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  1. ooohhh!!! congrats! i can't wait to follow along w/ the progress!!
  2. from eater: The Food Network is in production on The Next Iron Chef, a reality show on which -- see if you can follow along with us -- the next Iron Chef, to be chef #5 along side Batali, Flay, Morimoto and Cora, will be selected by the judging panel of Michael Ruhlman (noted food writer), Andrew Knowlton (Restaurant Editor of Bon Appétit magazine) and Donatella Arpaia (NY restaurateur).
  3. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    Gustatory or even gustative would be the adjectives to use. Tut-tut; all that expensive education! Ted ← For those who don't know, Ted is my dad - and one of the sources of payment for that expensive education ! kim ← AWESOME!!
  4. I'll second that and add to me she looked like a Manson follower with that blank yet crazed facial expression. ← crank?
  5. I had an absolutely wonderful meal at Picco in Larkspur this past Saturday night! The space is lovely and the staff (and chef Bruce Hill) are great! We had the Ahi Tartare, the iceburg salad, the raviolis and the tuscan style steak. oh! and frites!! delicious all! RUN! Don't WALK!!
  6. that AB gets around... http://gawker.com/news/regret-the-error/an...shmi-274386.php or not...
  7. I'm looking for childrens books to encourage picky eaters. any & all suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  8. dvs


    i have 3 gallons of merlot that i will be turning into sangria this weekend for my b-day... i usually add pineapple juice, oj, lemons, oranges and apples and call it a day... unless i happen to have some amaretto on hand, then i'll add that too
  9. the ferme juilan rose is great as the perrin cotes du rhone! both daily drinkers at our house!
  10. Michael Bauer lists a bunch of breakfast places in his blog today with useful tips like when lines start forming...
  11. not sure if anyone has mentioned Cook or Cindy's Back Street Kitchen in St Helena for light lunches... casual and good food. also, martini house is open for lunch fri - sun and has a great kobe beef buger.
  12. Seavey Vineyard is pretty close.
  13. dvs

    Winery Tasting Rooms

    if you don't think people are visiting tasting rooms to get drunk, just give a call to Duckhorn and ask them why they went to "by appointment only".
  14. dvs

    Winery Tasting Rooms

    i work at a winery that doesn't charge for tastings and pours 4 wines range from $30/bts to $85/btl. we're open by appointment only and rarely do more than 2 tastings a day. that said, we're so off the beaten path that if someone takes the time to make it out here, they usually buy wine which offsets our pouring costs. i think most wineries in Napa and elsewhere installed a tasting fee to discourage people just coming to get drunk. now many are going to the by appointment only policy to combat the same thing. nothing like commuting on silverado trail w/ a bunch of drunks...
  15. sausalito & san rafael are WAY too far from napa & sonoma. there is a cute b & b in yountville called the Bordeaux House that is great & won't break the bank. also, in st helena the El Bonita is great & inexpensive. my recent winery treks have included, Shafer Kosta Browne Kutch Outpost Ladera Quixote Siduri all are by appointment only & all were amazing!
  16. dvs

    Wine Scores as Collectibles

    i tasted Shane's wines this past Friday (along w/ KB & Kutch)... delicious!!
  17. brawney. pick a size. white. eot.
  18. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    HA! i wish... they were houseguests of my boss.
  19. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    file this under "its a small world"... last night we made Sara Moulton's Pork Scaloppini (and added capers) which was great. served w/ angel hair pasta and a fresh from the garden arugula salad. this AM, my boss walks in w/ an older couple and asks me if i knew who sara moulton was, to which i replied "yes, i made one of her recipes last night". The older couple was her parents! they left w/ a big proud smile. p.s. Chufi, thanks for the recipe!
  20. speaking from the front of the house, it's all about the mornings. My husband until recently worked 70+ hours a week as the GM of a busy restaurant. even though he'd work until 2am and get to sleep at 3am or so, when i would go to take a shower at 7am, he'd wake up & play with our (now 3 years old) daughter until we left for work/school. we've been married for 8.5 years and both met while managing restaurants in SF, so we understood the lifestyle and the hours. that said, there is no way, unless we owned, that we could both manage restaurants now. so, i happily made the switch to the wine industry, working m-f / 9-5 making more $
  21. i don't think they have a baker right now... but i also haven't been there in 3 months. in other news the Rudd's (of dean & deluca fame) have bought Gordon's.
  22. our coffie maker died & thankfully we have the french press... problem is we have never used one. it's standard (4 cup?) size. how much beans do we grind? waiting times after adding hot h2o? help!! we'll be dying tomorrow w/ out the info
  23. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    Chufi, do you have a recipe you use for your gougeres? could blue cheese be used to flafor them? would your recipe translate well to make these for an event w/ 60 or so people?
  24. But not under Thos Keller, was it? ← the laundry started way back under Don and Sally Schmitt. TK took it over in 1994, as DVS points out. I don't think Jeanty started until 1998 or 99. It's kind of amazing how recent the napa dining scene is. i remember when it was mustards and taylors. ← jeanty opened in 98
  25. But not under Thos Keller, was it? ← i believe he's been the owner since 1994
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