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  1. no homecooking tonight, I went to a hungarian festival in the afternoon. as we had abt 30°C, I did not feel like having goulash. I had Langos instead
  2. @Anna N, it's there in abundance in regular supermarkets for little money
  3. @Anna N and @Kim Shook I bought duck foie gras, shame on me, but could not resist!
  4. I went to Hungary today to buy some non correct food, so not much time for cooking left ;-) simple pasta with anchovis, capers, spring onions, white wine and some cherry tomatoes.
  5. @Anna N, I was lucky, seconds later the shank did not keep it's position ;-)
  6. another freezer find. braised maroccan lambshank, couscous harissa yogurt
  7. well, I don't think that my salt or sugar or syrup has any medical effect ;-)
  8. ratio is abt 250 g salt and between 80-100 g young needles
  9. oh, @Anna N, it's too late, but I use this bright green ends with no wooden stems. I use the salt for flavouring game. I also cooked some syrup, which complements any game dish like here
  10. tonights dinner did not require much cooking skills. Seabream from the oven, pesto potatoes, salad on the side
  11. If I can get hold of some, I collect the young ends of firs or spruce in may to produce something. today, just simple fir salt which has to dry out now
  12. on mothers day it is a traditon to give hearts to all mothers. So did I: stuffed and braised lambs heart, mushy peas
  13. I don't end up with much more space in the freezer whenever I pull something out. 3 squid tubes were transformed into todays dinner. along with some potatoes and a crisp sald.
  14. am I the only one cooking from the freezer? today a special cut of pork found the way to my table. braised in red wine and served with home made pasta. proof for home made ;-)
  15. I was a good girl today, more space in the freezer! there was a lonely octopus leg, so I pulled it out and served it with potato confit (in goose fat) and some chimichurri
  16. Last night I had a dear friend coming over. we felt like cooking a small spring menue. this is the result: porcelain coated asparagus, raw marinated asparagus, lardo, miso fermented egg yolk char, sorrel butter, buttermilk fried citrus, chive oil goats cheeses, asparagus jam, honey from black garlic, fried white walnut rhubarb: mousse, gel, ginger sponge, icecream, crispy milk crumble
  17. @Smithy, hihi if I am finished with my freezer I might be dead ;-)
  18. from the freezer: monkfish cheeks, first asparagus of the year, nduja.
  19. no easter next year, I ate the bunny (at least one leg) deboned rabbit leg with herb butter inside, mustard sauce, carrot dumplings
  20. tonights dinner: lamb, potatoe mash with wild garlic, fava beans with chorizo, fermented green pepper. a glass of red wine to go with, made it perfect for me.
  21. my pickled and then frozen char was transformed into tonights dinner
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