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  1. it's a tradition to eat carp on the 24th evening. tonight I wanted to serve it in a different way. hungarian style carp, called halaszle with tarhonya.
  2. trout rillettes for christmas done!
  3. I am very much into gnocchi this days, here: red beet gnocchi, hazelnut butter, feta, rocket
  4. ninagluck

    Roasting Quails

    how about jerusalem artichokes?
  5. ninagluck

    Roasting Quails

    I recently made the following, worked out for my birds: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/roasted_quail_with_56730
  6. I did a short culinary tour in slovenia, who ever comes around, go for it! On my way back, shopping in Italy: Cima di Rapa, cream and with anchovis and capers. some fish cheeks and pickeled mustard seeds.
  7. I have no idea, how to describe my tonights dinner. blackpuddiing in a yeastdough, served with sauerkraut. In german, it would be a "buchtel"
  8. sometimes I have favorite ingredients and use them a lot. right now: blackpudding. tonight I treated myself with apple, blackpudding, scallop.....
  9. not much to tell cyalexa, I cubed the tallegio and mixed it with chopped nuts and pepper, deseed the pumpkin salt it inside, stuff the cheese in and bake for abt 1h at 180°C.
  10. fall is giving us a big variety of pumpkins, tonight: baked patisson, filled with talleggio and walnuts, served with some pomegranate syrup
  11. back into the kitchen, cauliflower, egg yolk, black pudding crumble. cauliflower is puree, florets marinated in sage oil.
  12. Duvel, I peeled very ripe peaches and put them in a blender with some olive oil, salt and a pinch of sugar. the sauce is served cold and is perfect with the scallops
  13. when I travel to the office I always carry a cookbook with me to get ideas what to try new. This idea caught my attention immediately: peach sauce with scallops, squid and grilled spring onions
  14. quick and easy during the week, fig tart with red onion jam on the bottom, a little blue cheese, some walnuts and prosciutto
  15. todays dinner: baklava with runner beans and feta. a drizzle of honey on top of the baked beauty gives that special twist
  16. I love the seasons and the products they bring to our table. tonight, strudel with wild mushrooms and potatoes.
  17. yes heidih, i dried them and pulverized them. I use it mainly for pasta and risotto. the flavor is completely different in this two dishes. in risotto it is a bit bitter, whereas in the pasta you taste the coconut.
  18. we are getting normal temperatures over here, so I feel like cooking. With the powder of the dried fig leaves I made fresh pasta, served it with figs, crispy prosciutto and feta
  19. wood mushrooms and potato!
  20. wild mushroom risotto with red currents. the sour currents are the perfect opponent to the mushrooms.
  21. heidih, it's so easy, cut the feta, depending on the size in 2 or 3 pieces, dust in flower all over and coat with beaten egg. heat enough oil to fry it golden brown on all sides. carefully lift it, drain on kitchen paper, sizzle honey over it and serve with peaches and freshly ground pepper.
  22. tonight: egg crusted feta, honey, peaches, so satisfying
  23. tonight: stuffed eggplant with walnuts and roquefort in a light tomato sauce
  24. any cream cheese would do I guess
  25. Baselerd what did you do with the candied Quinoa that they did not stick together?
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