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    Dinner 2018

    @Smithy, for the sauce I followed that recipe: https://www.epicurious.com/expert-advice/the-2-ingredient-meyer-lemon-sauce-for-seafood-fish-article
  2. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    thank you so much @Anna N
  3. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    with lots of salmon trimmings in the freezer and a head of savoy cabbage in the fridge, dinner was an easy decision: a variation of the french classic "choux farci". my last meyer lemons were turned into a sauce to give this dish a fresh twist
  4. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    no much meat for the next 40 days ;-) salt baked celeriac in a whey sauce, celeriac crumbles, lemon peel
  5. ninagluck

    Dinner 2018

    after some struggles I found my way back and kept on cooking! weekday dinner: salsify in a buttermilk crust, sauce maltaise
  6. being back at my place after spendng Christmas with my family I could not eat meat. this is what I felt like eating: braised celery, apples, walnuts, goats cheese
  7. today I can contribute again to this thread, pulled some meat out of the freezer, it was horse. so I made some rouladen with potato mash with grainy mustard and orange braised carrots. One bottle of red wine went into the sauce
  8. this is a dish very well known in Greece but can also be eaten in the rest of the world Staka, aka greek bechamel. from sheeps milk, confit egg yolk, crispy pork cracklings.
  9. @Anna N, so simple, slice the squash in 5 mm slices, s+p, and a little mustard. cover with flour and go through eggwash mixed with freshly grated parmesan. fry until golden brown. if the squash is not soft after frying, put it for a few minutes in the oven. serve with whatever dip.
  10. this was a very nice weekday dinner: piccata from butternut squash with garlic dip
  11. having a cold is perfect to use leftovers from the fridge: flatbread with radicchio, apple, speck and some stracciatellia di burrata
  12. @ElsieD, I had it served like veal liver Berlin style but the apples substituted by banana. potato roesti, fried liver, a slice of crispy speck, fried banana, gravy with onions.
  13. @Anna N you are more than welcome, I am sure we might have fun!
  14. @Anna N. fruit with game is quite common, I was surprised how much I liked it. I had banana with liver before but never with game, give it a try!
  15. ninagluck


    one of my favorite salads: young spinach with mushrooms
  16. Fall is game season, I went through my older books and found a recipe: hare with banana, I had a hare loin and I had a banana, easy decision. I made some potato dumplings to go with ans as one can not only make 3, I have some more in the freezer now :-(
  17. I don't bake that often but today I felt like having a cake in the afternoon: bundt cake with pumkinseeds and pumpkinseedoil in the dough
  18. for salads we only use waxy potatoes, can you get hold of fingerlings?
  19. @rotuts, so welcome, pls report when you tried it. As a child I hated it, now I love it; only a few decades between ;-)
  20. @rotuts the base is a potato salad without majonaise, just with a vinaigrette of vinegar and beef broth, there you start. I made a roux of abt 1 tbsp butter and flour, roast a little, but not too dark. add some broth or whatever is available, cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly. add potato salad and dill. adjust seasoning, it might need salt and vinegar. this is a very old recipes from the times nothing was wasted. of course it can be made with fresh potatoes, but I just love the idea turning leftovers into a new meal.
  21. leftover potato salad from yesterday turned into tonights dinner, we call it "sour" potatoes, I served them with a poached egg
  22. we had our national holiday today in Austria, so I made the most traditional dish we have, schnitzel with potato salad
  23. @Anna N, we can buy this dried cubes in every supermarket. example in german http://www.janatuerlich.at/Sonderkapitel/Produkte/Produkte/Portal.aspx?produktgruppe=5101&produkt=1532
  24. @Anna N, it is so simple: 250 g of dried white bread, cut into cubes of abt 1cm, 150 ml milk, 2 eggs, 200 g cheese, grated (Gruyere is fine), 1 shallot, s+p, parsley, nutmeg. sweat the onions in some butter, add parsley and let it cool. mix eggs with milk and pour over the bread. add onions and cheese. mix it well, season it and let it stand for abt 1 hr. adjust with milk if too dry. form patties and fry them in ghee. we serve them as here in a boullion or with a crisp salad on the side. the more stinky the cheese, the better the dumplings ;-)
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