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  1. Haven’t tried it yet but will have to soon!
  2. So the recipe this pizza is inspired by is actually pretty doable and less involved. Not sure there is a written recipe online but it’s been on a few pizza shows and it’s pretty easy to follow along. YouTube probably has clips of it.
  3. It’s sauce, fior di latte, hot Sopressata pre-bake, and then finished with basil leaves and a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey. For the one pictured I decided to put the basil on the sauce and then the cheese over the basil and then the sopressata before baking. Then finished with the drizzle.
  4. My last 82% dough ball was great. Made this Friday and it still came out great tonight, Sunday night. This is a Bee Sting and it’s outrageously good. The Modernist Neapolitan tomato sauce is great. Kinda reminds me of Lunchables pizza in its consistency.
  5. Looking forward to making this. How was the marinara sauce process? Reading it even seemed a bit tedious
  6. I figured but didn’t feel like experimenting the first time around
  7. Yeah I tweeted them right after this. In my experience if it isn’t a praising tweet or something similar they don’t bother.
  8. Made the Modernist Neapolitan Pizza Tomato Sauce just now for tomorrow night. Looks great. I usually add 2% EVOO but didn’t this time in case it’d mess with the Xanthan Gum. Wish there was a way to contact them with minor questions like this.
  9. 82% went better this time around. Amazing what happens when you use the correct flour. Super Nuvola takes the characteristics of a higher hydration dough so at 82% it was just way too much. This is the first one out of the oven so I took a pic so I didn’t forget. Not bad. I need to keep practicing.
  10. Awesome man! Yes, the dough is difficult. I’m using Caputo Pizzeria (blue bag), but not sure the difference is much in that regard. Did you make a higher amount of the pregelatanized flour so you had 150g? The first time due to wastage I only got 131g. The second time I doubled the pregel recipe so I easily got 150g. Were you able to get it to window pane? The paddle attachment helps a lot. I’m doing it for lunch tomorrow and for 4 dough balls I’d like to get one good one, lol. Takes practice. For shaping the balls some cold water on your hands helps a lot. Then when it comes to opening the skins, yeah, a ton of flour.
  11. Did another 82% hydration. This time with Caputo Pizzeria (instead or Super Nuvola) and the full 150g of pregelatanized flour. What a difference. Still needed the paddle attachment to get me to the window pane, but so much better. Excited for tomorrow night. Here’s a bbq rib pizza from a few months ago.
  12. 82% hydration is tough. I’m going to be giving it another go tomorrow and cook on Friday while actually following the recipe exactly. No pics of that. 62% was great and easy. A very solid recipe. The meat tenderizer seemed to help. Also first time making the sauce with the packing liquid and was good. Not sure I’m going to continue that. May open to cans, strain, and puree the tomatoes to a thin consistency before adding 1% salt and 2% EVOO. Going to make it again for Sunday and use Caputo Super Nuvola flour instead of Caputo Pizzeria. Not a great pic but was a busy night making 8 pizzas. Happy I remembered to take one.
  13. You can push in the Ooni knob when it is on high and slowly turn it clockwise (as if you’re turning it off) to get a super low flame. Completely safe. I believe Ooni has even signed off on this “hack.”
  14. Balled the high hydration Neapolitan. Wasn’t easy but I should get some pizzas out of them. Because of that I made the MCP Neapolitan dough as well so I’ll be eating pizza tomorrow regardless of hydration.
  15. I’m honestly a bit bummed/annoyed Biga doughs weren’t covered at all. Really weird to completely ignore something pretty popular when it comes to Neapolitan pizza. Also shoutout Kitchen Arts and Letters. Got it from them for $400, but they threw in a $50 gift card so I was able to get some more cookbooks (including another pizza book, lol) I wanted. Shipped quickly, sent a book plate signed by the authors, and are hosting a Zoom class with the authors in November. Great place.
  16. I got this last week and am loving it. Haven’t gotten around to starting a recipe until tonight though. Tonight I did the Neapolitan High Hydration dough. It wasn’t easy as it took me too long to figure out that using the paddle first would help it knead better when I switch over to the dough hook. I was hopeful the pregelatinized flour technique would bake it easier than in the past when I’d make high hydration doughs, but I’m not sure it helped. All that said, I guess I should clarify that it makes 150g of the pregel, after wastage I only got 131g so next time I’m going to make a larger amount to account for wastage and get me to that 150g mark. I also used Caputo Super Nuvola so that probably is another (I hope) reason it didn’t come together as easily. That said, it did come together and looks great. The only way I’m differing is after the 24 hour bulk and then split into balls, I’m going to put the balls in the fridge for 18 hours, then reball, and let go for 2-3 hours at room temp (like it originally calls for). Gotta work around…work. This one isn’t from MCP but wanted to share at least one pic of a pizza I made. I’m also really excited to try the Tokyo Marinara recipe.
  17. Yeah that’s it. I’ve been cooking that for years. Not looking for help cooking it, was just curious about the use of raw alcohol in the brine.
  18. Ah, I see. On the whiter side? I’ve never thought about it. Store bought two to a package tenderloins. Nothing fancy/special.
  19. Technically he refers to it as a brine so I wonder if the intent is different than a marinade. It calls for 1/4 cup salt to go along with the cup of whiskey and another cup of honey and mustard mixture.
  20. So I’ll admit, I’m basing my information off Thomas Keller and his French Laundry cookbook when he discusses red wine marinade for meat. He says alcohol will toughen the exterior of the meat and slightly cook it. Maybe he’s wrong? The more I research the more I’m finding conflicting info.
  21. A pork brine from Gray Kunz’s Elements of Taste calls for a cup of whiskey, then differing amounts of mustard, honey, salt, and paprika. No water. Combine all of that and then pour over pork tenderloin medallions and allow to brine in the refrigerator overnight. My understanding has always been that raw alcohol will cook the exterior of the meat as it marinates (in this case brines). Is this an exception? Does anyone else find this a bit odd? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow 🤷‍♂️ For what it’s worth, I did try to burn off the alcohol and after 5 minutes it reduced to a third of a cup. I then topped it off back to a cup with whiskey because I thought my experiment failed. Maybe next time I should just top it off with water?
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