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  1. Thomas Keller's Summer Cream Corn is a family and friend favorite I do a few times over the summer. It's in the Ad Hoc cookbook. The recipe is everywhere online. It unbelievable. I actually made it along with his Buttermilk Fried chicken this past labor day weekend. Phenomenal. I can't praise it enough.
  2. Hey Guys, I have absolutely no idea if I can post this here or if there is another place to post this, so please move it to wherever it is supposed to go, or delete if I am breaking some rules. I recently purchased the Signature Line Falk Culinair Try-Me Copper Saucier. It has a stainless steel handle and is one month old. Lightly used. I made an incredible hollandaise with it the other weekend. It has mild abrasions/scratches on the bottom due to my iron grates on the gas range and mild abrasions on the sides from cleaning it. I say "possibly selling" as I am waiting to hear from the company still and am not quite 100% I want to sell it. I figured if there was some interest though I might be up for it. Here is the link to the product - http://www.falkusa.com/falk-copper-cookware-sauce-pans-and-sauciers/falk-copper-cookware-sauciers/18cm-falk-signature-line-copper-saucier-1 I am asking for $150 as it basically cost $200 with shipping. In the end, it is an incredible copper pan that performs incredibly, even with the slight abrasions. It will last you forever. Please PM me if you are interested. Right now I can't say 100% that I will be selling it, but if there happens to be interest I could see myself parting with it. By the way, I am thinking of selling it as I think the 20cm saucier would be better for my uses in the kitchen given who I cook for and what I cook. Thank you and I hope I did this right. I have never posted a classified before!
  3. Andie, whoops. I just noticed you answered this in your post with the pictures. Sorry. I don't have a 1/2 size oven. I have a pretty large oven. I guess the saucier would fit without much of a problem then. Thank you!
  4. Andie, how is the 4 qt in the oven? I know the Bourgeat handles can be at a pretty steep angle sometimes. Thanks!
  5. Pbear, thanks for your reply. Only thing I wanted to say was that I was referring to two .8 quart pots, as in 4/5 of a quart. There is a decimal hidden up front. I certainly don't see much of a need for two 8 quart pots. So I was thinking out loud more along the lines of multiple smaller saucepans. The thing with flared saucepans is that they have a larger diameter but hold less than a straight sided saucepan with the same diameter. That takes up a lot more room on the stove top and when storing. I think a small flared pan and a 4qt size flared pan cover me for everything and anything inbetween.
  6. Yeah I'm right with Andie. I have lived by the "buy it for life" code since I was a young kid. If I can have the best AND it will last me forever, the cost barely plays into the decision (within reason). I definitely don't own copper because it is cool. I own it for how it performs, how I can throw anything at it, and its durability/longevity. I also own a really high quality japanese knife. It is also really cool. That also has no bearing on why I purchased it.
  7. Andie, Thank you so much! Those pictures are perfect! The Bourgeat saucier looks great. I actually own the 10.2 inch Mauviel 2.5mm fry pan and I LOVE it! What a great fry pan. The 11.8 inch is on my list, but right now there are a few pans I want first. Wish I could find a good picture of the Bourgeat Fry Pan. Based on its stock photo it doesn't really interest me. But the picture is no good. The Mauviel Fry Pan though is pretty much ideal in shape and size. Thanks again!
  8. I hear what you are saying but I definitely want copper. The copper I have I love. Using it to reduce stocks among an assortment of other things makes it worth it for me. And honestly, I don't mind the cost enough for me to really lay out a laundry list of what I would use it for. I only want one 4 qt saucier. Might as well get the one I want forever.
  9. Those are just the saucepans I grew up having around. Maybe you are right. I can definitely see the need for a large saucepan, hence the 6.4 quart, but maybe there is no need for that 3.75 if I go with the 4 quart. I already have 2 qt and .8 qt along with that 1.37 qt saucier so I should be covered. Maybe in the long run it is better to have more smaller saucepans? Another .8 quart or 1.25 quart saucepan.
  10. Andie, would you mind sharing a picture of the 4qt? And by chance you don't happen to hve a Matfer Bohrgeat fry pan do you? Pictures of that are hard to come by aside from their not so good stock photos. Thanks for the reply!
