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  1. So this Rossa is no joke. Absolutely LOVED it. My God. Used the Neapolitan dough and it was perfect, maybe a little too charred on the section I cropped out of the photo 😆. I did mostly shredded Parmesan and then reserved some slices and put them on with the pistachios so I got a little of both. Looking forward to making this one again and again.
  2. Direct Artisan dough is probably the best. All three of these were made with 80% Cairnspring Mills Glacier Peak and 20% Cairnspring Mills Trailblazer. Prosciutto with Manchego and Goat Cheese Topped with Arugula and a Fig Balsamic Glaze Potato, Shallot, and Rosemary with Ricotta Inspired by Sally’s 3 cheese pizza, Mozzarella, Ricotta, and Manchego Getting the Koda 16 finely dialed in for these was a touch of a challenge but not too bad. MUCH better than a baking steel in an oven. The Potato pie needs some salt sprinkled over the ricotta and the three cheese needs something else. Probably red pepper flakes. The Prosciutto was awesome. The direct Artisan dough does not disappoint. Next I’ll do it with sourdough and not over proof it.
  3. Artisan Dough made with my rye sourdough starter. 80% Glacier Peak, 20% Trailblazer. For the first time in over a year I used my baking steel instead of Koda 16. Remembered quickly the drawbacks of an oven and steel. Browning of the crust was not where it needed to be. Koda 16 does such a better job (and it obviously should). Everything else was great! This was pesto chicken and onion.
  4. Yes, that one is definitely my favorite, but because I made Neapolitan pizzas only, for over a year, it’s a nice change of pace. I also use bread baking techniques I’ve learned and single variety flours in making it so it’s a lot of fun. Compare that to NY Style and Neapolitan that have so many rules governing them. So I’ve done the direct dought the most and it is great. Their master recipe uses Poolish and while it definitely adds some complexity and a beautiful cornicione, if I’m going to do their Master recipe I’m just going to use my sourdough starter. The high hydration was great, but can’t say I noticed a huge difference (only have done it once though so sample size is small) and given the hassle of working with a high hydration dough, I probably won’t do it again anytime soon.
  5. I made 5 sourdough Neapolitans ranging from 60% hydration to 70% hydration and the high hydration (84%) Artisan dough leavened with sourdough starter. All came out well. The 60% Neapolitans were better than the 70% and the Artisan dough is still king. No pics because I was busy making them all, but none were that photogenic anyway. I may experiment with the amount of dough relaxer for the Neapolitans as I’m not finding it as easy as I’d like to work with. Also trying to dial in the sourdough. Did a mix of Forkish and Mod Pizza and that’s probably why the results weren’t stellar. Really liking the Artisan results with the Ooni Koda 16.
  6. No. Mod Pizza has their recommendations and I’ve seen everything from 240g-285g for a Neapolitan 12” pizza elsewhere. I believe Mod Pizza is 400g for 14”, 600g for 14” and 1kg for 20”, but that’s off the top of my head.
  7. Almost worth paying the same to not have to deal with a 50lb bag of flour lol
  8. Still doing 300g on a steel? Liking the All Trumps? Had to go with a 50lb bag? Shots of the bottom?
  9. Yep saw that. Wish his book was more about his restaurant pizza and not so much about pizza at home. I read it and returned it. He is the reason I got involved with Cairnspring Mills flour so I appreciate that.
  10. NY pizzas are cooked 550-650. Quicker cook, better caramelization, better crust, better bottom. No interest in using your Koda 16? I get great results with it, just takes some finesse.
  11. Not hotter? Convection auto adjust on or off? My oven has that. I’d do 500 at least. 550 to start. Preheat steel for an hour.
  12. How are you cooking it? Koda 16? Preheat level and time? Doing the low flame thing? How about opening the skin? Top of dough ball becomes bottom of pizza? This video is helpful - I didn’t find the 400g dough ball to be a problem, but definitely something worth looking at. Enjoy this week!
