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  1. thank you, do you keep the mixture in the fridge overnight?
  2. gfweb would you mind sharing your recipes for the madelaines?
  3. Fesenjan is normally done with chicken, todays version is with quails I wanted to get out of the freezer. accompanied by vermicelli rice
  4. we here in Vienna celebrate christmas on the 24th in the evening. so I treated myself with the following: salad of red beetes with pomegranate and pistaccios deep fried fillet of carp with potato salad ice cream from vanilla sugar cookies wish you all a merry X-mas!
  5. I am from europe, one bottle for the cook, one bottle for the meat ;-)
  6. its so easy: for 2: 600 g short ribs, bone in 1 carrot, 2 stalks celeriac, 1 large onion , 5 gloves of garlic, half a leek, 5 sprigs thyme, 2 bayleaf one bottle dry red wine. salt and pepper the ribs, dust them with flour, fry them, take them out, fry the vegetables until browned, meat on top. pour wine, bring it to cook and put in the oven for 10h at 120°C. take meat out, cut fat away and trim into cubes. strain juice and reduce to 200 ml. mix 1 tbsp butter with some flour, mix into the sauce, let it simmer until flour taste is gone, season with s+p. put meat in and reheat. it can be done in a slowcooker
  7. ninagluck

    Red cooking wine?

    I only use wine for cooking I would also like to drink and I never had a bitter sauce
  8. cold weather cries for braising. short ribs in red wine with persillade and a potato mash
  9. that doens't look good to me. I always visit my salami every day and as soon as I spot something I don't want, I wash it away with 96% alcohol. you could give it a try. cut into one, if the mold is also inside, you have to throw it away
  10. snails are healthy, we should eat them more often. very simple with herb butter, reduced white wine under a cheesecrust
  11. it is cold and wet over here, perfect for a warming soup. viennese old style potato soup with dried porcini and bacon
  12. my fishmonger had a baby Loup de Mer, perfect for a nice dinner with potatoes and swiss chard with lots of garlic.
  13. no cooking these days, baking traditional christmas cookies takes all my time and my kitchen is a mess!!!
  14. here in vienna the meat cuts are so different from many other european countries. today I used the backbone muscle of pork and braised it in red wine. served with pappardelle and a salad on the side. no knife needed
  15. gfweb, red cabbage is just seasoned with s+p, red wine, a grated apple and some cinnamon
  16. sure Shelby: make garlic paste first: you need 50g/1 kg meat put 4-5 garlic heads in a casserol, pour in some water, cover with foil and bake at 160°C for 1 hour. squeeze out and mash 1 kg deboned ducklegs with skin and fat 10 g sage, chopped 20 g salt 7 g pepper 70 ml ice water 70 ml red wine mix the meat with the spices and grind. then pour in water and wine and knead the mixture until it sticks together. fill in casings or caul fat. fry and enjoy!
  17. homemade duck sausage with red cabbage and potato dumplings
  18. Dave, I am very successful with drying my meat in my basement, just have to inspect it daily. Chefmd, yes, this is my home kitchen
  19. for german speaking people: http://www.homebaking.at/
  20. 1st, Deer with crab 2nd Chicken with Viennese Snail 3rd, duck with sage 4th Merguez 5th, boar salami
  21. another hungarian meal tonight: carp with red pepper sauce and spaetzle.
  22. a recipe for chicken liver caught my attention. going through my freezer I found rabbit liver and thought I give it a go. Deepfried but into the breadcrumbs I mixed thyme and cinnamon, this will certainly stay within my repertoire
  23. Honkman both books live on my shelf besides a few hundred more I would consider the square books certainly more "cheffy", but the recipes can be done by an enthusiastic home cook.
  24. tonight I did a traditional hungarian recipe "Topfenhaluschka", its mainly, pasta, sour cream and quark with crispy bacon on top. simple but fingerlicking good
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