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  1. Host's note: This topic was split from the Dinner 2014 (Part 5) topic. 72 hours at 54C (130F) is absolutely incredible. Currently doing that now. A bag might have leaked, but I'm letting them go and see how it turns out.Check this out - http://www.chefsteps.com/activities/short-ribs-time-and-temp
  2. All good. I was just using it to demonstrate the ease and safety of the horizontal cut with a sharp knife. The technique was definitely sloppy and inconsistent.
  3. I think that is basically the answer. I could probably take out most of the things on my fridge door, but I don't and won't. I also wouldn't know where to put the newly unrefrigerated things! Everything has a place in my kitchen. All of a sudden the ketchup doesn't go on the fridge door? I wouldn't know what to do...
  4. Read this a few weeks about putting tomatoes in the fridge. - http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/09/why-you-should-refrigerate-tomatoes.html I recently stopped putting garlic in the fridge, but besides that I basically put everything in the fridge. No negative side effects yet and everything lasts. Edit: I don't refrigerate canola, olive, or peanut oil, but I do grapeseed and safflower. That doesn't last as long at room temperature and I don't use it all of the time. Sure it gets cloudy, but Ingive it a shake and then out it in a hot pan. Goes back to normal and works perfectly.
  5. You didn't honestly think that was supposed to be a demonstration of tecnique, did you? Of course it isn't. I posted to show that it really isn't that hard to add the horizontal cut if you have a sharp knife and it isn't dangerous at all if you know where to put your left hand. It also doesn't add any additional time. I was reading earlier posts about people not doing the horizontal cuts because they feared cutting themselves.
  6. I'd also give it three days because Dominique Ansel says so.
  7. I'm not a huge sweets person or baker so spending three days on something that will only really be good for about a day seems a bit much. I'd gladly spend three days making a stock or sauce as that can obviously be frozen and used a little at a time. But for a doughnut? I'd probably do it once, tops.
  8. This is an interesting conversation. The method in the Zuni cafe cookbook always sounded interesting but I couldn't figure it out when I first read about it. For what it is worth, I do the horizontal cut along with the other two. I guess the classic way. If you have a razor sharp knife and good techniqe I see no reason why this method would be slower or less precise than any other way. Fortunately I do have a razor sharp knife. If I were to not do the horizontal cut then that is one leas cut I get to do with my knife! This video, while a bit over dramatic with the flying pieces of onion, does show how easily and quickly those horizontal cuts go with a sharp knife. P.S. That isn't me.
  9. This was released today from his upcoming cookbook. Thought you all would be interested. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/recipe/home-cronut-recipe-dominique-ansel-25948902
  10. Pork Tenderloin, Cauliflower Curry Puree, Toasted Naan, Caramelized Apples
  11. by the way, any idea where to find English subtitles for those videos? They look incredible.
  12. Either way the people know what they are talking about and not every person there works for Chefknivestogo. And it is obvious who those people are. I truly think that avoiding that website for the reasons you listed is a stupid reason. The amount of information that can be found on that website is fantastic. You can always use that forum to get answers and take your business elsewhere if you really are bothered by that.
  13. 2nd that. They actually have a few questions they ask you to answer when posting a "help me find a knife" thread.
  14. It was great! I definitely want a bigger hare for next time though. The loin seemed to be half the size of the one you had the other day. Maybe I lost some when butchering it, but I don't think so. But yeah, great dish. I need to do it a few more times to really get the refinement of it all down, but hey, this was the first time I've butchered, cooked, and ate a hare and it came out really great. Lots of work still to get it to look like your plate!
  15. Hare au poivre with Robuchon potatoes.
  16. Sure, go for it. I just bought some bourgeat copper pans. My grandkids will give them to their grandkids. I'm only 26.
  17. This?- http://www.previninc.com/shop/Sitram-Profiserie-Saute-Pans.html
  18. I actually bought one from him awhile ago when I thought it was the a new (to me) great thing. I used it. It was ok. I didn't use it a lot, but some of the bamboo sticks broke, but even worse the glue was coming undone at the bottom. I never bothered asking for a replacement so maybe I would have gotten one. I also noticed that when I spread the sticks apart slightly to look "inside" it, there was grayish coloring all over. Almost like mold, if not mold. I wasn't crazy about them so once I saw that I didn't bother with it and just threw it out. For my cast iron I use a scotchbrite sponge that has a rough side and a soft spongy side. Mostly use the rough side to get the stuck stuff off and then the soft side to make sure it is all out. I only really use my cast iron for high heat searing (400F +) and because of that the seasoning went pretty quickly. Then my fiance left some leftover taco meat in it over night, the fat congealed, I guess there was moisture in it as well since once I cleaned it I had rust spots all over. Since I'm here, a scotchbrite sponge's rough side wouldn't be enough to take away a lot of the seasoning would it? And I assume I am going to need something stronger to get rid of the rust before I can re-season it right?
  19. Yeah I don't think I could ever justify the cost of it, but if a cheaper English version comes out with details about plating, etc. I'd be interested in it for sure.
  20. I'd love to. Not sure when I'd find the time exactly with school being back, but it'd be worth checking out anyway. I need to return your other magazines and books too! p.s. Have you seen Alleno's new book Ma Cuisine Francais? Over 1,200 pages, 500 recipes, and only(!) 1,500 Euros. Apparently a US edition is coming out by the end of the year but haven't heard much about it besides it will be smaller. No idea what that means. Dimensions, length...price?
  21. Magazine or 4 Seasons? I don't remember seeing that in 4 Seasons. Sounds amazing.
  22. Chefknivestogo is impressive in many respects. I placed an order on a Monday and it showed up Wednesday. It started in Wisconsin and came to me, in Connecticut. The forum is probably the best forum anywhere when it comes to knives. Absolutely stellar. I'd be comfortable recommending that place as the first and last stop for all knife matters.
  23. Andie (and anyone else), Do you have any experience with the 1.6 quart, 7.9" diameter Bourgeat flared saute pan? I recently sold my 18cm Falk saucier and was thinking of moving up to the 20cm Falk saucier as it would be more versatile for my needs. However, I did take a look at the Bourgeat and the dimensions are nearly identical. The Bourgeat is slightly shorter and holds a little less (1.6 vs. 1.8 quarts). Was thinking the flat part of the Bourgeat may be larger and therefore give me more room for risotto and other smaller things may saute. But, as it is 1.6 quarts, that is incredibly close to my now sold 1.37 quart Falk, so I don't want to end up buying more or less the same pan after this is all said and done. Thanks for your reply!
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