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  1. click & clack are my favorite!!! and i have a question for them... but i guess this would be the wrong forum... thanks for all the suggestions folks!! i think the simple italian by mario and the Best Recipe books sound best for me... i am curious about the james beard book though. of its kind, should i really have it in my collection (limited as it may be <my collection that is>)?
  2. yes, i have bouchon & tfl cookbooks but, i don't necessarily cook from them as much as read them... ← Understood. It may be a bit usual, but, many of the Williams and Sonoma books do a good service with California inspired cuisine, I use them a lot. This one the most, Williams-Sonoma Simple Classics Cookbook: The Best of Simple Italian, French & American Cooking (Complete Series) ← i have saveur's authentic american... are they like that? i guess i basically looking for THE cookbook. the ONE that will have every dish idea i can think up for every day dinners. as i'm in yountville, if i want fancy, i am more inclined to go out & pay for someone to do it for me...
  3. yes, i have bouchon & tfl cookbooks but, i don't necessarily cook from them as much as read them...
  4. so i stopped by the bakery tonight, and what did i spy through the window to where the bread is made?? i asked them about it and they call them butterballs there were a few left over and they offered me a few. this was at about 5:45pm...
  5. lately all i do is search for ideas on the internet. i really want a solid collection of go to books that i can use, are user friendly and will stand the test of time. besides, i have a birthday coming up any and all suggestions are appreciated
  6. eje, morton's in union square used to do mini steak sandos for bar snacks. and they flippin rocked too! don't know if they still do.
  7. Carolyn, Your link was to the Hotel Monaco and Grand Cafe. As you call it "Cafe Monaco" is this a different restaurant? It just seems out of character that the food would be so bad. ← Inside the hotel is a formal restaurant known as the Grand Cafe. But just inside, where the bar is located, is what is known as Cafe Monaco that serves bar food. I have not eaten at the sit-down restaurant, but was dining off their Cafe menu which includes a charcuterie plate, French onion soup, my aforementioned tartare and escargot, burgers, and other nibbles. I agree and was astounded that the food was so bad -- I have wanted to dine at the restaurant but am reluctant to give them money if their simple cafe can't perform. ← i was there a couple months ago w/ my husband and its was absolutely horrible. we used to live in the city & had stopped in for a quick bite (we were staying at the addiagio) and the bar was dirty, the service totally lacking and the food was blech. in hind sight, i wish we had complained, but since we're both in the industry, we really didn't feel like making a scene on our day off. i'll never go back. now, if you are ever in the inner richmond again (where we lived for 8 years), go to burma super star. but don't report back as i'll be toooooooo jealous. i wish someone would have told me that there is no asian / ethnic food in the napa valley before we got here...
  8. dvs

    Top Chef

    My thought was that in the food industry Cornell would mean more than "Ivy League," so why say it? I guess if you feel the need to put on your c.v. that your parents are nuclear f***ing physicists you might have some reason. Edited to add: also, there are many undergrad programs that compare perfectly well to Ivy ones. Stanford and Swarthmore are not Ivy League-- so what? It seems like kind of an old-fashioned thing to emphasize. ← my father is a high energy physicist!! can i really put that on my resume??!!
  9. dvs

    Spring Ants

    i put out those ant traps (we call them ant cookies) that are child safe (as we have a wee one). the ants swarm for a few days (i tend to kill them w/ whatever cleaner i have near) and then they're GONE!~!
  10. dvs

    Top Chef

    for whoever wanted that "i'm not your bitch, bitch" t-shirt: http://www.nbcuniversalstore.com/detail.ph...729bbceaa82f50e
  11. i was in there just for drinks on friday night and the bathroom was totally littered with trash. very unappealing.
  12. dvs

    How to make a sandwich

    gross as it is... i believe miracle whip is either "salad dressing" or "sandwich spread" not mayo.
  13. dvs

