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  1. Hi All, I was hoping someone here owns this pan. I'd like to see how it looks as the stock photos make it very difficult to tell its overall shape. I'm curious how the shape of this compares to the Falk Culinair Saucier. If you own this pan, any size would work, I would greatly appreciate a picture or two! Thank you!
  2. Dover Sole, new potatoes, chanterelles, Noilly Prat sauce. Amazing fish. This is a great and simple Yannick Alleno recipe.
  3. My first attempt at a Chicken Roulade, potato noisette, morel and chanterelle mushrooms, mushroom sauce, green beans.
  4. Anybody have any experience with the le cinq cook book?
  5. Chilled Pea Soup with Ricotta and Mint
  6. Butter poached lobster, leeks, pommes maxim, orange risotto, carrot ginger puree, reduced lobster broth
  7. Does anyone have any experience and/or opinions of this book? I'm finding it appealing and it seems to be more vegetable centric which I am looking for. I appreciate anyone's responses. Thank you!
  8. Four Story Hill Farms Milk-fed Poularde with Morel mushrooms and potatoes cooked in the poularde fat and duck fat. The most amazing chicken I've ever had. Absolutely transcendant with the mushrooms.
  9. Waring Xtreme. More powerful than Vitamix and Vitaprep. Also cheaper.
  10. Had an airline chicken breast at my wedding tasting last night. It was exactly as the video describes. Very good too.
  11. Recently moved into a new apartment that has a gas range and counter top space. Before that though this was my kitchen. Sorry those burners are dirty. Took the picture right after cooking probably my last meal there. With those 2 burners and a toaster oven I did somewhere around ten or so dishes out of TFL cook book, a couple from Bouchon, Ad Hoc, Julia's Mastering, and a host more. That toaster oven just fit a 3.5 quart Le Creuset dutch oven without the lid. Making boeuf bourguignon in that kitchen was an adventure. What you don't see is that when you stood at the stove there was a wall directly behind you and to the left of the stove was a dish rack and the sink. Across from the toaster oven (which was against that wall behind you at the stove) was a small square of counter top that allowed me to cut one or two things at time. I had to put things on the floor, on the dining/kitchen table, and even on the couch that was against that wall on the other side. Smallest apartment in the world with one of the smallest whatever you'd call that excuse of a kitchen. My pots and pans had to be stored above all of it on a ledge. Wish I took more pictures of the place now that this thread is here. It was something else. Sorry if I just ruined this thread by the way. Finally found an opporunity to show it off!
  12. They are JL Coquet, "Hemisphere" pattern.
  13. This book can also get somewhat confusing as the platings of the dishes don't always seem to be final platings. There are often inedible things on the plates (like lobster tail in the shell, prawns still intact) and some of the meats look raw. Either I am way off, or this is done to provide more inspiration, etc. for someone trying to create these recipes/create a more organic/artistic aspect to the platings.
  14. This is what the recipe says in my book: Let the caramelized sugar cool briefly. Thoroughly mix it in the crumbled pate sablee. Spread this mixture over a non-stick baking sheet. Spread the nougatine between 2 sheets of parchment paper on an 8x12 in. baking sheet and reheat at 325F. When the nougatine is tender and flexible, remove it from the oven, peel off the top sheet of parchment paper, and cut the nougat into 16 rectangles, 1 1/2 x 4 1/4 in. Let cool in a dry place. As I typed that I have a feeling you have the same text as it is quite confusing. The recipe you linked too translates (according to Google Translate) as basically the same as I typed above. Somehow the nougatine gets incorporated. I can't see how exactly but it has to be considering it is in the name of the piece. It'd be harder to make that typo twice. Sorry I can't be more help and I hope someone can chime in with better answers!
  15. Where are you getting your asparagus from? Sport hill? Balducci's?
  16. Was wondering if this would be making an appearance after your last asparagus dish. I have been meaning to make this. Maybe this weekend. Doing some Parisian Gnocchi made with bone marrow butter sometime soon too so we'll see.
  17. Any issues with freezing leftover Bordelaise? Making it for a family party and going big to make sure everyone has enough but may end up with extra. Parents are hoping I could freeze it so they can have it again. Using TK's recipe from TFL, just quadrupling it. Kinda odd he doesn't use butter or bone marrow in it given the tradition of bordelaise and his dedication to perfection and refinement, but I'm sure it will blow me away. Thank you!
  18. No arguments here. I love my D5 pans. All phenomenal.
  19. Yeah not a fan of those dimensions. I have a Cuisinart Multi-clad pro 8qt stock pot. I love it. Tri-ply clad (which even isnt exactly necessary for a stock pot) and works perfectly for stocks. Thanks for posting the link though. That could definitely be useful for other things.
  20. Thomas Keller will walk you through everything. Practically textbooks. The French Laundry and Bouchon. Go big.
  21. Yeah, I actually just got off the phone with them. They got out of sync with their brining so they used the back of the loin, which they only sell from time to time, and I just happened to be there the day they had the back bacon. Apparently today they started offered he traditional bacon from the belly. The bacon I got was brined for a week and then smoked. Thank you for all of the help! I definitely got an education! I just had a conversation with my butcher and it sounded like I knew what I was talking about!
  22. I've always thought that the more expensive and product is, the better the quality will be and awhile ago, that may not have been true, and in some instances that still isn't true, but I think it is, which is unfortunate. My next two purchases that I plan on making in the next month or so is a cutting board by The Boardsmith and a Konosuke HD2 gyuto, plus a Japanese 150mm petty knife and paring knife eventually. I have spent, literally, over a month researching and deciding upon EXACTLY what I wanted, looking for the very best in my price point, reading reviews, posting on multiple forums, emailing suppliers, researching knife sharpeners in my area, and looking hard at the longevity of the products. Like DiggingDogFarm said, I guess I'm all about being a minimalist in the sense that I only spend money on what I consider essential for myself and by the big ticket item now so that I don't have to spend the money later to fix something or upgrade it. I think that is turning into the world some of us may be forced to live in. I don't have the patience for things breaking after a few months, let alone weeks. Then when we talk about food, that is an entirely other thing. Fortunately I live down the street from a Stew Leonard's, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Gourmet grocery store, and a butcher that is probably around 1 of 10 or so nose to tail butchers of locally sourced and responsibly raised meat in the USA. I'm practically given not even given the option to not buy quality foods. And while my bank account might complain about that from time to time, I'm content with that. Anyway, I didn't realize how frustrated this made me feel (or made me used to feel) until I started typing, haha, but this was fun! edit: and as far as that "not as good as it used to be" thing with kitchen appliances, that annoys me. I'm only 25 so I never got to experience the golden age of say, Cuisinart, or something like that! That does get frustrating!
  23. I didn't know you could do this. Inhve a digital display but I found the directions online and fixed it. Thank you!
  24. Thank you! I'm going to talk with the butcher next time I go. maybe they used the other part of the belly for the various other things they make with it. They only get so many pigs in at a time so I guess they need to decide something different each time? Thanks again!
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