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  1. No arguments here. I love my D5 pans. All phenomenal.
  2. Yeah not a fan of those dimensions. I have a Cuisinart Multi-clad pro 8qt stock pot. I love it. Tri-ply clad (which even isnt exactly necessary for a stock pot) and works perfectly for stocks. Thanks for posting the link though. That could definitely be useful for other things.
  3. Thomas Keller will walk you through everything. Practically textbooks. The French Laundry and Bouchon. Go big.
  4. Yeah, I actually just got off the phone with them. They got out of sync with their brining so they used the back of the loin, which they only sell from time to time, and I just happened to be there the day they had the back bacon. Apparently today they started offered he traditional bacon from the belly. The bacon I got was brined for a week and then smoked. Thank you for all of the help! I definitely got an education! I just had a conversation with my butcher and it sounded like I knew what I was talking about!
  5. I've always thought that the more expensive and product is, the better the quality will be and awhile ago, that may not have been true, and in some instances that still isn't true, but I think it is, which is unfortunate. My next two purchases that I plan on making in the next month or so is a cutting board by The Boardsmith and a Konosuke HD2 gyuto, plus a Japanese 150mm petty knife and paring knife eventually. I have spent, literally, over a month researching and deciding upon EXACTLY what I wanted, looking for the very best in my price point, reading reviews, posting on multiple forums, emailing suppliers, researching knife sharpeners in my area, and looking hard at the longevity of the products. Like DiggingDogFarm said, I guess I'm all about being a minimalist in the sense that I only spend money on what I consider essential for myself and by the big ticket item now so that I don't have to spend the money later to fix something or upgrade it. I think that is turning into the world some of us may be forced to live in. I don't have the patience for things breaking after a few months, let alone weeks. Then when we talk about food, that is an entirely other thing. Fortunately I live down the street from a Stew Leonard's, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Gourmet grocery store, and a butcher that is probably around 1 of 10 or so nose to tail butchers of locally sourced and responsibly raised meat in the USA. I'm practically given not even given the option to not buy quality foods. And while my bank account might complain about that from time to time, I'm content with that. Anyway, I didn't realize how frustrated this made me feel (or made me used to feel) until I started typing, haha, but this was fun! edit: and as far as that "not as good as it used to be" thing with kitchen appliances, that annoys me. I'm only 25 so I never got to experience the golden age of say, Cuisinart, or something like that! That does get frustrating!
  6. I didn't know you could do this. Inhve a digital display but I found the directions online and fixed it. Thank you!
  7. Thank you! I'm going to talk with the butcher next time I go. maybe they used the other part of the belly for the various other things they make with it. They only get so many pigs in at a time so I guess they need to decide something different each time? Thanks again!
  8. DiggingDogFarm, if I remove the loin, what's left is the same as American Bacon (pork belly), right?
  9. I live in the US so now I'm confused why it was sold as bacon. I'll probably remove the loin and use it as normal bacon. Then just do something with the loin.
  10. So did I get the normal strip bacon and the canadian bacon combined? Ha, I'm trying to translate it to grocery terms haha
  11. So today I preheated the oven to 400 degree. It stays there awhile and then I go to move an all clad pan I had on the stovetop from the night before (yeah I am lazy sometimes with dishes). The handle of the all clad was crazy HOT. I couldn't move it. I investigated and found that the handle was directly in line with a vent below the digital display that allows the heat from the oven to come out onto the stovetop. Hence, that is how my kitchen gets so hot. Is that normal for gas stoves to have? I mean, I guess there is no other way for heat to get out. That being said, why does heat have to get out? I recently bought a thermocouple to check the oven temperature and the oven is way out of wack. I'm ok with that as I know ovens vary, and this isn't a top of the line oven. It is interesting though as I needed the oven at 325F but had to set my oven at 370F to get that. Right now it is at 390F to get 375F. Do gas ovens cycle? Go up to temperature, cool down some, and then go back up? I haven't really sat in front of my thermometer for 30 minutes to find out, but I do notice some changes. Anyway, thank you for all of the help!
  12. Hi All, I went to a great butcher down the street from me and got a slab of panchetta and a slab of bacon. The panchetta looks like bacon, red with the marbling of fat, but obviously was cured differently, etc. - how you make panchetta. The bacon however, look white. I asked about it and they said the redness in bacon comes from preservatives or something that makes it red (those are my words, they gave me a good explanation, I just can't remember). I trust them and all as this butcher is incredibly, but I'm trying to get a better education. I'm attaching a picture of it hoping you can clarify it for me. Basically, I believe I can see I guess what is called the bacon "strip," but have no idea what the "meatier" part is that is above it. Canadian bacon? Should I remove and save that as I was really only looking for the traditional bacon to cut lardons, etc. Thank you!
  13. Yeah, in retrospect I don't know why I phrased the sentence the way I did. I've been doing that salt and fridge technique for around a year now. Chicken and meats.
