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  1. I officially opened the soup season tonight: beef broth with fried bread dumplings, with lots of mountain cheese. this is a very traditional dish, served all over the country during the cold seasons.
  2. most of the carrots from the fridge were used for tonights dinner: carrots two ways, pork tenderloin. I can almost see the bottom of the veggie drawer
  3. i still have lots of vegetables in my fridge. tonight I finished the swiss chard along with a sea bream and lots of garlic
  4. I melted the duck fat, put it in a shallow baking pan and cold smoked it 3 x 10h
  5. on the weekend I cooked with some friends a "welcome fall" dinner amuse: scrambled egg, porcini, "belper knolle" miso cured egg yolk, nettle Terrine with porcini, quail, black walnuts, raspberry vinegar pearls, breadsticks Bitter Greens, butter sauce, finger limes reduced red cabbage juice, red cabbage kimchi, jicama Carp Quenelles.yellow beet mash, horsradishfoam, salty fingers Beer and sea buckthorn shot the duck: confit of leg in smoked duck fat, breast, chestnut dumplings, cranberries, jus Mille Feuile, filled with a dark chocolate ganache with williams pear schnaps, pear in a saffron/vanilla syrup, sorbet from pear cider, pear gel, sweet capers
  6. working in the garden does not give much time for cooking, so I made a roasted cauliflower (it was not that big) with whipped sheeps cheese cream
  7. I was in Hungary today, the farmers market there offered me the meals for the weekend. parasol mushsooms on toasted bread tonight
  8. not appealing at all, but delicious! this bread sauce with lots of horseradish is usually served in Vienna with boiled beef (called Semmelkren) . While my trip to Slovenia I had it served with their traditional sausages which was new to me. so I bought sausages there and cooked it tonight back home, still like it.
  9. small pears in a saffron/vanilla syrup for an upcoming dessert
  10. I bought this at the farmers market, no idea what they are, I learned chinese dates, however I put half of it into vodka and the other half into a vinegar brine.
  11. at the farmers market I found radicchio with a bitter taste, I fried it with lots of garlic and used it as a filling for pasta. Paired it with pears and crispy speck. Fall is here!
  12. I have been travelling and eating out much in the last couple of weeks. I went to Slowenias beautiful capital Ljublijana just for the food market, which was amazing. However, being now back to Vienna and summer is gone, I will cook again. Vienna is the capital od breading and deep frying everything, so did I with some beautiful porcini.
  13. I can contribute again, pulled out a striploin fromthe freezer, triple cooked fries and a bearnaise
  14. I did not cook much lately due to tropical temperatures, the rain came last night and I really enjoyed cooking tonight. black cod with fennel and a boullabaisse sauce
  15. ninagluck

    Melting lardo

    I ment to kind of "pre melt" it between 2 silpats and put it then onto the crostini
  16. ninagluck

    Melting lardo

    put it between two silpats
  17. new batch of Harissa, I keep it dry and mix it with more oil when needed
  18. from my last batch of chanterelles I made some terrines, small portions which freeze well. my lemon cucumber in the garden had 1! fruit, not much to do with that. so I served it with the terrine and some apricot chutney
  19. mushroom free dinner tonight (I stillhave some left): baba ganoush, octopus, pimentos and homemade harissa
  20. I'm sorry, but I still have a basket full of chanterelles.
  21. the pic of tonights dinner is not appealing, the taste was. calfs liver with chanterelles and hash brown. I put a hint of licorice powder in the sauce, which compliments the liver
  22. @Anna N, ask 10 Hungarians and you get 10 different recipes ;-) I sweated 1 onion, 3 garlic cloves, 3 sliced white peppers in some vegetable oil. 1 large peeled and deseeded tomato, some tomato concentrate, s+p, (if you wish you can add some heat) let it simmer until the vegetables are really soft. pour into baking dishes, break an egg into the middle and put it into the oven until the eggwhites are set. variations do include sausages.
  23. hungarian lecso with an egg. shakshuka is well known, but I thought I do something more traditional from our former empire ;-)
  24. @Anna N and @chefmd, feta cream = feta plus yoghurt, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil. not more than that, mix to creamy consistency. butter leeks = leeks (white part only) cooked in butter with thyme and a little s+p until soft.
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