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  1. also, the tablehopper newsletter is a great source of inside info... google it & sign up.
  2. btw, TFL was around before Jeanty... as far as industry bars in the city, check out R Bar Eastside West (find out when Erik is going to be there) Tommy's Mexican Lucky 13 absinthe
  3. http://blog.ruhlman.com/ sorry for the non post when i added this... i watched all of 5 minutes of the show and it was so painful i went to bed early. i see AB agrees.
  4. Its my turn to bring dinner for the bocce team this week. of course i couldn't just throw some sammiches together... so... we're making chili & corn bread that i want to serve with iceburg lettuce wedges that can be dipped into a chunky blue cheese dressing. i've got everything but the dressing. and good & savory recipes out there? TIA!!
  5. what a wonderful meal & experience!! thank you for sharing!!
  6. i'll start... clement street is a great place to wander & find tons of cheap eats (it's considered SF's 2nd chinatown). i used to live in the hood & love Burma Superstar. for take out dimsum, i love Good Luck dimsum (nothing like being able to have dimsum on x-mas morning!!).
  7. paradux has some nice "nibbles" with their tasting
  8. They deliver! i guess that is wonderful news for you then!!
  9. dvs

    Training Films

    the only restaurant i ever worked at (as a beginning manager for all of 10 weeks) that had a training video was Pizzeria Uno. all the ones in SF are out of business now.
  10. dvs


    i good friend of mine (brian reccow) owns Sol y Lago in Tahoe city. "Sierra Latino Cuisine" ok food, ok wine list & a great view. if you go, tell him i said hi & i'll probably be up there next weekend!
  11. fyi... the outlets in petaluma (on the sonoma side) are much better than napa
  12. the silver oak tasting will cost you $$ and will be over in the blink of an eye. so, you could schedule a couple more tastings close by (miner, sinsky...)
  13. does anyone have any not horrible suggestions for lunch & dinner dining where we can take our almost 3 year old in Santa Cruz? we'll be visiting mid february. THANKS!!
  14. Miner Family makes a great one YUM!
  15. dvs

    Corkage fees

    sounds like a big case of "they need the $$ any $$"
  16. dvs

    Corkage fees

    1st question: how much is the corkage fee? 2nd question: are they changing out the glassware when you open the second (different) bottle of wine?
  17. in CA the bottle MUST go in the trunk. ← So, if your car doesn't have a trunk, you're not allowed to take it with you? Yikes. I generally fly to CA but I drove out this summer and violated that daily. ← does your car have a "way back"? we have an suv and if we were to ever not finish a btl , we'd put it in the "way back".
  18. dvs

    Dinner! 2007

    beautiful mando chufi! my best friend growing up was korean and on afternoons when we would make mando (100's) her mom would tell us when they were particularily pretty that meant we would have beautiful children... worked for me would you share your recipe?
  19. in CA the bottle MUST go in the trunk.
  20. thats just plain crazy... has anyone else had this experience? btw, bauer is know to be pretty snarky... and, i wonder what other critics he was with (it'll probably show up in their blogs too )
  21. 1. I hope that (mis)spelling of "c(h)lorine" is yours, dvs; and 2. Quite simply put: ?? ← nope... his. he's kind of a dope anyway...
  22. Michael Bauer's blog entry for today in the SF Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate...=12822#readmore "Yet the kicker came at the end of the savory course when the busser came over and spritzed the table with a disinfectant so full of clorine that it made more of an impression than the truffle risotto." ouch...
  23. Yeah, Bouchon has been a thought but, on the other hand I cook that stuff at home -- often from the Bouchon cookbook -- and my "regular" is a French Bistro (and I've been to a couple in France). Not that I don't believe that Bouchon is better than all those places (though our home-cooked stuff is quite swell) but it might be fun to get a little further off the reservation. Speaking of reservations, is Bouchon already so booked up that contemplating a res for next Saturday night is absurd, anyway? ← i'd call RIGHT now... or check opentable
  24. can anyone recommend a chinese cookbook that they love and isn't too difficult?
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