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    Mustard Greens

    Our mustard greens are ready for dinner tonight! any one have a good recipe? i'm serving w/ pork chop milanese... if that helps! tia!
  2. i'll be traveling to boston next week to stay with my folks and sent along the request that they be stocked w/ diapers & 2% milk. everything else i can buy after i get there. when my dad comes to visit me, i make sure my house is stocked w/ johnnie walker red. seems like a fair trade to me
  3. Do you go to several different grocery stores? i go to trader joe's and a combo of either safeway / nob hill foods / albertson's Do you clip coupons? nope, club card What do you usually buy at the grocery store? at tj's i buy bananas, grapes, baby apples, romaine, brussle sprouts, cauliflour, broccoli, preped foods, chicken, steak, pork, coffee, cereal, yogurt, milk, eggs & vino. at the other stores, i buy beer, bread, onions, garlic, waffles, ice cream, juice and bunny cookies & crackers. Do you tend to buy more meat or more produce? i split it up Are you too ashamed to make purchases from the "reject bin?" i would if there was one. Do you make a list? every week i make my list on a postit and them stick it to the cart as i'm shopping (don't know why everyone doesn't do this) How many refridgerators and pantries do you have for food storage? since we moved, i have a narrower than normal fridge which sucks and makes me have to be very careful to not buy too much and we have a big pantry in our garage. Do you enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do? i doubt it, but i generally like to do the task...
  4. again, thanks! we have reservations at no. 9 park for our anniversary & i will report back. are there any other lunch type places w/ toddler that anyone can suggest? we'll be based in brookline, but will be all over the place cambridge, newbury street, aquarium, south end...
  5. thanks for all the replies! my dad really wants to take us to 10 Tables. any info on that place?
  6. dvs

    Restaurant club

    bouchon has high chairs
  7. dvs

    Chefs trip to Wine Country

    because of course we don't have any of that hospitality thing you mention here in napa i think most tours you can set up are educational. joseph phelps, far niente and franciscan have pretty informative personal tastings that you can get by appt. to name a few. i suggest if there is a producer you like, to give them a call and let them know the kind of experiance you're looking for and see if that is something they offer. most of the smaller wineries are perfect for one on one info & tasting sessions.
  8. i'm looking for a few special dinners and lots of good & toddler friendly places for lunch & dinner. the 7th is my husband's 40th & the 8th is our wedding anniversary... thanks in advance for any & all suggestions! p.s. i'm originally from boston but haven't been back for 3 years...
  9. as an aside... how much energy do those boys suck up & what is the price range? my employers are slaughtering a cow soon and i want in, but mt current fridge can't handle it.
  10. YOU HAVE A FOOSBALL TABLE!!?? :jealous: thanks everyone... i've gone by size and most used. really, i have less than 50 for now but the wine books of mr. dvs have their own shelf as well. thanks for all the replys!!
  11. globe is another. i believe there was an article sometime in the recent past in the sf chron detailing quite a few... i'll look around and report back.
  12. looks like the chron is still pretty annoyed about the whole thing... this is like the 5th piece about the guide... IS MICHELIN MISGUIDED? At least 10 significant errors found in first Bay Area edition of restaurant handbook http://sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file...MNGPULK6VQ1.DTL
  13. not sure if this has been addressed elsewhere, but... i finally have moved to a house where i have the space to give all of my cookbooks their own space *hizzah*!! well, i'm wonering how to organize them. do you do it by size? alphabetically? by title? by author? help!
  14. the original plan was to be open for just 6 months or so. i figure it'll close sometime late spring 07.
  15. nope. for sure temporary.
  16. ok, so we went on sunday night. no wait to get in at 7pm. we started off with an heirloom tomato & housemade mozzarella salad. the main course was roasted pork loin w/ braised chard. dessert was chocolate cake (needed ice cream). the salad & the main were served family style and there was plenty of food for the 4 of us. apparently you will soon be able to call ahead to find out what they will be serving that evening (after 3pm i believe). i will be checking back for the fried chicken all in all, a good meal.
  17. i'm going tonight for dinner. has anyone else been yet? i will report back...
  18. All the more reason to to SF for sushi ← much like my experience at ikea this weekend... not w/ a toddler
  19. except for the fact that i now live in yountville... i found them at albertsons... so thanks to whoever posted that for the suggestion. and i think i paid about 1.50/pack.
  20. from my friend who works in the WF meat dept: speaking from the meat department side, our regional coordinator travels around the world and inspects each farm for how the animals are raised, how they're treated, making sure that the animals can be traced from birth batch to slaughter, blah, blah, blah..................... now cured meats present a problem in how they're cured. most commercial plants cure their meats with nitrates or nitrites to help keep a longer shelf life.... all the lunch meats that I order (I'm the poultry buyer in my department) are cured with either sugar or salt or celery juice. less shelf life once the packaging is opened, but a more natural taste than oscar meyer....... now those animals may or may not be getting hormone shots. what are they being fed? they should be getting an all natural vegetarian diet minus corn. most of the worlds supply of corn has been genetically modified. there is almost no getting around that....... now all decisions for what WFM will carry are carried out at the regional level. i haven't had rabbit in three years now because the provider, grimaud, lost their barn to fire way back when and they won't rebuild because they never made a profit from naturally raised rabbit. if you've got land and can clear it in the three year period it takes to clear land of pesticides, you might be able to run your own biz and make money since I get the question of if we carry rabbit like at least 3 to 5 times a month...........
  21. does anyone have a good online sourse to order pocky? just the normal ones... i found them once at the Napa safeway (made by LU) and haven't seen them since. my daughter LOVES them fwiw, i will be using them for potty training
  22. Where'd you hear/read that? ← i've lived it. why? do you doubt it? ← Yes. Why would anybody call anybody else who's not a chef "chef"? ← everyone works hard at the restaurant no matter what they do or what they wear. quoted from above... well, its true. they're all chefs in tk's book. ← I find that (everybody calling one another chef) difficult to believe without actual proof. Even if it is true, I think it's absurd -- one doesn't have to be a chef to work hard (and vice versa). ← what do you want me to do record it? they all call eachother "chef". i am assuming that everyone is expected to act and present themselves as if they were "the chef"... i know the idea of carrying oneself as a chef at all times might be a stretch, but thats what they're striving for, and so, i guess, they call eachother chef... think of it as a command to task and a term of endearment.
  23. Where'd you hear/read that? ← i've lived it. why? do you doubt it? ← Yes. Why would anybody call anybody else who's not a chef "chef"? ← everyone works hard at the restaurant no matter what they do or what they wear. quoted from above... well, its true. they're all chefs in tk's book.
  24. Where'd you hear/read that? ← i've lived it. why? do you doubt it?
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