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  1. I really enjoy this expansive book of his from his institute. Everything has a picture that goes wil each instruction and it is incredibly thorough. May not be my most used book, but it is a wonderful book to have on hand. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0600634175/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1516462334&sr=8-2&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=paul+bocuse&dpPl=1&dpID=41Q-V01aa5L&ref=plSrch
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    Dinner 2018

    My first go at homemade ramen (aside from the noodles). Shuyo Ramen from Japanese Soul Cooking. Amazing book.
  3. Hey everyone, I posted this in the Japan forum but I wanted to see if I could get more eyes on it. I want to start bringing the influences of Japan and Kaiseki into my cooking and had some quick questions. Is Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant still the best book on Kaiseki cooking? I know it is a restaurant cookbook, but looks like it also gives the general basis for Kaiseki cooking and what exactly Kaiseki cooking is a modern sense. Has anyone apart from Jo read the Japanese Culinary Academy books? Volume 1 and 2 interest me the most, starting with volume 1. I know Volume 1 touches on Kaiseki as well. Thank you!
  4. Hey everyone, I wanted to comment on this very old thread as I also want to start bringing the influences of Japan and Kaiseki into my cooking and had some quick questions. Is this Kaiseki cookbook mentioned in the beginning still the best book on Kaiseki cooking? I know it is a restaurant cookbook, but looks like it also gives the general basis for modern day Kaiseki cooking. Are there other sources out there? More recent? Has anyone apart from Jo read the Japanese Culinary Academy books? Volume 1 and 2 interest me the most, starting with volume 1. Does that contain mich Kaiseki info? Thank you!
  5. ...if I had a steam oven. Cool professionalhobbit! In the Relae book they also talk of using purified water.
  6. Anyone here cook with distilled water? Know anything about doing so? Recently got a cpap machine for my sleep apnea and need to use distilled water for the humidifier. Figured I could put the gallons of water to other use too.
  7. Hello everyone, Switching from gas to induction (new home) and I am very excited about induction. I'm also mourning the loss of my 2 Mauviel Fry Pans and Matfer Bourgeat saucier. However, I've since found that the De Buyer Prima Matera line exists and that is making this change much easier. I will definitely be buying a new 1.8qt saucier, 5qt saute pan, and two 1.2qt sauce pans in the Prima Matera line. I think all of those pans benefit immensely from the copper. I'm between going with the 32cm Prima Matera fry pan (I understand it runs smaller) and the 11inch Demeyere Proline 5-Star though. I've used copper for a few years now and when it comes to fry pans, I'd say that would be the only type of pan that may not need the benefits of copper as much as the others (though I freaking love my Mauviel fry pans and they do amazing things). I wanted to see if anyone could help me out in comparing these two. I understand the thicknesses are different, but one is aluminum compared to the copper. While it is frustrating that the Prima Matera line is only 1.8mm of copper compared to the 2.5mm I'm used to, in general, would anyone say that given I'll be using them on an induction cooktop - I should worry about their performance? Is 1.8mm of copper still better off than the 3.7mm of the aluminum on an induction top? Don't worry about the expense of these pans. Just want performance opinions. If you know of pans better than these please chime in! The Prima Matera line looks pretty unbeatable though.
  8. I'm going to do a 30" Miele KM6365 induction top and put a 24" Miele Combi Steam Oven underneath. Eventually close up the window and put in a hood. We have a 10 foot blank wall where eventually some built-ins will go and a 30" oven.
  9. I want a 36", I think 30" fits the space better. Goes directly over the pull out fridge. Replacing the fridge with a 27" oven. I like Miele over the Bosch 30". I do like the half increment adjustments Bosch can do, but prefer Miele layout. Will put in a hood too. Cooking for myself, my wife, and eventual kid(s). Thank you! Appreciate any opinions!
  10. While I agree with that philosophy, don't think I'll have the counter top space. That is the cafe model. I may get the Profile model. However I'm also looking at Miele and Bosch so we'll see.
  11. The ability to link two burners together so that you can put a griddle down and evenly heat all of it. I'm also trying ro learn if in some it activates the entire area and therefore instead of a griddle I could fit say 3 small saucepans in the area to simmer together or something.