  13. Alright, it’s been an educational two weeks and I think as far as my basic education is concerned, I’m there. I decided to switch to an all rye starter so for this boule I used all 223g of my wheat starter that I began November 2020. One last hurrah you might say. Using the knowledge from Modernist Bread and a Food Geek YouTube video to assist with shaping, along with a dough calculator just to check myself (ai hate math), I basically came up with this sourdough boule on my own. It is 1.2kg, 74% hydration, 223g of starter, and 100% Cairnspring Glacier Peak Bread Flour. @scott123, the foil under the steel has basically fixed all concerns with the steel. I accidentally forgot to drop the temp of the oven from 500F to 470F and cooked it covered for 45 minutes at 500F. Fortunately it was a 1.2kg boule, but still, the bottom never burned! That crumb? That’s the stuff. I think from here I’ll get into high extraction flour and start uping that hydration.
  14. Today’s boule. Ear is good. Crumb is good. It’s getting there. Going to preheat my steel for 15 more minutes next time (45 total). This was mixed in a stand mixer to full gluten development. Then put in a cambro and bulk fermented at 86F for almost 3 hours until it rose 50%. Then preshaped, rested, shaped, and put into a banetton and into the fridge for 25 hours (when I got home from work). Launched at 500F, covered, dropped oven to 470F, 40 minutes, uncovered for 5 more.
  15. Best crumb yet and I figured out why my boules are going flat. Linen in the banetton was too taunt, so it was shaping a shallow boule.
  16. Haven’t gotten the Ooni out in awhile. Go wander over to “Cooking from Modernist Bread” in the Pastry section and you’ll understand why. Anyway, made Mod Pizza’s Neapolitan dough with Caputo Nuvola. May never use another flour for Neapolitan pizzas that only ferment for 24 hours. Used some shredded moz and Būf Mozzarella I had in the fridge. Sauce is just Bianco DiNapoli tomatoes and salt. Simple pizza tonight. Nice to see after almost 2 months I’ve still got it!
  17. Used Mod Bread baking times and temps on this one. Things are falling into place. Need to get that crumb open.
  18. Another sourdough boule from Mod Bread. This time King Arthur Bread Flour, nothing fancy. Also went awhile in the fridge (24 hours?), so I ended up with some great blistering. Lastly, forgot to do the 20 minute rest after shaping it. Put it right in the banetton and into the fridge. Making Thomas Keller’s recipe from Bouchon Bakery right now to bake tomorrow.
  19. 75% butter Brioche This may be my favorite thing I’ve done. It’s incredible and really easy. The only difficulty part is the bake. It seems to be impossible to keep the top from getting super dark while baking it all the way through. You can see a slightly undercooked ring (still tastes awesome) which will be easily solved by putting the Pullman loaf pan directly on the baking steel (no preheat after it comes to temp). I might make this dough again to bake for Sunday. Making sourough bomboloni doughnuts tomorrow night (not Mod Bread recipe). edit: made for pretty incredible ham and cheese melts
  20. Made the sourdough again. This time with 30% Glacier Peak and 70% Expresso T85. Used my 120% rye starter, but forgot it was 120% so when I added additional water to bring the dough to 75% I actually brought it to 77.6%. It got a little flat right out of the banetton and I don’t think the second score I added (for some reason) helped it any. Baking steel was 490F when launched. Baked at 500F for 5 minutes, then 464F for 15 minutes, then 20 minutes at 428F, and 20 minutes at 392F, with the last 5 minutes uncovered. Tasted great. In sad news I accidentally fed my 100% rye starter with wwf. I guess I’ll feed 10g of it with 100g of rye when I refresh it, and do that probably one more time, but kinda annoyed with myself to be honest.
  21. So just evaluating as I make the 75% butter brioche, I’d say 2 is low, 4/5 is medium and 6/7 is medium high. I’m at 6 right now for Mod Bread’s medium high and it’s terrifying enough for me.
  22. I remembered I owned Bouchon Bakery so I took a look. This looks good.
  23. Successfully removing brioche from its hot loaf pan for that final 5 minutes of cooking on a rack lined sheet pan can apparently be a challenge 😆 The one side snagged and tore and it immediately deflated. Still going to taste incredible. I may make one tomorrow I enjoyed that so much.
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