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  1. I certainly have to join here! living alone and having two packed freezers the challenge is a must! Today I grabbed some stuffed pasta, will serve it with brown butter, parmesan and a salad on the side. for tomorrow a pack with lambs liver is thawing in the fridge.
  2. thank you @rotuts, I love to cook modern cuisine, but also want to keep our tradition alive.
  3. sometimes I cook something traditional and realize it is vegan! how did we call it before vegan was invented? goulash from runnerbeans boiled potatoes, comforting winterstew
  4. nose to tail tonight: braised lambs tongue, couscous, yoghurt, crispy chickpeas.
  5. I have been eating out a lot lately, so no much cooking, however, today I tried to clean my fridge, found some "not so nice" cauliflower and turned them into croquettes. served with harrissa mayo
  6. here in Austria we celebrate Christmas tonight. the traditional food for dinner is fish. most people serve carp. this year I went for mackerel two ways, I served it with beetroot, and a white chocolate/horseradish crumble. sounds weird but tastes delicious
  7. this week I got a hare from my hunter, I deboned it and from the smaller pieces I made a ragout with red wine sauce, gnocchis and a parsnip. I find ragouts difficult to plate that they look nice, at least it tasted nice ;-)
  8. I love my vegetable dealer, they notify me whenever they get something and think that might be of interest to me. yesterday I bought japanese artichokes. I turned this little beauties raw into a tatar and some were sauteed and served with bambi and a mash from endives/potatoe.
  9. I love bitter salads and pair them often with fruits. today I had endive, persimmon with blow torched lardo, hazelnuts and cream cheese.
  10. @JohnT, there is a reason, why I make it weeks ahead of christmas, the flavour develops and the "strong" taste fades away. stay strong and be patient ;-)
  11. project cleaning the freezer in progress: tonight I made half of a duckbreast, potatoe mash with smoked vanillabean, spinach and a jus also from my stock.
  12. I love warming soups in winter, today I made a creamsoup with celeriac and apple, topping is crispy chorizo and dried dates. perfect match!
  13. @Shelby I'm so glad you liked it,and yes it is"Eierlikör",but the real one ;-) the flavour gets better over the next weeks,trust me,don't try too much! I will try to make some christmas cookies and treats using that stuff
  14. this year I wanted to grow different vegetables from what I normally grow. I decided to go for cardoons. todays harvest I served sauteed in anchovy butter under a parmesan/panko crust with gnocchi a la romagna from the freezer
  15. on 11th of November we traditionally eat goose, so did I yesterday. I can' see or eat any meat today, so I made a light dish: scallops with finger lime beurre blanc
  16. @liamsaunt, would you mind sharing your cornbread recipe? we don't have a cornbread tradition and I am still experimenting
  17. pumpkin in pumpkin tonight ;-)
  18. we have here in Vienna a big variety of goulash, today I made one you will find in every traditional restaurant. viennese beef goulash with saltsticks, beer and my new kettle ;-)
  19. @Kerry Beal I remember my grandma doing that, never saw it ever since
  20. you can make pasta dough and put an egg yolk in the center
  21. yep, and for the whites go for my pumpkinseed crisps
  22. @Anna N I hope my hundreds of cookbooks start to pay off ;-)
  23. first pumpkin dish in this season: confit chicken wings, poached apple, pumpkin velouté, amarettini crumbles
  24. @BonVivant, we eat them sweet with either nuts or poppy seeds, as a side dish, or as you served it as a main. If I make them, I do a big batch, they freeze very well.
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