  12. Alright. It's been a wild 2 days. Lots of stress and whatnot. Think (at least for now) I have my kitchen figured out. Doing a 30" induction cook top. Thinking a GE Profile is the one. I like that it has a bridge in it. I'm open to other opinions. Reliability and a bridge are important to me.
  13. I did not go in depth into that site. That Viking looks great. Still looking for the Dakor. I did look at the Miele earlier. Thanks for your reply!
  14. Thank you so much Andie. I've been thinking of some conversations we had years ago about the BellaCopper diffusers that I wanted to eventually put over a gas range and use it as a warming area (somewhat like a French Top). Was looking forward to that until some issues with a house popped up and we are now looking at this other one. However, there is a propane tank in the house, so I may just go ahead with the Blue Star and use the propane tank. I just can't see getting rid of my copper pans for induction. Makes me sad.
  15. Hey Everyone, Wife and I are looking at homes to purchase and most we like have gas already in them and that's exactly what I want for the range. Already have a 36" Blue Star RNB 6 burner range picked out for when the time comes, but today we are actually looking at a house we really like that probably doesn't even have natural gas in the street. Electric stovetop there now that I would replace with an induction cooktop. As I was looking at having a 6 burner range I was hoping to find a 6 burner induction cooktop. No luck so far. I know you can buy induction units as single burners like the Mirage Pro, but I was hoping there would be something out there that would be more of a cooktop. Worst case I guess I buy something I like, like the Thermador Freedom induction top, and then buy 1 or 2 of the single induction tops when I need more than 4 pans. Anyway, haven't had to think about induction until these past 24 hours and wanted to reach out for some insight. Thank you so much and look forward to hearing some replies!
  16. Anybody take a look at Paul Bocuse's new book? It is massive and thorough. Lot of step by step pictures apparently for basic techniques and things along with a bunch of legitimate recipes. At over 700 pages I couldn't help but grab it for $60 pages. First I heard of it was today too. It seems to have a bunch of basic stuff I along with most of you probably already know how to do, but so far it seems to be so extensive that if I ever have a question about something, I'll be able to find the answer with detailed instructions and pictures there. Institut Paul Bocuse Gastronomique: The definitive step-by-step guide to culinary excellence
  17. SV Dry Aged Strip, Roasted Potatoes, Steamed Vegetables, Red Wine Sauce
  18. Maybe try twitter? They might pass it along. I just bought this book. Comes tomorrow. Looks like a great mix of high end dishes that are still actually able to be sourced and cooked. Any other opinions on it?
  19. No no no. I meant copper plates that will go over the griddle.
  20. Sorta. I do plan on eventually buying a long copper plate fitted to a section of my stove top. I'd either use it over two burners to act like a faux flat top or over the long griddle section that is common on a gas range stovetop (but hoping I don't end up with one of those). I've actually been in contact with someone who does this and was able to fit 5 pans on their copper plate and kept them all warm. It's a bit of an ingenious move.
  21. Souless. Yes. I'm with you there. Love that feeling of involvement with gas.
  22. Yes, flared. That is the word I was looking for. I absolutely love my 1 5/8 quart saucier. Can't wait to buy the big one.
  23. Thank you for the response. I love my gas stovetop and copper pans. Induction is appealing to me more so in the way that not every house I look into buying may have gas, so I could always install an induction since it would have electricity. But I think I'd prefer gas more.
  24. That's interesting. I have some Matfer Bourgeat copper that has rolled rims (although not that rolled like the pictures above), and that is definitely thick copper (2.5mm). I'm sure the older pans though are completely different though. Love my copper stuff and didn't even consider buying any of it until I had a gas stovetop. Completely wasted on electric coils. I also agree, it's all about "what is the best cookware for _____________" Mauviel and Matfer Bourgeat makes some of of the best pieces. Here is a great place to get Mauviel at a fantastic price - http://www.previninc.com/shop/Mauviel-Copper-Cookware.html And here is a place for Matfer Bourgeat - http://www.culinarycookware.com/matfer-bourgeat-copper-cookware.html
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