  11. I'm not worried about weight. I'm young enough and strong enough. Good point though.
  12. Hi All, I posted this on Chowhound and realized that you guys here probably have plenty of experiences and great advice to share as well! Anyway, I just discovered an opportunity to purchase the 4 quart Matfer Bourgeat flared saute pan (saucier) with a lid at a great price. It's also one of the few places I've found the 4 quart version. My question is about the size. I have a Falk 1.37 quart saucier that is a great size, but eventually I know I will want/need a larger saucier. Initially it was the Falk 3.06 quart, but I was curious if you think a 4 quart saucier would be more versatile. There is only a 50 dollar difference, in favor of the Falk, so cost isn't really playing into my decision. What other uses are out there for a saucier of that size? My smaller one is the obvious sauce reduction, sauce making pan. Curious about what other options open up with a 4 quart pan with a diameter of 11 inches. My saucepans' sizes are .8 and 2 quarts. I plan on purchasing 3.75 quart and 6.4 quart saucepans as well as a 5.2 quart straight sided saute pan (all Matfer Bourgeat and all purchased at a slow rate). I figure I should evenly space out the pan sizes, therefore a 3 quart saucier would fit nicely in the middle of the 2qt and 3.75qt saucepan. Not sure how important that is though now... Thank you so much for the input! -Robert
  13. The E. Dehillerin copper stuff is Mauviel. They just call it cupronix. That being said, your pieces are definitely of a different era as they look similar to my Mauviel, but slightly different. Probably slight changes in manufacturing over time.
  14. I have the same 10 inch Mauviel fry pan you have Rotus. I also have a Falk Saucier 18cm piece. Love that as well. That foesn't seem to tarnish due to the finish. Kinda weird. I plan on buying Bourgeat saucepans next. No stock pot though. That isn't necessary.
  15. I understand what you are saying. In my experience with a copper saucier and fry pan, if I boil water in a copper pan and a identical non copper pan, then immediately take them both off the heat, the copper stops boilng pretty much immediately while the other pan stops boiling over the course of a few seconds. I have done that test twice and both times those were my results.
  16. ...yeah that battery analogy doesn't work for me....
  17. Oh trust me, I am not babying it at all. I just want to make sure I don't have to change anything in my switch from all clad to copper. I plan on beating the shit out of it and using for everything. It is heavy, thick copper. I don't think it needs babying, but want to make sure.
  18. Hi All, So I got a Mauviel 250c 10.2 inch fry pan for my birthday this past weekend and I had a few questions as this is my first copper piece of cookware. I've read all about how you don't need high heat, etc., etc. I have an All Clad d5 fry pan so I was used to that recommendation. I know all gas stoves are different and my 5 out of 10 on the dial is different than your 5 out of 10. I know that if I am searing a piece of meat a 7 would do it for my All Clad. Any reason to think a 5 or 6 would equate to a 7 using my copper fry pan? Right now I am sticking with 7 to sear, etc. just like my All Clad. I assumed copper would give me more evenly displaced heat and react quicker, but still heat to the same temperatures. Can't a flame only heat a pan to only so hot a temperature? Does copper get hotter than other material or just spread it out more evenly? People who use copper, do you need to be careful abou pre-heating the pan? It is a very heavy and thick pan, I can't imagine if I let it pre-heat for a few minutes I'd hurt it if I can do the same with my d5 All Clad, but wanted to be sure. Last thing, I could care less about the patina, etc. I use it as a tool, not as a piece of art. That being said, is there any color I should be worried about seeing? I have red, purple, and green/yellow right where the flame hits the pan. Would high heat damage the pan as long as there are things in the pan? Obviously an empty pan would be bad news. Thank you for all of the information! I greatly appreciate it. Loving the pan so far!
  19. Yes Mjx. Looking for photos from someone who has one. I'll try that flared tip.
  20. Picuture? What size? The prices are somewhat comparable too. Not sure if I want over 3 quarts, but the next lowest size is too low. Apparently the Bourgeat sauteuse comes in 2.75 quarts or 2.66 (which is close enough). This rolled lip for either of them doesn't really matter to me. That is more of a saucepan concern. Thanks for the continueing help and hopefully pictures!
  21. Hi All, I was hoping someone here owns this pan. I'd like to see how it looks as the stock photos make it very difficult to tell its overall shape. I'm curious how the shape of this compares to the Falk Culinair Saucier. If you own this pan, any size would work, I would greatly appreciate a picture or two! Thank you!
  22. Dover Sole, new potatoes, chanterelles, Noilly Prat sauce. Amazing fish. This is a great and simple Yannick Alleno recipe.
  23. My first attempt at a Chicken Roulade, potato noisette, morel and chanterelle mushrooms, mushroom sauce, green beans.
  24. Anybody have any experience with the le cinq cook book?
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