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  1. Liuzhou i made a foccacia with blueberries and fresh goats cheese, this was really nice
  2. it was far too hot for cooking the last weeks, so I can't show a lot :-( grilled prawns on cucumber spaghetti, tomato coulis
  3. pineappple salad with celery and peanut is perfect in the heat. chicken breast is just a side!
  4. huiray, I don't in Austria good heating is normally more important than air condition ;-)
  5. BonVivant, I could never drink red wine at this temperatures!
  6. it's extremely hot again, so no big cooking. just pasta with fennel, lemon and squid.
  7. Lebanese flatbread with lamb mince tonight. yoghurt was greek, mint from marocco, beer from Austria, international dinner ;-)
  8. mm84321, I love your pea dish, I steal that!
  9. knowing that eating fois gras is a critical issue, I stand to my weakness once a year. wrapped in kadaif dough with poached peaches
  10. KikiAnn, nice to here, that some traditions have been passed on. when I was a child we also got that on fridays, as this was the thick soup and a sweet dish day. Meat was only served on weekends, so 5 out of 7 days were meatless and this is the tradition I keep. However, try the savoury version, as good as the sweet one!
  11. this is the sweet version,.very popular in winter in skiing areas http://www.austria.info/us/food-and-wine-in-austria/kaiserschmarrn-1203648.html
  12. do you guys know "Kaiserschmarrn"? a very traditional sweet dish from Austria. But "Schmarrn" can do a lot more, today I made a savoury version with fresh goats cheese and pumpkin seeds.
  13. not very innovativ, but I have to have the first kohlrabi this way
  14. Asparagus season is ending soon, before it disappears I made a salsa and served it together with salmon and potatoes
  15. chefmd, I love yor dish! barbecue or oven?
  16. rotuts, it was this recipe: http://ottomancuisine.com/2010/08/18/fellah-kofte-bulgur-gnocchi-in-garlic-tomato-sauce/#more-509
  17. it's far too hot for this time of the year, cooking is reduced to a minimum and only light dishes are served. today I did a turkish recipe, bulgur dumplings in a tomato sauce with yoghurt
  18. summer is here, I welcomed it with a pissaladière with anchovy, alici and a nice rosè
  19. I hardly ever cook during the week, but tomorrow is a public holiday, so no need to get up at 5:30 ;-) spinach dumplings with brown butter, parmesan and a salad on the side
  20. @Shelby, the hay soup is very old, traditional recipe from the alps. base is chicken stock/cream, 1:1, bring it to a boil, add a good handfull good quality hay, cover and let it steam for 2 min. strain add some sparkling wine and season. it is very tasty, but don't let the hay steam too long. goes best with fish.
  21. Shelby, tomorrow, bed time here ;-)
  22. a few times year I cook with friends, this weekends production: mintscone, peacream, sprouts, deer ham. balsamico pearls Asparagus tart on cedri, marinated asparagus, orange infused asparagus hay soup, trout dumplings, trout tartar quail with cream of young garlic, pickled rhubarb deer, baked in speck, young cabbage and a dough with beech sawdust, carrots, caramelized with dandelion syrup, brioche dumpling, fir syrup chocolate leafes, sorbet of young fig leafes, pepper/blossom glass, strawberry ragout, strawberry marshmallow, strawberry jelly, rosemarysand
  23. not much to see, but the taste is amazing, sorbet with fresh fig leafes
  24. kayb, first I baked a brioche, crumbled it and let it dry ;-) with egg yolks, I do following: take an eggcup, line it with cling film., crack in the yolk, twist the cling film tightly, freeze. once frozen, remove the cling film and roll in flour, beaten egg, brioche crumbs. put back into the eggs and into crums to receive a more stable crust.. deep fry and enjoy
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