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  1. @Anna N, I used the tool for making melon balls, no problem scooping the beet out
  2. from my trip to the farmers market I also brought some beets. I roasted them, took out the inner flesh, stuffed it with minced lamb and served it with greek yoghurt.
  3. Anna, I use it wherever a recipe calls for salted lemons. I love to put it in mash, oriental stews, in marinades, couscous, let your mind flow........ recipe; 5 lemons, cut in slices, mix with 4 tbsp seasalt, cover, freeze overnight. next day, defrost for 15 min, place them in a pot with 5 garlic gloves, 1/2 cinnamon bark, 1 red chili, 1/2 staranis, 1 bayleaf, 1/2 tsp roasted cumin seeds, 1 tbsp sugar, 150 ml oliveoil. cover and let it simmer for 45 min. cool it a bit, take out anis and cinnamon and bay, mix, put it in a container, cover with oil, enjoy!
  4. I did not cook much in the last two weeks, too much work und lack of time. today I went to te market, bought what attracted me und went home cooking. Polpetti di melanzani con Salsa al pomodoro. If you like eggplant, you will love this dish
  5. @Okanagancook, yes I used a teaspoon. for this dish the spaetzle should be bigger as from a ricer
  6. there are some meals, that take me right back to my childhood.this is one: kind of spätzle with eggs, I pimped it with truffle butter.
  7. I am not happy with my plating today, the taste was good, but I did not have enough time to think about how to arrange the components. fig-leaf pasta, fresh figs, feta, crispy prosciutto, fig vincotto.
  8. hot weather = cold food, tomato/strawberry soup sounds weird, but delicious, pepper, olive oil and aged balsamico to finish
  9. simple salad for dinner from the fridge, runnerbeans, zucchini, toasted brioche
  10. @chefmd hihi, you can work on it, visitors are always welcome!
  11. I had a dear friend for the weekend at my place, we went out to dine for 3 days, 4th day, we had to cook ;-) the result (we did not buy anything, just from my stock, should I worry? ;-) ) Zucchinirolls, stuffed with a salted sheeps cheese on a fingerlicking carott/campari/orange reduction with crispy quinoa foie gras with port figs and wild herb salad (it was dark already, so we were looking for greens with a flashlight in my garden ) aperol sorbet with sea buckthorn and assam pepper.
  12. ninagluck

    Waxy potatoes

    thank you everybody, I hope she finds something from the above that meets her needs!
  13. I have a dear friend, living in the US and she has a problem finding potatoes for a german salad, Golden Dutch was so far best choice, but still not satisfying,What are the best choices?
  14. thank you @Okanagancook, I will keep my eyes open!
  15. Steve Irby and Okanagancook, could you post a pic of the juicer? I have never seen before
  16. it was raining all day, so I needed some comfort food. potato salad, pimped with rocket, hardboiled egg and some crispy speck
  17. thank you Okanagancook, I had the lamb for 1,5 h at 58°C under water and for me it was perfect
  18. before I get my next half lamb, I should finish what is still in the freezer ;-) braised fennel, bean ragout with grainy mustard, lamb, crispy garlic.
  19. ninagluck

    Sous vide halibut

    I put my fish fillets for abt 1,5 hours in a 4% salt solutions, the flesh holds together after the bath and can easily be browned after.
  20. I'm afraid, the pic is not really great, but the taste was: blueberry gnocchi, sv cod, peppered blueberries, chanterelles.
  21. today it was far too cold for August, so I decided to make some soup. cream of chanterelle, parsley jelly, chanterelle tartar, quails egg, crispy ham.
  22. finally porcini season is here. today I paired it with quail. the breasts cooked sous vide and then fried in butter. legs in panko and deep fried. fried porcini, porcini cream and a fried quails egg.
  23. honestly, I think there are too many flavours on the plate, I could probably live with the vegs but not with the sauerkraut with a schnitzel
  24. Sartoric, when it comes to Schnitzl, us Viennese are not very tolerant ;-)
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