bros Creamery Fior di Pizza. Was delicious. The second one was even better, but I never took a picture of it 😂 Made a High Hydration Artisan dough today with my sourdough starter. That should be good on Tuesday. Have also made some stellar Neapolitans with Biga. Really disappointed Mod Pizza ignored Biga, but fortunately there is plenty out there already.
  6. Working on replicating L’Industrie. Not very close yet. Used Mod Pizza’s direct dough brought down to 62%. 75% CM Hi Protein and 25% Caputo Nuvola for the flour. Next time going to use thier NY style with the poolish (Master Recipe) and bring it to 65% with similar flour ratios.
  7. @Chris Young So this has been interesting me more and more. I don’t use thermometers a lot to cook apart from smoking in my BGE. For that I have multiple Thermoworks thermometers. Are you guys finding this to be so amazing that if you owned other Thermowork thermometers you’d still want it? I’m planning on doing a massive prime rib for Christmas and this thermometer would be the first time I’d probably really use it apart from a few things just to play with. Is it worth waiting until December to order? Better version coming out? Thanks for any input!
  8. Kenji doing a NYC pizza tour on instagram. I need to get to l’Industrie
  9. I’m making a watermelon feta salad tomorrow and compressing half of the watermelon for a variety of texture and color. Compressing fruit and making pizza dough has been a lot of fun with it.
  10. Wow, thanks so much! Will read through this a few times and decide how best I want to go about it. It takes 30-40 seconds for a cycle so approximately 2 minutes to run 4 cycles? I just did it for a back up sheet pan pizza. Mixed water, yeast, SD discard, salt, oil, and flour by hand until it was all together, threw it in the loaf pan and into the vac chamber. Took it out after 4 cycles, balled it, and put it back in a cambro to bulk.
  11. Oh I absolutely understand the concept of no knead. Was amazed how quickly and efficiently the chamber vac method worked. Was my first time trying it. In terms of the Al Taglio, the pizza dough just went in the oven. Your comment was 5 minutes too late haha! No worries though, will proceed as planned and tomorrow brings what it brings. All a learning opportunity. Hell, if this pizza dough doesn’t come out of the pan today I’m making sheet pan pizzas tomorrow I guess and this was just a massive waste of flour.
  12. Thoughts on baking the Al Taglio dough without sauce Friday afternoon and then topping and reheating in the oven Saturday afternoon?
  13. So I bought a 10x5x3 loaf pan that fits in my chamber vac perfectly. I mixed 1kg of the Mod Pizza neapolitan pizza dough in my cambro (dissolving the salt into the water before adding the flour), took the shaggy dough and put it in the loaf pan and into the vac chamber. 4 cycles at max vacuum and I was pulling a window pane and fully developed the gluten. No need to get the kitchenaid out at all and run it for 10-12 minutes and stress the motor. Holy shit. This is a game changer.
  14. Bought the Avid Armor USVX and am thrilled with it.
  15. Oh you’re good. I was just following the instructions that came with it. Either way, it’s seasoned now. Going to have another go at a pizza today.
  16. My only thought is it works in a 600+ pizza oven, but not so much in a home oven. I did learn course salt pops and explodes at 550F.
  17. I seasoned the pan 3 times today at 550F for an hour. Each time with a 2 hour cool down before coating again and baking. Going to make another pizza tomorrow. Will see how it goes.
  18. Have an Avid Armor USVX chamber vacuum arriving tomorrow. Going to have to figure out how to best fit the dough in it, but looking forward to trying it out. Could I put the dough in a bag? Chamber is too small for any bowl/cambro, but I can fit a 10x13 bag.
  19. Directions to do it came with the pan. Had never heard of it before.
  20. Yeah saw those after the fact. Oh well. Some people are into that.
  21. Moved into a new home (well I bought my childhood home) and got a 30” GE Monogram range. It’s awesome. To my delight it also fits a full size blue steel Al Taglio pan (24”x16”)! The pan arrived unseasoned in its raw blue steel form. Two choices to season it. The normal way with oil (smells up the house) or put 4lbs of course sea salt in it and bake at 500+ for 5 minutes off and on 4 times. I went with the salt method as that seemed easiest. Then I made the Direct High Hydration Al Taglio dough. Pretty straightforward, but @Chris Hennes, how did it go when you added the additional water? I had to stop the mixer and knead the dough by hand in the bowl for a few minutes to help the water absorb. Then after adding the oil and allowing it to absorb, I put the mixer on high, but it never really came together in a ball. High hydration is annoying with a dumb stand mixer. The 2.5 hour bulk with folding every 30 minutes helped a ton though and everything else proceeded fine. I decided to top it how I do a Grandma pie as my wife really likes that and I think it would go over well for an upcoming party so it was oil, romano cheese, provolone, sauce, romano cheese, and oil. After 15 minutes of baking while sitting on my new 16”x16” 3/8” thick baking steel (love this thicker one!) it came out looking great. Unfortunately, the salt seasoning was a complete bust and the thing stuck like crazy. I had to slide a spatula underneath all of it to get it to release. Was pretty miserable after spending 6.5 hours on this (and I started at 4pm! Ha! I’m an idiot!) All that said, the pizza I salvaged was actually pretty unbelievable. I’ve never had a pizza with such a crispy and crunchy bottom and light and airy crumb (obviously the parts that didn’t stick to the pan). The Al Taglio blue steel pan really made a difference compared to sheet pan pizzas I’ve done in the past. Tomorrow I’m going to clean the pan and season it with a light coating of oil and bake at 550 convection for an hour. Smell be damned, I’m going to get this right.
  22. Any more impressions/reviews on this? Thinking it could be a good bday gift idea.
  23. I really need to bite the bullet and get a truffle so I can have a 3-5 days or just amazing meals no matter what I make as I’d just shave truffles all over it.
  24. Thick crust. It’s not too bad with a spicy tomato sauce. What’s your Jabugo story?
  25. As an elementary school teacher, I may prefer the cafeteria pizza over this (not a judgement on you, just the style). The cheese pizza doesn’t look bad honestly, just bready af. I may make this though just to check it our for myself.
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