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  1. Thank your for the help with that thicker probe vs. needle probe. I like the needle probe for its length and thinness, but I wanted the thicker one for using in an oven as well as on a stove top (deep frying). I wish it wasn't 8 inches though, that seems like a lot of extra probe hanging out of a piece of meat. Will probably eventually get the needle probe though.
  2. Would the probe that comes with the $129.99 kit work or is it too thick? What probe would I then use? http://www.thermoworks.com/products/handheld/TW8060.html Thanks! Bought it yesterday and cannot wait for it to arrive! Edit: Oh, I think I found that mini probe. Is that probe necessary for sous vide? Or just a convenience?
  3. Can you do this if you use the water displacement method?
  4. Robenco15

    Chicken Stock

    It's from ruhlman's 20 but I basically do the 5 hour carmelization Tk calls for and substitute water for the stock. Sherry, red wine, red wine vinegar. Good stuff.
  5. Robenco15

    Chicken Stock

    I always save chicken bones over time and then make stock from that using TK's recipe. But as that wasn't the question asked and I'm sure Shel_B knows the virtues of homemade stock versus canned stock, but is aware of the convenience of using canned stock when needed, I'd say - The More than Gourmet is fantastic stuff. Someone posted a link to buying the roasted stock in reduced form (add 20 parts of water or something like that), and I'm sure that is fantastic. I haven't had experience with that exact stock, but I buy the "liquid" form of chicken stock and beef stock they sell and it is great. I can always find that at Whole Foods and I think Fresh Market. http://www.amazon.com/More-Than-Gourmet-Culinary-32-Ounce/dp/B001PNXO5Y/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1391088020&sr=8-4&keywords=more+than+gourmet+chicken+stock http://www.amazon.com/More-Than-Gourmet-Culinary-32-Ounce/dp/B001PNXO3G/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1391088031&sr=8-3&keywords=more+than+gourmet+beef+stock I also recently purchased this veal stock (add water) and made a red wine sauce for a steak and it was amazing - http://www.amazon.com/More-Than-Gourmet-1-5-Ounce-Packages/dp/B001EO619A/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1391088121&sr=8-2&keywords=more+than+gourmet+veal+stock I can't get veal bones so that is the best I can do. I don't have an oven so I can't make my own beef stock. I used the More than Gourmet beef stock in beef bourguignon and it was great. I highly recommend More Than Gourmet and I learned of the brand from James Peterson's high recommendation. Quick thing about using water - depending the situation, definitely fantastic. Made French Onion Soup with it (Ruhlman's recipe) and it worked perfectly.
  6. or did I edit that second question as you were replying to the first one?
  7. Seeing as I asked 2 questions, what does that "No" refer to? All cast iron is dark black and because mine is grey that is a problem? Pre-seasoning won't contribute to any cracking? Thank you!
  8. Would the factory seasoning contribute to it cracking? I don't have an oven to use to season it. Just an electric stovetop burner. The new cast iron pan I received I believe is pre-seasoned, but I did notice it is much grayer in color than the dark black I originally had. I guess cast iron pans vary in color?
  9. For future reference, I contacted Lodge. They asked for pictures and once I sent them the pictures they let me know they'd be sending me a new pan at no cost to me. I really was happy about this because I didn't have to deal with Amazon.com, even though it was purchased through Amazon.com. I wasn't looking forward to mailing a broken cast iron pan back to Amazon. It came in the mail today, a day after they said it would be sent out, so all and all I can't complain. I'm using it tomorrow night for a steak so here is hoping it doesn't crack.
  10. So that three tier bamboo salt holder is great. I have my smoked salt on top, then grey salt in the middle, and fluer de sel on the bottom. I've noticed that after about 2 weeks or so without using the fleur de sel and grey salt, I went to get some the other day and both were clumped together. I stirred it around with my pinky and it broke up and seemed ok, but I was curious if the bamboo is messing the moisture of the salt. After stirring it around with my pinky it seemed to still have moisture in it, and maybe the top of it seemed "dried" out. Anyway, I was curious if anyone else who uses a bamboo salt holder finds it negatively affecting their salt. Thank you!
  11. Steak! 1.5lb, 2 inch thick, 30 day dry aged NY Strip. Toaster oven first at 250 for 20 minutes then finished in the pan, basting with butter, garlic, and thyme. Was perfect. Sorry for no finished picture though. Kinda ate it.
  12. So do I buy another Lodge and take my chances?
  13. Hello, Today I used my cast iron pan for the first time on my electric stovetop. Before, I used it twice in a 450 degree oven to roast a chicken. This was the first time on the stovetop. It is this one - http://www.amazon.com/Lodge-L10SK3-Pre-Seasoned-Skillet-12-Inch/dp/B00006JSUB/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1390002211&sr=8-3&keywords=cast+iron I preheated pan on the stovetop (on medium, right in the middle of the dial) and let it heat for about 10 minutes as I got my steak out of the oven and other things organized. Then I heard a pop and looked over and saw the pan cracked from the lip of the pan towards the middle. What the hell happened? It is cast iron. I didn't put it on a crazy high temperature, just medium. It is the third time I ever used it, first on the stovetop. It wasn't cold before I put it on the heat, it was room temperature. Was there already a crack in it? I thought Lodge was good. What do I do now? Buy another one? They aren't very expensive but I don't want that to happen again. Thanks for any input!
