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  1. http://blog.foodpairing.com/category/smoke/ check out that site! even being just registered as a light user, you do get a lot of information!
  2. The texture of the lomo should be like a soft Salami. I guess drying in the fridge won't work, as temperature is too low. As I said, humidity can be easily obtained by wet towels. When using ash you don't need to controll temperature and humidity, the meat will dry slowly as the ash takes over the moisture of the meat. Good results you get with a duckbreast, should be done including curing within 4 weeks. Just salt it, wrap it in clingfilm for 2 days, take it out, wash and dry, dust with white pepper and bury it for 3 weeks. Take out, brush away the ash and enjoy.
  3. I forgot something, you could also dry your meat in charcoal ash. Just take a big shoebox, put abt 5-10 cm sifted ash in it, put in the cured meat and put another 10 cm of ash on top. store in a cool place for several weeks (depending on the size of your meat und how dry you want it) This old method works under any conditions.
  4. My Lomo Embuchador Pork Tenderloin, trimmed per kg meat: 30 g Nitrit curing salt ( I am European, in the states i would recommand 6 g cure Nr 2 and 24 g normal salt) 2,5 g Dextrose 8 g Pepper 6 g Smoked paprika powder 2 g Garlic powder mix everything with a little water and rub it onto the meat. Wrap it into clingfilm and put it in the fridge for a week of up to 10 days depending on the size of your ternderoins. After the period take it out of the clingfilm, attach a string and hang it into a room not more than 18° with a humidity around 70% How I get there? I use a laundry rack to hang my sausages and put wet towels on top plus i use a humidifier in addition. Check for mold every day and if you see white spots, just wash them away with some high percentage Alcohol. After 2 -3 weeks you can enjoy them or you leave them longer if you wish them to be more dry. Needless to say, that no Insects should be around.......... my friends find my home produced lomo better than what you get at the deli stores and i hope you try it! ninagluck
  5. Tyler, I do dry cure in not so perfect conditions, and the result is perfect, give it a try! My lomo embuchado is perfect, just don't start with a salami! feel free to ask!
  6. My favorite dish and flavour combo: scallops in whiskey/vanilla sauce and baby spinach
  7. ninagluck

    Recipes with Dates

    why not fill them with creamcheese or wrap bacon around and fry as an appetizer?
  8. don 't do it, unpack it, and devein it! but, however it very much depends on how to use it after!
  9. what would you serve with your dear animal? i just had one recently, smoked a vanilla bean and put it into a potatoe mash, matched perfecct!
  10. I made far more Chlorphyll than I needed, (spinach and parsley) how would you preservd the remainder? freeze, or dry?m thanks for your response!
  11. as the duckbreast has far more fat under the skin, you can't compare it to turkey. it takes much longer to get the fat rendered and the skin crispy.
  12. I did duck breast last weekend and did it the same way as Twyst, taking off the skin and baking it in the oven between two silpats with somethin on top to keep them flat. I normally do 2 hours at 58° and no jaccarding before. just s+p and some thyme into the bag
  13. Hi OliverB, i am from Vienna and here we get the so called "Grammel-Fett" in every supermarket, but many people do it at home. I make it as described, besides that i take out the browned cubes from the rendered fat, and squeeze them as dry as possible ( i use and old potatoe press for that) once they are cooled, i chop them and mix it with some of the lard (which is already cooled as well) to the consistency i want. perfect with some salt and pepper on it and a very cold glass of white wine! ;-) give it a try! gaby
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