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  1. dvs

    Del Posto

    i'm thinking about making a special trip out from CA (we'll go to per se too )... i's so surprised theres no word here...
  2. dvs

    Del Posto

    has anyone eaten there? has there been a review?
  3. dvs


    dinner was wonderful! the pastas were some of the best i've ever had. service was flawless and the room was very romantic. i'll post the menu as soon as i get it faxed to me
  4. Huh, that is interesting. I would think that between the guys from Tommy's and Jacques Bezuidenhout, (last seen concocting incredibly expensive libations for Harry Denton's Starlight Room and recently featured in Cocktailian,) they would at least manage to at least get the bar right. ← they also have the chef from globe desigining the menu... and they were reviewed on the 16th http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?...1.DTL&type=food
  5. at better restaurants it's usually more about what looked good at the market that day or what the chef felt like doing out of the ordinary based on availablity of ingredients, or weather, or whatever. as far as not trusting restaurants, well, i don't eat at restaurants that i don't trust. i'm not sure why anyone would. ← this has been my experience... but mostly, i think restaurants try to keep "specials" in line with the regular menu's pricing and if it is more $$ will mention it. i think the general thought is that it is tacky to mention $$ (unless the special is $$$).
  6. dvs


    nice! i'm looking forward to it!!
  7. dvs


    i'm going w/ my husband on saturday night...
  8. i find fernet to be the ultimate attitude adjustment in a shot glass... but thats just me
  9. i was troubled by the fact that their 3.5 *'s stemmed from the atmosphere rating... wtf is that all about? shouldn't the push over the * edge be based on food?
  10. dvs

    Menu Help

    ahi tartare w/ a quail egg perched in the center (mix in after presentation)
  11. I guess it has to do with the fact that considering the dirth of almost any decent BBQ in the Napa valley, the "any port in a storm" defense rings true. You know there is going to be one going into the old Saketini place in the Target/Trader Joe's strip mall? Brave folks... ← and a wholefoods in the same complex!! i'll never make it past trancas again
  12. i just had an ok and not crowded breakfast at the Hydro Bistro (not sure if that is actually the name, but you can't miss it). i gotta say, i'm surprised about the bbq recommendation... i really wasn't impressed at all with the food there.
  13. dvs

    Crab Cakes

    does anyone have a recipe for crab cakes they recommend? we finally had our crab fest last night & i want to make cakes w/ the leftovers. thanks for any help!!
  14. dvs

    fruit flies

    thanks guys... i have the vinegar & sugar solution w/ plastic wrap that holes punched in on the counter... there are a couple in there DYING as we speak... a couple renegades are still vying for my vino though...
  15. what can you do to get rid of them? i just found a rotted tangering in the middle of a bag full & they're everywhere... and they're attacking my vino HELP!!
  16. Cafe Society in Napa serves ANGELINA’S CHOCOLAT CHAUD - Not in the same category as ordinary hot chocolate, people stand in line for hours to savour this “chocolat Africain” at Angelina’s in Paris. If you can imagine drinking a melted chocolate bar, you will have a good idea of what this experience will bring you. Café Society imports this delicious treat from Angelina’s exclusively in the Bay Area. (<----- from a blurb i wrote for them) its delicious!
  17. thanks guys... after the fact, i bought a thermometer. but, i will never again fry anything in this house. the whole place reeks
  18. ok, so we're making buttermilk fried chicken. we don't have a meat therm to tell us whether the oil is ready. how do we tell?? THANK YOU FOR ANY AND ALL HELP!! we're looking for a temp of 350 to fry it for 12 minutes on one side and cook until done (?!) on the other side...
  19. honestly, i have no idea... but do you have a favorite burger place i might recommend to him? he's from boston & LOVES mr. bartley's (if you're familliar w/ that) thanks for any help!!
  20. has anyone heard of this place in manhattan? my dad is there and heard about it but doesn't know where it is. any directional help is much appreciated!!
  21. eastbay restaurant supply (in Oakland) & economy restaurant supply (in SF) are both open to the public. check them out!
  22. i ended up making reservations at Zazu. anyone been there lately?
  23. yes, it was the one from gourmet. i finally got around to tasting it today & i thought it was great!! i will now make this & try to perfect my technique yearly!!
  24. the finished product (sweet potato pie w/ pecan-ginger snap crust):
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