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  1. weekend dinner: grilled asparagus with lemon/parmesan sauce and brioche crusted egg yolk
  2. I am still on asparagus, today with fregola sarda, young peas and some crispy speck on top
  3. I was at a food market for local producers yesterday and found a new product: strawberry seed oil! it tastes amazing, don't ask for the price ;-) grilled asparagus, strawberries marinated in strawberry seed oil and elderflower vinegar, cream cheese
  4. today I made a prawn soup with spicy cornbread.
  5. BonVivant, which dressing did you use for the asparagus salad?
  6. Orange and asparagus pairs very well, so I made a soup of asparagus and drizzled some orange/parsley oil over it
  7. dcarch and huiray, I have a huge fig tree in my garden, when the leaves are young I pick them. dry them, ground them and add the powder to pasta, risotto, whatever comes to my mind
  8. Asparagus, wild garlic, crispy chicken skin, chicken jus. I loved it!
  9. one chicken is far too much for me, a poussin is just the right size for dinner. bread stuffing and salad
  10. Once a week I try to have fish. today I was very lucky and got some sardines from the adriatic sea. served them with salsa verde oven roasted potatoes and a salad on the side
  11. I did not cook much lately, but tonight I felt like having this ham mousse in quick puff pastry with red pepper salsa
  12. ho about stuffing the skin like sausages?
  13. Spanish platter tonight, .manchego croquettas, fried pimentos and stuffed anchovies
  14. I didn't have risotto for a long time, today risotto with cray fish
  15. thats just the curing process, you have to hang it and dry after
  16. I wanted to make sriracha pearls, but the base did not want to shape into pearls, so I got some sriracha strings. marinated cedri lemon, first rocket from the garden, scallops and prawns, finished with sriracha strings
  17. my guys in the office will be surprised when they bite into this little chocolate madeleines, fresh grated ginger and piment d'espelette makes them kind of special ;-)
  18. Pea pancake, poached egg, bottarga and some white balsamic pearls
  19. Pasta arrabiata with squid
  20. Salsify in tempura batter with spicy dip. before asparagus arrives,
  21. I planned to eat them on Sunday, so I soaked them on Saturday. Saturday evening I was not hungry at all, so I skipped dinner. Sunday had to have Saturdays preps and the lentils were still soaked. I finished them yesterday, but did not want lentils, anyone else changing dinner plans as I do?
  22. hihi, the "head" is a bit too big, but my guys will still like it I hope ;-)
  23. for tomorrows breakfast in the office I baked a brioche.
  24. tonight I had chicken in a parmesan crust, served with salsify in lemon butter.
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