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  1. I have the Alleno book in German and can highly recommend it!
  2. I was disappointed by the book, expected it more to be like the first one, but it isn't
  3. have a look at the Huxtabook and cracking Yolk & pig tales
  4. the pic is not great, but the dish itself was delicious. crab cake with gingered grapefruit
  5. I don't really like veal, but it was in the freezer. the best I could do was season, roll it, braise it, grill it. served with risi e pisi and a salad. Not that bad, but I am glad its gone.
  6. Anna, the dressing is creme fraiche, some preserved Meyer lemon peel, lemon juice, shallot, salt and olive oil. emulsified with a handblender, if it is smooth stir in some poppy seeds.
  7. I am a cookbook addict and when I go through a new one, the first recipe, catching my eye has to be tried. this time from a boat, a whale & a walrus, the celeriac salad with walnuts and pomegranates, very tasty!
  8. ninagluck

    Fun With Pork Skin

    Shelby, if you have a vacuum sealer, put them there and cook them sous vide and cut after
  9. ninagluck

    Fun With Pork Skin

    Shelby, I did a coating like for a schnitzel, just instead the breadcrumbs pork rind
  10. not much cooking tonight, roasted bone marrow with toasted rye bread.
  11. ninagluck

    Fun With Pork Skin

    Shelby, if you dice them into smaller pieces before hydrating, you can coat anything with the small bits. I once did it with squid, so good!
  12. thnx Franci for bringing this thread up again, i tried to ferment egg yolk in anchovy paste, but did not succeed, the yolk did not keep its shape and I had a messy container :-(
  13. mgaretz, how did you smoke the cauliflower? cold? and then? cooked and just finished with butter?
  14. last weekend I made marmalade from seville oranges, today I used some to go in the marinade for the quail. served it with mash where I mixed in some preserved lemon paste.
  15. Chris, pls did I miss something?
  16. I have no idea how I should translate the name of this dish. in german it is a "gröstl" , fried potatoes with onions, lots of marjoram and black pudding. fresh grated horseradish on top and the cold outside is forgotten
  17. Baron, I just wanted to bite into my screen! looks so delicious!
  18. Vienna has a long tradition of cooking with beef. today I picked an old recipe which you can hardly find on menues in our restaurants these days. rumpsteak, lots of dijon mustard, fresh grated horseradish and then treated as a normal schnitzel.
  19. sometimes I feel like playing around in the kitchen. over the last days I made "meat fruit" from Historic Heston. a chicken liver parfait with tangerine coating.
  20. goulash soup today, warming and filling
  21. a few weeks ago I made various sausages and put them in my freezer. perfect for a quick dinner. today, smoked merguez with couscous and sriracha greek yoghurt
  22. Rotuts I will try next time, but today I wanted something crispy with the beans, plus you don't have to season, as the serrano is salty enough. Shelby, not for long, as you can see the cheeks were not thick. when the ham was nicely brown I took them out.
  23. monkfish cheeks in serrano ham with spicy bean stew
  24. there are some dishes I don't know how to plate them in a more attractive way. nevertheless, it tastes yummi. a traditional austrian recipe, called "reisfleisch", basically a pork stew with rice ;-)
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