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  1. hi all! i'm making a key lime cheese cake and i'd like to use sugared or candied key lime wheels as a garnish, but i can't find how to do this... anyone have a clue? THANKS!!
  2. cook in st helena is great! small, lots of wonderful homemade pastas & the like. and jude, the chef, is awesome!
  3. YAY!! i'm looking forward to this blog too! your kitchen is beautiful!! Please expand on the cooking classes!
  4. so, those 2 are the finalists for the season??
  5. dvs


    thats BS!! and illegal! methinks you should give loretta keller a call...
  6. stunning blog! i am sooooooo jellus! i mean, i live in the land of french laundry, bouchon & bistro jeanty and this blog has left me feeling utterly deprived of good food!! you're a lucky woman! Cheers& happy new year!
  7. try these folks: Eclectic Tour even if they can't do it, they will be able to refer you to someone
  8. see this link for union square suggestions - posted today by michael bauer in his blog: click me
  9. no one has called him on this yet??? PISHAW!!
  10. dvs

    Reality Wine Cellars

    i got verrrrrrry lucky and scored a 650 bottle vinotemp on craigslist for $500 (regular $3000) before things started to heat up this past summer. I LOVE IT!!
  11. my husband & i fought for weeks over who would get which cavity for their stuffing (neck or other end). of course i won & got the big cavity. well, we both had stuffing left over & put the extra into casserole dishes. well, after dinner i commented that all my stuffing was gone and he just nodded and said it went over well... the next morning, i found the casserole w/ MY stuffing still in the oven. dead.
  12. wonderful report! thank you so much for sharing! what did you think of Farm? btw, the 2004 Seavey Cabernet also got a 94 from Mr. Parker
  13. Moderator Note: Split from The Next Iron Chef topic. anyone have anything to report about the battle last night? i went to bed early zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. dvs


    would love to hear all about it!
  15. dvs


    Sounds wonderful! I really have to get to this restaurant! How was the rest of your trip?
  16. At the beginning of November I'll be waking up each morning at an inn directly next door to Bouchon bakery. Rising each morning to the smell of buttery pastry and coffee sounds fine to me. Oh how hard it will be to have to choose each night from Redd, Ad Hoc, Bouchon, or Bistro Jeanty. To have such troubles . . . ← Heads-up on Bouchon bakery: It has been getting a LOT of downhill reports lately on CH, Yelp, and from Locals (Samgiovese, care to comment?). Apparently they can't keep staff... ← the entire mgmt staff of both places has turned over since february.
  17. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    me too! me too!!
  18. i lived at 7th & lake for 9 years and, go ahead & call me a scenester, but I LOVED burma superstar & miss it dearly! especially since there isn't a STITCH of asian food here in napa county...
  19. dvs

    wedding gift wine

    another good question - where will you be shipping the wine to?
  20. i'd ask your exec chef (who i assume will give you a <hopefully positive> recommendation) if they'd mind you putting "sous chef" on your resume as your current title.
  21. i can't remember the name either, but they are no longer there... it was on Union at steiner
  22. they have the best little lamb chops ever!!
  23. dvs

    San Raphael

    pizzeria picco in Larkspur!! http://www.pizzeriapicco.com/
  24. I'll be going there on Friday for dinner. Has anyone been lately? Anything to report?
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