  14. So I started the vegetables on the stove top and then put them in a hot oven (400+F) for 15 minutes. Then I dropped the temp. to 325F and put the chicken in for around 90 minutes. At this point I am so thankful for my thermocouple. I had to set my oven at 370F to keep it at a consistent 325F. I also didn't have to worry about my bird overcooking for undercooking. I was under a bit of a time crunch so I couldn't do Heston's method. I figured 325F for 90 minutes to get to 150F was low and slow enough for what I could manage. Then I took the bird out to let it cool down and cranked the oven to 500. Put the veggies back in to carmelize more, then cranked it to 550F and put the chicken in to brown. My oven basically stayed around 450F to 500F during this time because of all of the open and closing the door and I only put the bird in for 10 minutes so I never gave it a chance to get to 550F. It turned out fantastic. The breast was basically perfect. I could find a little fault with it, but that's me. Overall it was amazing and the best bird I've ever had. Next time I might try TK's recipe verbatim to see how much of a difference this 90 minute method makes. Regardless, vegetables were beautifully caramelized and everything turned out great. The taste was amazing. Thanks for all of the helpful ideas in finding out the best way to do this! Edit: Massaging the inside with thyme and crushed garlic (Keller's recipe) did such an amazing job that I wasn't really expecting. Also salting it over night and letting it sit on the top shelf of my fridge really did wonders. So, so good.
  15. I'm good with metric and C. More curious about the availability of the various ingredients.
  16. How do the recipes translate to the US? If you are able to answer that.
  17. I could do them separately, but I think the fat dripping from the chicken onto the vegetables is the allure of this dish. So I would have to roast them with butter and oil to a point, then add the chicken and do the low temp. cooking (200F). Would a lot of fat then render at this lower temperature? Not sure how useful the fat would be towards the vegetables when I do the 500F for 10 minutes to crisp the skin.
  18. Do you think turnips, rutabagas, potatoes, and carrots would carmelize in at that temp. and time?
  19. Hi All, So today I picked up a gorgeous Pollo Rosso heritage bird. Guest coming over tomorrow so I was going to do TK's roasted chicken and root vegetables. I got the bird because it looked great and was 4 pounds so it would be a perfect size for 4 people. Then I went out and got all of the ingredients for the dish. Now I'm researching more about the bird I got and I'm learning that a Pollo Rosso is better if cooked at a lower heat and slowly. Regardless, I am roasting this bird with the vegetables. However, instead of doing the 475F for 20 and then 400F for 40, I'm thinking I should adjust these temperatures. How do you guys recommend I adjust for the bird but still get the carmelized vegetables? 350F for 90 minutes? 475F for 20, but then 350F to temperature? Just say screw it and follow the recipe? What could really go wrong? The bird is currently salted and on the top shelf of my fridge drying out. I also have an oven probe thermometer for the chicken so getting knowing when it will be done won't be a problem. Just finding a happy medium of not to high of heat, but still getting a good roasted bird, is what I'm looking for.
  20. Good point about the sink. I'll have to measure but I'm sure an 18x24 board is probably too big for it. I'd rather deal with some awkwardness at the sink though to have more cutting room on my countertop.
  21. I'm buying a maple 18x24 end grain board from the boardsmith. CANNOT WAIT. Definitely get an end grain board at the very least.
  22. Thanks for all of the feedback! I'm thinking my oven might not be that clean so it had to burn off some crap. Regardless, the smoke detector is just in a bad spot. I'm going to have to talk to my landlord about replacing it with a newer, less sensitive one. Thanks for all of the stovetop info too. I guess it is better to have a burner that can get really hot and get really low then one that can't get really hot but not low enough. The kitchen gets so hot. Glad there is a door to the outside!
  23. Hi All, Just moved into my new apartment and there is a gas stovetop. It is a GE Spectra XL44 range. The high output burners do 12,000/1,000 BTUs (is that maximum and minimum?). I have always used electric burners and am thrilled to get a chance to use gas. My question concerns how my All Clad d5 pans are responding to the stovetop. I understand a gas range has less of the heat source touching the bottom compared to the electric coils, but I thought that is what my All Clad is for. First off, the All Clad is working great. No hot spots and heats quickly. I guess my question has to do with the various levels on my gas range. Using a saute pan that has about an 11 inch in diameter bottom (approx. 8 inch flame diameter) if I need it sizzling hot, I turn the dial to around 7. If I want to simmer though, I basically am getting away with turning it down to 5 or so. It seems 4 and under is just way to low to keep a hot temperature. I thought with All Clad I was supposed to use medium and low heat, but the flames are just looking to low to be able to heat the pan. I am basically eye balling the flame size, which is working, but here I thought I would be able to make the 5 setting my "high" setting. Now I guess this comes down to this specific gas range, but on gas ranges are the flames from low to medium pretty low? Not really "touching" the pan? My other question concerns the oven. When I preheated the oven to 450F, my smoke detector (located right outside the kitchen) went off. No burning smell, or smoke though. I figured it was just too hot (oven heating the kitchen up and outside hallway?). Now I am using the vent found above the stovetop whenever I use the oven too. Is that typical for gas ranges? Should I leave the oven door open when it begins to pre-heat? It seems to emit a lot of heat up until I open the door for the first time. Moisture? Thanks for all of the help and advice. A lot to get used to and I really don't want to remove a smoke detector every time I cook. I also don't want to risk ruining a good pan because I'm constantly needing to use higher heat.
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