    Wine tour of Napa/Sonoma

    marco from Charbay is all that & then some. give them a call and see if you can set up an appointment.
  14. well... my thought is that a place that shares a space w/ another store probably won't be that good. and if st helena does sushi like they do chinese food... well, you get the picture. i think *if* the WG were to become a sushi bar, and tk was behind it, it'd most certainly be a success. that being said, it ts just a rumor. he could just as likely do a burger joint... to comment on yountville kissing keller's ass, one just has to read the yountville sun to realize that isn't true at all. the town council has been putting the plans for the new hotel threw the ringer and then some...
  15. an inexpensive family one ← Or anything REMOTELY ethnic (besides the local taco joint...) Chinese? Japanese? Lebanese? Algerian? Turkish? Moroccan? etc... ← Do you guys REALLY think Keller would do ethnic? (not counting French, of course!) ← there have been whisperings of sushi
  16. an inexpensive family one ← Or anything REMOTELY ethnic (besides the local taco joint...) Chinese? Japanese? Lebanese? Algerian? Turkish? Moroccan? etc... ← i'd give my right arm for some decent chinese!!! just yesterday i went all the way to santa rosa to gary chu's for my much needed fix!! and i just gotta say, when i heard that real restaurants was in the running to snag the pinot blanc space, i was just praying for a betelnut!! but cindy got it, and, OH BOY!! we get a fish house instead
  17. an inexpensive family one
  18. the best waiter at one of my favorite restaurants just turned 50 AND he was awarded employee of the year at this past x-mas party
  19. thanks for the link! i love the idea of rice & eggs & veggies (all good finger food). is there a best way to prepare the rice & eggs so they're stable?
  20. i don't know if this has been posted before... but i'm looking for ideas to pack in my daughters lunchbox that won't go bad by lunchtime. i have 2 small ice pack things that i can put in the bag w/ the food, but i'm really concerned about playing it safe. she'll be 2 next month... she can't have nuts... hasn't really mastered the spoon yet. i've been searching for picnic safe foods and the like, but i'm still a bit stumped. i'd like to come up w/ 5 or so "go to" meals i can whip together to send her off with. fwiw, she's not a picky eater, but she rarely eats a whole lot. thanks for any & all input!!
  21. The French Laundry Tasting-Menu Lunch on March 10, 2006 ... as remembered by my father... 1. Champagne (real) – vineyard and vintage not recorded. 2. Cheese puff with gruyere and mornay sauce. 3. Salmon tartare in a tiny ice cream cone with creme fraiche and chives. 4. Two soups (M&F): (a) Pea shoots with red & yellow sweet pepper. (b) Parsnip soup with granny smith apple and creme fraiche. 5. Caviar course — hot and cold: (a) Hot: “Oysters and Pearls”: Sabayon of pearl tapioca with Beau Soleil oysters and Sevruga caviar. (b) Cold: with cauliflower and panne cotta. 6. Fish course #1 with wine: Schollium Project — Sauvignon blanc (Carneros, Cal.) (a) Salt cod brandade, with potato, and tomato coulis. (b) Atlantic salmon chop with black truffles. 7. Hen egg “hollandaise”, with truffle; black truffle infused cream. 8. Salad course with wine: Prager(?) Gr¨uner Veltliner; Bouchon bread with sweet butter from Cal. and salt butter from Vermont. (a) Hawaiian hearts of peach palm, crispy haupia, mizuna shoots and glazed red radishes. (b) Pate and peppers (?) 9. Pasta course with wine: Mt. Eden Chardonnay, 2001, Santa Cruz Mountains (excellent!) (a) Fettuccine with white sauce and shaved black trues. (b) Risotto in white sauce and black trues. 10. Fish course #2 with wine: Deux C, 2004 (50% Santa Barbara, 50% Rhone Valley) (a) Dorade. (b) Kahlua (sp??) with haricots and amandes. 11. Lobster tail course: (a) Lobster with king trumpet mushrooms. (b) Lobster with cippolini onion shoots and bulb and bone marrow button in sauce Bordelaise. 12. Moulard duck foie gras en terrine avec six sels, with Alsacian Gewurztraminer, confit of rhubarb, perigord truffle coulis, Sicilian pistachio crumble and frisee lettuce. 13. Meat course #1: Devil’s Gulch Ranch “jambonette de lapin” bunny — rack, loin and liver, with Cote Rotie (Rhone). 14. Meat course #2, with Clos du Bourg(?): (a) Saddle of lamb — Elysian Fields Farm “selle d’agneau rotie entiere”, glazed artichoke gratin. sweet carrot buttons, wilted spinach and sauce d’agneau. (b) Cˆote de boeuf and black trumpet mushrooms. 15. Cheese course (small!) with Prager Gr¨uner Veltliner again. 16. Caf´e 17. Madeira – 1978 18. White verjus granit´e with ni¸coise olive nougatine. 19. Coffee and donuts, a la TFL. 20. Wine: 1971 PX (?) plus two chocolate miracles! 21. Chocolates, etc., etc., etc.
  22. dvs

    Cookie Question

    yeah, sorry... i'm looking for a non sugar replacement.
  23. sorry if this has been asked & answered before... i'm wondering what i can use to replace 2/3 cup of brown sugar in the following oatmeal cookie recipe: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies 1/2 cup unsalted butter 2/3 cup tightly packed light brown sugar 1 egg, lightly beaten 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1cup all purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 1 cup raisins bananas? apple sauce? if so, how much? thanks in advance for any help!
  24. i was there last friday and it was absolutely wonderful. lunch. 16 courses. 10 (or so) wines. 5 hours. i'll report back w/ the menu when it gets typed up this weekend. service was amazing.
  25. thomas kellar is always around (in yountville)
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