  14. French Onion Soup and Avocado Souffle. I've never made a souffle before, let alone an Avocado souffle, and I made this in a toaster oven so I was happy with the results. Can't wait to do it again though. Really enjoyed it. Apologize for the crap pictures. Took them right out of the oven on my counter next to my dish drainer. Edit: no idea why they got rotated. Oh well.
  15. It has now arrived. To be honest I am a little disappointed. It's poorly translated and the layout isn't very inspiring. Just pages and pages of recipes with little text. Maybe I am too used to the high quality of books that are released these days? Don't get me wrong, the ethos of the book is great, but it feels like it was made on a shoe string budget. I can however now see where Rene Redzepi got a lot of his inspiration from. Yeah it is from 2000? 2001? I can't believe how ahead of everything he was, not that I'm an expert of what cuisine was in the early 2000's late 1990's, but still. Pretty incredible and I don't mind the book too much. Haven't done anything yet from it but planning on a couple things. Not terribly difficult recipes.
  16. I found a good price three tiered bamboo salt box for my Fleur de Sel, Sel Gris, and Smoked salt. Should be great.
  17. Very cool. Is it ok to keep the Fleur de Sel in its plastic bag for the time being? That I guess is a more pressing matter.
  18. Good to know. Of course I couldn't help looking. This looks good because I also got Grey Salt. I could put both of my finishing salts in the same container. http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/29356-rsvp-marble-dual-bin-salt-keeper.aspx?sourcecode=EW2GGP245&gclid=CNmXgt_Y6rsCFclQOgods2cAaQ
  19. Hi All, Just got some Fleur de Sel in the mail today. It came in a plastic bag in a burlap sack. Not so sure if that plastic bag is the best way to store it though and was curious how you store yours. I am aware of salt pigs, etc. and have an 8 oz. Le Creuset mini cocette for my next to the stove kosher salt, but since Fleur de Sel isn't something used in every dish and not as frequently as Kosher, didn't know if there was a better option. I assume keeping moisture out of it is a must and since it costs so much compared to typical salt I definitely want to treat it the best I can. Thank you!
  20. Not a Vegan at all, but maybe there is some inspiration here?: http://www.chefsteps.com/projects/vegetable-demi-glace-recipe-development#/vegetable-glaze-r-d-v4
  21. Bouchon. I haven't had Bourdain's, but I loved this one. I also didn't have all of the ingredients because of the snow storm. These included, short ribs (used chuck roast instead), pearl onions, garlic, and thyme. I also used More Than Gourmet beef stock, but obviously I would have preferred making my own. Not possible unfortunately. I probably was missing other stuff too. That being said, that fact that it came out as well as it did and how much I enjoyed it speaks to how good the recipe is. Really enjoyed making the wine reduction and doing the cheesecloth nest for the beef and refrigerating it for 24 hours and doing the garnishes separately. The only curious step was that I thought it was common practice to flour the beef before searing, but that didn't seemed to be called for here. Great recipe though. Can't wait to go back and do again with everything part of the recipe, including homemade stock.
  22. So the recipes aren't very good/there isn't much to take away from them?
  23. TK's Boeuf Bourguignon with what was available in the fridge. Have been snowed in the past two days.
  24. Instead of creating a new topic, I figured I'd unearth this one. I have a good grasp on the science behind sous vide and the safety, etc. I'm not looking at this book as an intro. to sous vide or anything that I haven't already learned from Baldwin's stuff, Chefsteps.com, or this forum. I have used the sous vide method for a few months now and feel comfortable with it. I am a huge Thomas Keller fan and was interested in the recipes that are found in this book. I was curious as someone who is a dedicated home cook, comfortable with using scales, and uses an Anova immersion circulator. I have two concerns: 1. I don't have a chamber vacuum sealer. I use the water displacement method. Besides not being able to compress fruit, am I going to be able to do the other steps of the recipes? I understand that a lot of them call for liquid in the bag, which isn't a problem with the water displacement method, but I wasn't sure if I'd be missing out on other benefits (if they exist) of using a chamber vacuum sealer with liquids. 2. Is this book worth it for a home cook who has experience with sous vide? I have read that TK's temperatures aren't recommended, but I know enough to go off of what I prefer/learned. It is the other recipe ideas, techniques, and nuances I'm hoping to pick up. What do you think?
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